TechTäglich: Fortnite back – that’s new!

Fortnite back – that’s new

Almost 40 hours out are over! The online hit Fortnite is not only back, but brings with “Chapter 2” also the continuation of the Battle Royale mode. Breath of relief in the community, which had previously – because of PR-technical reasons – looked into a black hole. Anyone who has downloaded the graphically more elaborate chapter sees a new world map with rivers and lakes: swimming, boating, anything possible. Weapons are also fished in the rivers. If a teammate is wounded, you can now bring him to safety by wearing him. What has not changed: 100 users play against each other or teams plunge into the fight for survival. The V-Bucks are still the game currency, old stocks can be taken over into the new chapter. In addition to new weapons and outfits, the typical seasons await you again. The first season will run until the 11th of December, but the bottom line is already the 11th season. For the Battle Pass you pay 950 V-Bucks (almost 10 Euro).

The animal becomes carbon neutral

The makers of animal pursue ambitious environmental goals (Photo: Animal)

Scooter lender Tier as a pioneer of a new environmental initiative: The Berlin-based company has taken up the cause of being climate-neutral in 2020. Then the entire e-scooter fleet has been converted to replaceable batteries. Animal responds to legitimate criticism: Because the environmentally friendly e-scooters are so far collected and charged in the evening by a stink-normal vehicle with internal combustion engine. Also polluting! The pioneer of the action is the city of Paris. Until November, the local fleet will have completely replaceable batteries. These batteries are then supplied by electric load margins and electric trucks. Animal CEO Lawrence Leuschner speaks of “a true ecological turning point for the entire e-scooter industry,” which will make his company “completely carbon-neutral in the next 12 months.”

Audiobook Wars: Audible moves into the Roman battle

Audible Imperator
With “Imperator” Audible wants to become the ruler of the Audiobooks market (Photo: Audible)

Streaming Wars, Podcast Wars and now also Audiobook Wars: Apple Music and Spotify are further upgrading their range of audiobooks, Bookbeat is attracting more and more users with 14 days free and unlimited flatrate for 14.99 Euro / month. In the battle for best-selling authors and their (future) works, Audible, the audiobook subsidiary of Amazon, now announces the commitment of the very popular fantasy author Kai Meyer (60 works, translated into 30 languages). He is one of Germany’s most popular fantasy authors and delivers for Audible an “Urban Fantasy” series called “Imperator”. The scene is “a world full of corruption, fading glory and simmering resistance to the establishment – in the Rome of the sixties”. Myth meets modernity, because in the Audible production 2000 year old emperors are revived. And, as befits an exclusive production, Audible relies on world-renowned voices, including Claudia Urbschat-Mingues (voice-over by Angelina Jolie), Tobias Kluckert (Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler) and Oliver Stritzel (Phillip Seymour Hoffman). It starts on 26 January 2020. A first audio sample already exists here.

Huawei puts on button to fold

After the foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold has first made a false start and then a restart with 24-hour emergency service, Huawei will follow at the end of October with the next foldable device. And the Chinese start much more cautiously, folding their hands in prayer. May it hold better than the Samsung! Huawei has significantly redesigned its first prototypes for the Huawei Mate X. In addition to a new faster processor, the company wants to prevent the constant and material-consuming manual cropping and shrinking of the device. Huawei uses a mechanical button to open and close. A new leaked unboxing video shows device and switch. Huawei does not seem to know exactly how long this button will last in practice. At the start – later this month – the Mate X will be sold for the time being only in China. Huawei also has problems in Europe at the moment, because there are currently no Google Play services available.

DOS is now really: 2500 new free browser games for nostalgics

Mr. Blobby
Mr. Blobby is one of the new cult games with Internet Archive (Screenshot: Gronau)

A treasure trove for nostalgics and retro gamers: The Internet Archive has been providing game classics since 2015 and has now re-released a new wide selection of early hits. Internet Archive operators have set themselves the goal of building the largest possible collection of free books, movies, software, websites and more that users can access. Now the release of many other browser-playable games has been announced. Including Floppy Frenzy, Mister Blobby, Digger, Street Rod or Super Munchers. 2500 more MS-DOS games can now be played online. No game has to be downloaded extra. The publication was prepared together with the eXoDOS project. The goal is to make many DOS games accessible and playable on modern systems. Although there is not a separate manual for each game, but the gambling of nostalgics is also so moody and is usually self-explanatory. Altogether, there are now around 7000 games of the 40-year-old MS-DOS ready.

The end of the LEAD: The smoke detector, which is a high-end speaker

It is smoking – in the ears! First Alert will soon be distributing its smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in Europe under the OneLink brand. They become a special smoke detector due to the latest update. It also makes Alexa-compatible devices a high-end speaker thanks to the AirPlay 2 protocol. The portal iFun shares first impressions of Reddit users who have already downloaded the beta for the update. Conclusion: Several smoke detectors can be interconnected in different rooms to Multiroom system. And the speakers sound “surprisingly good”. Price per smoke detector: just under 250 euros. On the one hand not cheap, but on the other hand can not say that there is a lot of smoke for nothing …

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One Link Smoke Detector Speaker
Smart high two: The OneLink smoke detector can also play music in hi-fi quality (Photo: OneLink)

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