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Client Center

We consider our clients' success our number one goal. We are committed to understanding the unique needs of our clients and are dedicated to helping them compete more effectively and efficiently. Through a combination of Widecomputer's industry knowledge and our client's input we are able to meet and exceed their needs.

We recognize that there are many companies in the ideal position to plan, implement and maintain websites for their clients. We are dedicated to close collaboration with qualified companies in introducing new technologies, and in pioneering new applications and uses of our software. We have a partner program that offers you these opportunities:

  • A new revenue stream from software margins
  • Incremental professional fees for technical and design work
  • Recurring revenue from professional fees to maintain and expand applications
  • Improved performance and functionality of the web assets you create
  • Flexibility to create custom solution
  • Collaboration with Widecomputer on innovative new applications of our core technology

There is no charge and no obligation for joining our Partner Program. Upon signing a simple partnership agreement, you will have access to our Partner Site with all the information necessary to begin approaching your customers. This partnership calls for you to bring signed license agreements from your customers to Widecomputer.

Click to contact us for more information. We will ask a few questions to help us qualify you for the program and learn more about your business. Thank you for your interest.

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