These are the eight craziest gaming gadgets in 2019

Among the many new gadgets introduced at E3 or Gamescom are games, consoles and hardware gadgets that add to the gaming experience. Here are a few cool examples of recent years as well as future gaming gadgets.

Acer Predator Thronos

Predator Thronos 01
The wet dream of every PC game: Acer’s Predator Thronos (Image: Acer)

The popular among PC gamers term “Battlestation” as designation of the structure of desk, gemoddetem PC case as well as monitors, LED keyboards and everything that belongs to it, may have found its final opponent. Acer has unveiled a Thronos baptized Battlestation from its Predator lineup that offers space for three 27-inch monitors, a gaming seat, and an integrated peripheral surface mounted on a lighted pedestal.

The manufacturer calls the monster itself gaming throne, which transmits “deep impact” vibrations of the games into the meats and other body parts of the player and can be personalized with footrest and other adjustment options. So if your IKEA desk is too dull with a DXRacer gaming chair, treat yourself to a 220-pound Acer Predator Thronos, available on request from the manufacturer’s website. The rumored price is around 10,000 US dollars, depending on the equipment.

bHaptics Tactsuit

180206 Tactot homepage Renew42
Immerse yourself in virtual worlds with the bHaptics Tactsuit (Image: bHaptics)

Virtual Reality has been offered to us as the next entertainment milestone for years, but somehow the gaming technology is stuck in a kind of limbo, because the right killer applications are still missing. bHaptics wants to change that and, with its haptic tactical suit, promotes not just visuals but real virtual reality – not just watching, but touching as well.

The suit consists of several parts, which transfer pressure points from games and simulations to the body and thus make the experience in VR more realistic. Similar to the haptic suit from Steven Spielberg’s VR and pop culture orgy “Ready Player One”. Both the upper body and the hands, forearms, feet and the face can be stimulated with vibration points and then allow an even more immersive VR experience. Incidentally, the manufacturer is also providing a suitable software interface for the most popular 3D engines, Unity 3D, and the Unreal 4 engine, so that with a bit of adaptive will and progressive technology games, it could soon become “more real”.


Pimoroni Picade

Picade Poster Square 1024X1024
The arcade machine for the desk: Pimoroni Picade (Photo: Pimoroni)

With the exception of televisions and smartphone displays, every kind of hardware seems to be getting smaller. Following this mantra, the developers of Picade thought: Why not just shrink a full-fledged, refrigerator-sized slot machine from the 1980s to 35 inches? The result is the kit Picade for the popular mini-craft calculator Raspberry Pi, which can be built with a bit of fiddling a slot machine in mini format.

The kit comes with an eight or ten-inch display, and the specially adapted RetroPie operating system, which can simulate, say simulate, dozens of old consoles almost as far as the PlayStation 2, ensures gaming enjoyment. So if you haunt nostalgic games and who does not have the space in the basement and the small change you need for a large arcade machine, you can simply put a picade on your desk. The kit is available on the website of the manufacturer Pimoroni for 170, or 220 euros for the larger version.

Peregrine Glove ST

St New 720X
The Peregrine Glove ST replaces the keyboard for the left hand and should provide faster response in games (Photo: Peregrine Glove)

The manufacturer of the Peregrine Glove ST thought that a keyboard is basically just an unnecessary and important millisecond-eating middleman when gambling and has therefore developed a solution to the “problem”. The result is a glove for the left hand, which translates a series of keystrokes and commands with pressure points, rather than the bland pressing of plastic keys. The right hand can then continue to be used for the mouse.

With 17 adjustable touch points on the glove and a stainless steel thumb dome, the manufacturer promises an advantage over the classic mouse and keyboard game setup. However, the principle did not seem to ignite properly, because the first model of the Pelegrine Glove ST was already available in 2010 and eSportsmen continue to rely on the tried and tested method of controlling the game for decades, but perhaps this will change in VR gaming in the future , For about 160 euros you can hold the Peregrine Glove ST in or above your hands.

Play Table

5Bce60Ff87A54Ad9373C6859 Play Table Catan1 P 1080
The PlayTable wants to become the evolution of classic board games (Photo: Blok Party)

The manufacturer, Blok Party, also wants you to use your hands and combines the classic gaming experience of board games with a lightly inflated iPad called Playtable. On this you can see the usually in boxes in the basement dusting board and board games and you can enjoy, for example, the supplied “Settlers of Catan” quite without playing field maps. It’s a little bit as if digitization is also expanding into the board game field.

The PlayTable comes in a size of 24 inches and works with special dice, figures and game pieces and in some games with smartphones, such as card games such as poker or blackjack. Overall, an interesting concept that can gradually be extended with other games and especially digital minimalists in their hands who want to keep their shelves clear. The PlayTable can currently be pre-ordered for about 400 euros, more information on games and features is available on the website.

Envavo Heatbuff

Evavo study 2019 04 0112848 1
The heat is on: The envavo heatbuff heats up your fingers (Photo: envavo)

Do you know the problem when it gets cold in the igloo at night, but it’s not enough time to let League of Legends rest? For such cases and keyboard users with too slow fingers, there is the envavo Heatbuff – a finger-warming device for the workstation and the battlestation that looks like the jet engine of a Star Fox spacecraft. The manufacturer promises “Premium Desktop Comfort”, less pain on the hands and the guarantee that the futuristic-looking heaters will not melt your keyboard.

The product is without doubt in the category “so crazy that it could work” and needs with about 80 watts and not nearly as much power as a radiant heater, which you should not put in any case when Daddeln in front of him. To have the hot piece for about 160 euros from the manufacturer itself, the world sent.

Bequipe Falcons

Rendering Chausette Rouge 924X
If you think you’ve already seen everything: gaming socks (Photo: Bequipe)

In the case of the Falcons of the Parisian company Bequipe, one inevitably thinks whether the manufacturer is serious, but apparently gamers are athletes, as the website says. And to ensure that they perform best, of course, it is not possible without the necessary equipment, which apparently includes foot warmer. Consequently, Falcon Gaming socks are designed to provide maximum comfort and stability, as they are “as light as socks and strong as shoes”.

Whether the socks actually improve the K / D ratio in shooters will probably remain a subjective experience and will be measured when the Falcons have appeared, because unfortunately there is not yet a price or a release date. If you can not wait that long, I recommend the Collector Box Set of The Happy Socks by The Beatles. Although not specifically designed for gamers, they exude an equally playful foot charm.

Capcom Home Arcade

Capcom Home Arcade 0014
In the form of the Capcom logo, the Japanese manufacturer brings out a retro console with two integrated controllers (Photo: Capcom)

As a traditional gaming smithy celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Capcom is launching a hardware gadget on October 25 this year that could hardly be more iconic. In the form of the Capcom logo, the Japanese manufacturer brings out the Home Arcade – a retro console with 16 classic games, which has two gaming hall controllers integrated immediately.

Capcom should open with the Home Arcade, especially in older semesters open doors, which concerns the need for such consoles. For the new editions of the old Nintendo consoles under the label “Nintendo Classic Mini” find rapid sales and that will not be different in the Home Arcade, especially in this design. To have this is the good piece for around 230 euros and can be pre-ordered now.

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