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  • Extends marketing reach
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Empowers business users
  • Leverages existing investments
  • Evolves along with your business

As contributors add information to the site, the structure of the site actually grows dynamically. The software automatically performs traditionally cumbersome tasks such as assembling complex sequences of links and indices, modifying not only a page of content but also the related links and structures within the site.

By using standardized templates and content layouts, enterprises achieve a uniform look and feel throughout their web site(s). Widecomputer offers a selection of standard templates out of the box.  In addition, designers can create an unlimited number of original templates to achieve a unique look and feel.

HTML is the only programming language needed; users can build templates using any common HTML editor or word processor. By eliminating the need for complex programming in the template creation process, highly skilled technical staff members are free to focus on more appropriate tasks.

  • Publish complete websites
  • Shift content responsibilities away from technical staff
  • Produce web content efficiently without html knowledge
  • Choose from standard or custom templates to build new pages or sections within pages
  • Designers can use their own design software
  • Use standardized templates and content layouts achieve a uniform look and feel across all websites, email and newsletters
  • Separate content, navigation and layout
  • Review a website in its entirety prior to publication to the Internet
  • When ready deploy changes to the production site with the click of a button
  • Slash the time required to implement a redesign
  • Generate static html pages
  • Control meta tags for web search engines

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