TechTäglich: Fortnite is just a huge commercial

Fortnite is just a huge commercial

Is Fortnite developer Epic Games overarching? The entertainment magazine Polygon anticipates a big story with the dubbing. Title: “Fortnite is just a huge, endless commercial.” Also in the text it puts a lot of advertising slogan for “Fortnite Battle Royale”: “It’s all the time that the users buy products or deal with brands.” The list is getting longer: Concert of the electro DJ Marshmello, crossover with the Avengers, promo for the new alternative rock band Weezer, skins in the look of the football league NFL, a separate mode for the cinematographer John Wick and more recently clothes in the Design of the Jumpman sporting goods from Nike and former basketball player Michael Jordan.

Many of the promotions involve the purchase of bonus items in the game. Conclusion from Polygon author Patricia Hernandez: “Today, Fortnite is not just a Battle Royale game with urban design capabilities – it’s also one of the most popular and effective ways to promote a product.” How long the users are still interested in the advertising firing, however, is questionable. Her patience has been severely strained Epic recently with many controversial changes to the game balance anyway.

Landscape videos: Instagram gives in

Instagram Horizontal
A high on us? No matter! Instagram TV now also shows video clips (Photo: Instagram)

Instagram has apparently stopped its efforts to push upright format videos as standard on the net. For now supports Facebook’s photo-daughter in their offer IGTV (aka Instagram TV) for longer videos and movies in landscape mode. Cult of Mac sees “Instagram’s clear insight that most people want to watch landscape videos”. Instagram itself writes in a blog post: “We think this is the right step for viewers and content providers.”

Strategic background: YouTube videos can also be played on Instagram TV without having to edit the clips. And they can not only play on IGTV – but probably also market soon. AdAge magazine says, “Advertisers believe this is a step toward monetizing the channel, which has been ad-free since its launch last June.” Advertiser Jack Appleby of the Midnight Oil agency adds, “The idea of ​​Instagram customers producing only longer vertical videos for IGTV could never work – no one produces content that can not be used anywhere else.”

Huawei boss buys his family iPhones

Interesting new aspect in the dispute between the US and China or Huawei. Ren Zhengfei, founder and boss of Huawei, has been out in the Chinese state television as an iPhone fan. “The iPhone has a good ecosystem,” said the Huawei CEO, “and when I’m on the road, I still buy iPhones for my family.” Whether Ren Zhengfei only wants to ensure thaw between China and the United States, only he knows himself. Anyway, he adds, according to Cult of Mac still added: “Love for Huawei does not have to mean only to love Huawei phones.” His daughter Meng Wanzhou sees the same way: When the then Huawei Finance Director was imprisoned in Canada in 2018, she had with Apple iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook Apple’s complete equipment in the luggage.

So LEAD has good news for the Chinese iPhone fans: Apple has now more or less officially confirmed three new iPhone models – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR2. The names can still change. But the model designations, which Apple now officially announced in Europe and Asia, suggest, according to Forbes, exactly to these three novelties. A2111, A2160, A2161, A2215, A2216, A2217, A2218, A2219, A2220, A2221 and A2223 are cryptic. But according to Apple’s internal logic, these are the model families A21 (XR) and A22 (11 and 11 Max) with different memory sizes and built by several suppliers. In September we are smarter.

New from Amazon: Alexa should understand feelings

Alexa feelings
From the feeling of an interesting innovation: Alexa recognizes emotions (Photo:

“Alexa, how will tomorrow be the weather in Munich?” It could soon be over with such standardized questions. Because two projects now show how Amazon plans the future of its language assistant. Initially, according to a current patent, it will also be able to process requests that do not start with the keyword “Alexa”. Then there would be more natural-sounding phrases like “How will the weather in Munich tomorrow, Alexa?” possible. For this, so Engadget, Alexa would have to receive a kind of rewind function, which almost remembers the parts of the sentence before the keyword “Alexa”. The devices would therefore also without the call “Alexa” the microphones constantly open and record – no good prospects in terms of data protection.

The system would (hopefully) continuously delete the recordings that it does not need. According to Bloomberg, Amazon’s hardware subsidiary Lab126 and the Alexa team are also working on a feature that allows a voice assistant on the wrist to identify the mood and emotions of their users. Thanks to artificial intelligence, future wearables on the voice and other body data would recognize their wearer’s current mood, and adapt their responses and actions to it. The project called Dylan is currently in beta testing.

The Wahl-O-Mat is back

Wahlomat Eu 2019
He is back – the Wahl-O-Mat (Photo: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung)

Important news before the European elections on Sunday: The Wahl-O-Mat, according to recent surveys, the most important source for opinion-forming young voters, is back online. On Monday, the operator, the Federal Agency for Civic Education, lost to the Cologne Administrative Court a lawsuit against the dwarf party Volt. It had complained against the fact that the election O-Mat in its evaluation only allows the analysis of eight arbitrary parties. That would discriminate against small parties. Now, the Federal Central and volts have agreed out of court according to time. The election worker is now back in the net unchanged. For future elections, the election O-Mat but should receive a new option, which includes all parties in the evaluation on request.

The end of LEAD: “Star Trek: Picard” – this is the first trailer

Trekkies all over the world have been waiting for this: Amazon has just released the first trailer for their new science fiction series “Star Trek: Picard”. Sir Patrick Stewart returns to his role as space captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise bridge. From the end of 2019, Amazon will be showing the series 24 hours after the US premiere on CBS All Access worldwide.

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).

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