TechDaily: One more sing! The Microsoft musical is here

One more sing! The Microsoft musical is here

Is Microsoft going to Broadway soon? The beginning is certainly made. After two months of work, around 150 interns and other employees produced “Microsoft the Musical” – the first musical on Windows, Excel and bluescreens. The stunningly absurd 11-minute video, a sugar-sweet mix of “La La Land” and a grave exception, was filmed on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, and is now on YouTube.

Among other things, it is about company founder Bill Gates, who, according to the text, “is more of an idea than just a person”, the not-so-successful Windows Vista and Microsoft’s failed smartphone attempts. According to the Windows Phone, “All around the world our products are well known, except when we try to make a phone!” In general, however, the message of the lovingly staged music and dance spectacle is positive and motivating: take a look at what we and what Microsoft put together – you can do it! Subtitle of the musical: “You CAN, you SHOULD, and you WILL.” And of course, also may clippy (German: Karl Klammer) mittanzen, the good old MS paper clip.

Volvo mother with new 50 million financing for Volocopter

Volo City
Should take off for the first time commercially: Baden-Flugtaxi VoloCity (Photo: Volocopter)

From Volocopter is now almost “Volvocopter”. Because the Flugtaxi pioneer from Bruchsal in Baden has received another 50-million-euro financing, in which Geely is involved, the Chinese parent company of the car manufacturer Volvo and Lotus. The new funds will be used to further develop the two-seat VoloCity helicopter, which will be commercialized over the next three years.

Previously, Daimler and Intel had already participated in Volocopter. Now, a total of 85 million euros invested in the company. In addition, Volocopter and Geely have entered into a joint venture to bring Urban Air Mobility to China, which is the city center’s vertical takeoff taxi. According to the latest press release, Volocopter will receive further investments this year. The company founders together remain the largest shareholders.

Siri: Feminism and MeToo are taboo

Siri feminism
Hey Siri, are you a feminist? “Um, uh, do not hesitate to ask me about the weather!” (Photo: Gizmodo)

As a multi-billion dollar listed company, Apple is no match for any target group – neither women nor the much-talked-about “white old men” who still control the global economy. Accordingly cautious or discouraged, Apple deals with controversial topics such as feminism and MeToo. The British Guardian now reports how the code was rewritten by language assistant Siri to avoid the word “feminism” partout, and to take no position on this topic.

Anyone who asks Siri if she is a feminist will receive – at least in the US – the soft-spoken answer “I believe in equality and treating people with respect”. Apple’s instructions on how to deal with “hot iron” such as feminism and MeToo Siri developers is, “do not engage, and finally deflect inform”, so do not mess with the topics, distract and finally inform, for Example through neutral Wikipedia links. Apparently, Apple Siri “retrained” any statements that could be misunderstood. While the assistant used to reply to the term “Slut” with an ironic “Now I would blush if I could”, it now says only plain and politically correct: “I will not answer that.”

Google Assistant tricks queues

Google Pixel 4
The Google Pixel 4 brings in addition to a triple camera à la iPhone 11 and a queue manager (Photo: Google)

“You will be connected to the nearest freelancer” or “For training purposes, we will record some of our conversations. If you do not agree, press 1.” Owners of a Google Pixel 4 may soon be able to avoid such annoying band announcements. Because the new smartphone flagship, which is expected in the fall, gets an anti-holding function.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Google Assistant takes care of waiting in the hotline, presses the required buttons – and passes it on to the owner of the Pixel 4, when in fact a human employee is on the line. The new feature is loud 9to5Google still at a relatively early stage of development and is not yet ready for the release of the Pixel 4. If Google remains true to its previous strategy with the language assistant Duplex, but other Android smartphones could in the future also get the waiters helper and Nervensparer.

These were the best new smartphones of the IFA 2019

Asus Rog Phone 2
The Asus ROG Phone 2 – for game fans one of the highlights of the IFA 2019 (Photo: Asus)

Tomorrow evening from 19 clock German time Apple introduces the iPhone 11 – but the competitors are already there! The magazine IGN has chosen the most exciting and best new smartphones of the IFA 2019, which will end on Wednesday in Berlin. The list begins with the high-end gaming smartphone Asus ROG Phone 2 for € 1,199 and the mid-range cell phone TCL Plex (€ 329), with which the Chinese TV specialist also wants to become known as a smartphone manufacturer in Europe. IGN expressly praises the good value for money of the Plex.

As expected, Samsung’s apparently successfully revised Falt-Phone Galaxy Fold, which is from 18 September for 2,100 euros in Germany to have. The next two smartphones on the list are the downsized Sony Xperia 5 in 21: 9 cinema format (799 euros) and the Motorola One Zoom (429 euros), the front with triple zoom on the back and with 25-MP selfie camera Focus on photography. Also included: the Samsung A90 5G (749 Euro), which makes 5G more affordable, and the LG G8X ThinkQ Dual Screen (999 Euro) with a second screen in an extra case.

The end of LEAD: High Noon at the counter

Outrageous, and outrageously funny! Twitter laughs about this epic duel at the counter on Monday morning. Five million views – and unfortunately every time the shameless customer wins the pay-duel.

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).

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