Best Apps 2019 – Part 1

Free Work

Only since the end of 2017 is this productive app – for freelancers who want to log their working hours and create invoices directly from time recording, “Freework” is a very practical tool. Also noteworthy are the notes feature and the integration of your calendar. Freework can also be integrated in Slack. Tags facilitate categorization. In addition to many statistics, the program also offers geo-tracking. With this feature, which starts time recording at a specific (work) place you have defined, you will never forget to track your working hours.

The app with the attractive clear design can be tested in the basic version for free. If you like, you can unlock more functions in the Pro version, including the option to export tasks. The number of customers is then no longer limited.
Generally an account is required. The registration is also possible with Google or Facebook account data.

Price and Availability:
In the basic version for free for Android and iOS

Voice Dream Reader

You want to read aloud books, documents or individual articles? Then Voice Dream Reader is a handy solution for mobile devices. The app supports the most important document formats such as PDF, Word, Apple Pages, but also DRM-free EPUB eBooks or DAISY audiobooks. Also supported are Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Pocket and Instapaper, and the well-known notes app Evernote.

When buying the app, a premium voice is already included in the purchase price, many more votes can be added if necessary via in-app purchase. The tempo of the reading is also variable. Words that have been read out highlight the program. Alternatively, however, the finger-reading mode can be activated. Then Voice Dream Reader reads only those words that you use to drive your finger.

Highlighter, bookmark option and comment function are just as handy as full-text search and the built-in dictionary. The read can be filtered or sorted in folders. ICloud syncs across devices across iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. Important: DRM protected formats from iBooks or the Kindle library will not work with the Voice Dream Reader. Nevertheless, the program is better than the system integrated speech output.

Price and Availability:
5.49 euros for Android / 7.99 euros for iOS


Love is when you look the person in the eye – and spit. You should not stay away from the spit on “Spitkiss”. It sounds a little unappetizing, but great fun: The level is only made when the spit lands in the face of the beloved opposite. The spit is played and wiped only with the finger and without buttons.

In the course of the game, the virtual drops must also be placed in body parts – like the heart. In addition to precise saliva hits, there is always a need for a good reflex. Because of course lurking as in any good platformer on the road many enemies and obstacles such as sting or mazes. Conclusion: In this comic-like game the fun drips from every level.

Price and Availability: Each 2.29 euros for Android and iOS

Never Think

How many millions of videos are there on YouTube? Great choice, on the one hand. On the other hand: The mass of clips makes it more and more difficult to find original, crazy and really informative videos about the personal favorite topics. This is where Neverthink comes into play. The app developers are curators who do the work for you and rummage through tons of newly released clips to create a “best of”. In addition, the creators of the Finnish startup look up to 3000 videos a day.

In about 40 theme channels and daily new specials then the worthwhile videos are filtered out. The contents of the channels can be sorted according to your own preferences, your favorite videos can be saved in a list for later viewing or share with friends.

Best of all: Neverthink is really available for all platforms. Watch the clips via Chromecast Support, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TVs, the Web, even the Oculus, and of course iOS and Android.

Price and Availability: Free for all platforms


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