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  • Extends marketing reach
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Empowers business users
  • Leverages existing investments
  • Evolves along with your business

Cloudnine enables non-technical content contributors to manage information on their Web site using a browser-based interface, helping distribute the workload and eliminate mistakes commonly made during the information management process.

  • Control of site content and navigation
  • Provide efficient, self-service authoring for non-technical content providers
  • Decentralized Content Management
  • Ensured availability of timely, accurate information
  • Slashed time requirements for implementing site content changes
  • Control of content across multiple web sites
  • Support both structured and unstructured content
  • Support for upload of any kind of file, graphic or data
  • Design conformity through centralized control of site design elements
  • Flexible usage of content
  • Rich text content editing (cut/paste, text justification, colors, hyperlinks, bullets, view html)
  • Asset cloning
  • Browser based authoring

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