New smartphone: How to move my data now?

Basically, there are four ways to move the data: from iPhone to iPhone, from Android to iPhone or vice versa, and from Android to Android. Most important message in advance: No one should do without for fear of data loss on a new smartphone. Because the move works much more comfortable than in the old Nokia.

From iPhone to iPhone

This move now works wirelessly and quite simply. Important in advance: Old iPhones should be upgraded to at least iOS 11 or (from the 5S) on iOS 12, so that the transfer of data works fine. First step: The backup of the old iPhone in Apple’s Internet cloud iCloud must be up to date. This menu can be found in Settings => iCloud (top) => iCloud Backup. Activate the backup there or create a new backup.

When that’s done, the data is already in the Apple cloud, waiting for the iPhone again. Important: 5GB of data is free in iCloud. If you have to move a lot, you often can not handle it. The best idea is to book a 50 GB package for 99 cents a month. It works, and this subscription can be canceled after the move if necessary. Where: To continue to create regular backups, worth the 99 cents anyway.


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I move to my phone
Good news: The move is relatively easy from iPhone to iPhone (Photo:

After the backup, the “Quick Start” helps, which works from iOS 11 onwards. The old and the new iPhone are switched on next to each other. The mobile phones automatically recognize themselves after a few seconds. Then follow the instructions on the screen and agree to the “recovery” of the new iPhone from the backup just created. This almost completes the work (which works the same way on the iPad, by the way).

After completion, it only means: wait! Because it can take a few hours until all apps, photos or music are loaded from the cloud again. During this time, the new iPhone must not be turned off. Last important task: To secure the WhatsApp history on the old iPhone, and play it back on the new iPhone. This works in the WhatsApp menu, but does not work automatically.

The classic cable removal via the iTunes program is also available. For this, the old iPhone on the Mac or PC must first be infected. The crucial iTunes menu can be found under Devices => Overview => Backup. There archive the contents encrypted.

Then plug in the new iPhone and play in the menu “Restore from iTunes Backup” the old data. Advantage of the somewhat cumbersome cable procedure: Encrypted data such as the content from the health app “Health” or passwords are also taken over here, which users otherwise often have to re-enter after a wireless move.

From Android to iPhone

To facilitate this change, Apple offers its own Android app called Move to iOS. This must first be loaded on the old Android phone. The move works like this: Turn on both smartphones. After launching the new iPhone select “Transfer data from Android”. On the Android phone, open the Move to iOS app. With a numerical code, the two devices communicate.

Move to iOS
With “Move to iOS” Apple has jumped over its shadow, and has developed its first Android app (Photo: Apple)

Then you can select on Android the content to be transferred. The iPhone shows how far the move has progressed. And the Android must not be turned off until the iPhone reports the end of the move.

This too can take some time. It transfers contacts, message history, photos, videos, web bookmarks, email accounts, and calendars. Move to iOS even searches for apps that the user had installed on Android, as well as for the iPhone.

From Android to Android

There are countless software versions, manufacturers and models – and thus countless move variants. The easiest way is through the Google Account. Because Android maker Google already knows (almost) everything about its users, the Google Account can be used to move at least the most important data such as contacts, calendars, e-mails or apps.

For this, the data must first be backed up on the old Android, mostly in the menu Settings => Accounts => Google. If you then log on to the new Android and select the “Copy Data” option, you will get back this data. It’s best to back up and move photos using the Google Photos app, using the Google Drive app.

Google Pixel 3
The current Google Pixel 3 delivers fantastic photos of two-and four-legged friends. But how come the old pictures on the new smartphone? (Photo: Google)

With more up-to-date androids, there is the possibility to place them next to each other for a move. They then recognize each other and copy the data. This works when setting up the new mobile phone via the menu “Data Copy” => “Backup from an Android Smartphone”. Due to the variety of hardware and software on Android, this option is not always available.

If you want to transfer more data than you can with your Google account, you can use your own relocation apps like the highly recommended Data Smart Switch Mobile 2018 or CLONEit. They each have to be started on both androids. Instructions on the screen then guide you through the move.

Some manufacturers offer their own move apps like Samsung Smart Switch Mobile or Huawei Phone Clone. When moving within a brand, they usually work well, they are less reliable when moving to another brand. Here only helps: Try!

From iPhone to Android

If you want to say goodbye to Apple, the data migration will depend heavily on the brand of the new Android phone. Apps like Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, Sony Xperia Transfer Mobile, or OnePlus Switch often have the ability to transfer data from the iPhone. Some manufacturers such as Google with its Pixel Phones even put a data transfer cable from Android to the iPhone.

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Google move
The Google Pixel 3 is usually even a cable for the move from the old iPhone at (Photo: Google)

For this, first (see “From iPhone to iPhone”) on the iPhone, a backup must be created in iCloud. After that users follow the instructions in the move app on the new Android, usually the menu option “Transfer from iPhone”.

If the new smartphone does not offer such an option, the Google Drive app for iOS will help. It first transfers the most important data from the iPhone into the Google cloud. Who logs on afterwards on the new Android at Google, dubbed his data on it.

Three more important tips

Music services such as Spotify and even Apple Music easily switch between iPhone and Android, the user data is taken over. WhatsApp courses, however, can be moved only with much effort between iPhone and Android (and vice versa), instructions are here at And the transfer of photos from the iPhone (which stores the images in the special data-saving HEIF format) to Android works best when the images are first imported into the Google Photos app on the iPhone.

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