Consequential Special: The Golden Blogger

Who is the best blogger or influencer in the country? This should be decided in the award of the “Golden Bloggers”, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. At the gala on January 28, 21 winners were announced.

Although events of this kind often do not lack a certain amount of boredom – this time there are exciting winners and winners, who probably do not know many, but absolutely should get to know each other.

That is why LEAD introduces the Golden Blogger 2018 in a highly consequential special.

Blogger of the Year: Jasmin Schreiber

Jasmin Schreiber is Germany’s blogger of the year. “Many of their texts touch and bring tears to the readers’ eyes”, the jury justified the award by Jasmin Schreiber. The Hamburg woman works in her free time as a death and mourning companion. She describes her experiences on the blog “practicing dying”.

Blogtext of the year: “Get out of my uterus”

Nina Straßner, who is on the net as “Juramama” on the way, received the Golden Blogger for her text “Get out of my uterus.” § 219a and his friends, in which they entertained and profoundly concerned with §219a of the Criminal Code, the doctors prohibit advertising for abortion.

Newcomer: Not Just Down

Newcomer of the year was the blog “Not just down”, in which Tabea Mewes writes about life with her brother Marian, who has Down syndrome. “Many people have very little contact with people with disabilities and we’re trying to change that online,” Tabea Mewes explained her motivation: “We want more people to see what’s in people with Down’s syndrome.”

Podcast of the year: guest list Ghost Train

As “Podcast of the Year” was awarded “guest list ghost train”, whose makers discuss in a relaxed round about the sometimes very off-topic questions of their listeners. “The practical thing about the podcast is that you can take it anywhere,” co-producer Nilz Bokelberg explains the success.

Instagram account of the year: News-WG vom Bayerischer Rundfunk

The Instagram channel News-WG aims to prepare messages for understanding and talking on Instagram. Instead of a professional studio, the stories are produced from a shared flat in Munich. The competition for the Munich was great: Even astronaut Alexander Gerst was nominated.

Hashtag of the year: #weareindmore

The hashtag #wirsindmehr was the answer to the riots in Chemnitz in 2018. This included a free concert with numerous musicians in Chemnitz and some follow-up events. In addition, an alliance was founded under this name.

More diversity topics can be found in the current issue of LEAD magazine 04/18, which you can also buy online.

Special Award for the Lifetime Achievement: Robert Basic

The blogger Robert Basic, who died in 2018, received a posthumous award for his life’s work. The prize was taken by his eldest son Maurice. Blogger and Netz-Urgestein Don Dahlmann quoted Basic as saying: “In journalism the attitude prevails, and not the lie” – that’s what Basic has championed.

Twitter account of the year: Natalie Grams

And every day the Homeopathic Critics Dialogue greets:
H: Hello, I would like to clarify something, # Homeopathy works, because isso.
K: Ok, here are 83 arguments against it.
H: I really do not have time anymore! And you are too paid.

– Natalie Grams (@NatalieGrams) March 6, 2018

For attitude is also the winner in the category “Twitter Account of the Year”. Natalie Grams reports critically on homeopathy at @NatalieGrams. “I’ve become apostate for homeopathy because it’s not what she claims to be, it’s not a remedy,” she said of herself, and much criticism also crops up: “Homeopathy is even more emotionally debated than most religious ones and political issues. “

The best niche blog: “Eyes Straight”

The prize for the best niche blog was taken by the freelance journalist Thomas Wiegold for his defense blog “Eyes straight” home.

Foodblog of the year: “Ye Olde Kitchen”

Sports blog of the year: 120 minutes

Diary blog: “Russian province” and “Mrs. Nessy: Outside only jug”

There were two winners in this category. On the one hand Jana Georg for “Russian Province”. There she writes about the life of her family as Germans in Caucasian Stavropol. On the other Vanessa Giese for her everyday observations under “Mrs. Nessy: Outside only jug”.

Brand Ambassador of the Year: Vreni Frost

The blogger Vreni Frost was in court in 2018: she had filed an appeal against the injunction of the Regional Court of Berlin, stating that she would have to mark all her Instagram postings as advertisements as soon as she hid brands, companies or other accounts. Recently, she has achieved a partial success in court.

How were the winners chosen?

The nominees were selected from 2,000 suggestions from Internet users. The winners were then determined by online voting, room applause and the Golden Blogger Academy, in which the winners from the past twelve years are gathered.

The Golden Bloggers are organized by the active bloggers Franziska Bluhm, Daniel Fiene, Thomas Knüwer and Christiane Link. The award ceremony was made possible by the sponsors comdirect, Daimler AG, Facebook, GoDaddy Germany, Telefónica Basecamp and Xing.


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