Networking is a question of your own personality

If you do not have a professional online identity, you will not notice. Networks like XING help to position themselves and thus reach the relevant set of employers and recruiters. What is needed is a current and authentic profile up to status updates and the blogging function. This is how Patrick Alberts explains

Chief Product Officer at XING, in the LEAD interview.

But employers also have to do something to secure the best specialists in the “War of Talents”. These ultimately decide on the future of a company.

LEAD: What does it take to stage your own profile in an eye-catching way – and thus make yourself visible with your skills?

Patrick Alberts: It always helps to put the profile into the people who are looking for candidates for their vacancies on XING. We advise keeping it up to date, complete and authentic. Currently, because it is the great advantage of a professional network that contact data and CV can always be kept up-to-date, while the already sent PDF CV can not do that.

Complete for Recruiters to get a complete picture of the candidate with his wards, skills and education. This includes a photo matching the industry’s customs as well as a CV with all the relevant stations. Authentic, so that during the application process no inconsistencies emerge that damage the reputation as a candidate.


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Xing is here to expand his network, as well as find a new job. Let’s stay with networking first: How does it work?

Of course, every single person has to find his own personal way to network successfully. What makes you feel good? What is authentic? The answers to this are individual and therefore not a blueprint for anyone who wants to socialize on XING and in general.

Especially activities in the news stream through regular status updates and the blogging function are helpful, for example, if you want to get even more attention and profile yourself as an expert. “Insiders” can be subscribed to by other XING members regardless of a contact request and thus have an even greater reach, which in turn has a positive effect on their own network.

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Patrick Alberts, Chief Product Officer at XING (Photo: XING)

We have recently honored our “XING Top Writers 2018”, including numerous role models for successful networking. There is, for example, Bernd Slaghuis as a freelance career coach and XING insider with almost 9,000 followers. He himself says that he receives a large part of his orders and inquiries from XING. Joachim Rumohr describes himself as the number one XING expert and is a consultant for digital customer acquisition on a wide variety of channels.

What features help an employee to find new challenges?

We are asked again and again how to show that you are looking for a job without beating the current employer. For this we have had a very smart solution at XING for some time, which we have now highlighted even more in the profile. Nobody has to reveal publicly in his profile that he is looking for “new challenges”. If you edit your profile, you will find the “Job Requests” module very high up there and can then make job-search settings in several menus. Are you actively looking for a job? Or only passively, that is open to offers, or interested in any contact with potential employers?

In addition, salary expectations can be stored there as well as who can see this information: only recruiters, their own contacts or all members. In this way, we allow all users to discreetly state what their current job search status is based on a few adjustments. Particularly in times when the importance of active recruiting is increasing, jobseekers can send signals to recruiter in such a low-threshold manner and be targeted in a targeted manner.

“Companies are already feeling the shortage of skilled workers.”

What set screws should job seekers still turn to get into the relevant set of recruiter?

Job seekers should always put themselves in the position of Recruiters. It makes more sense to use terms in your own profile that are universal and commonplace in the industry. This applies in particular to the current activity and their own abilities. Especially with job titles, there are now many creative formulations that certainly have their justification in one company and shape the corporate culture.

However, if you want to make yourself interesting for other employers, you should consider whether they are to be deciphered for external parties as well. For our own abilities, we also repeatedly suggest to our members how their own profile can be completed and sharpened. Especially in this day and age, where job profiles and competences are in constant change, members should readjust themselves in their own interest.

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What’s the point of recruiters and employers finding applicants on Xing?

Companies are already feeling the shortage of skilled workers. We recently asked Human Resources managers in Germany how the occupation time of companies is changing. Seventy-three percent of respondents have experienced an increase in time-to-hire over the past five years – the time it takes HR to find a candidate for a vacancy. About as many expect this trend to continue over the next five years.

Companies have a higher staffing time, especially among IT professionals (68 percent) and engineers and technical professionals (62 percent). Against this background, companies are looking for new ways to shorten this period or at least not to increase it further. A central lever for this is the active recruiting via professional networks and even more targeted addressing of candidates.


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Which features are used?

As part of its e-recruiting portfolio, we provide some smart features. On the one hand, members can discretely name so-called “desired employers” in their profile, for whom they would like to work. For employers with a corresponding license from XING E-Recruiting, this creates pools of candidates that they can immediately view and address. Both sides win: Candidates can take a small, unobtrusive step towards the company, and companies already have a pool of candidates interested in working for the company.

In addition to the information on the job search filed by the candidate, we also offer recruiters in our XING TalentManager the opportunity to view candidates’ willingness to switch. This score is calculated algorithmically based on a variety of factors and gives an indication of whether or not someone may be on a job search without being actively identified. The response rate is significantly higher in both cases and leads to a reduction in time-to-hire in the long term.

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What options could employers use even more to gain talent?

For employers, the topic of employer branding is becoming increasingly important. Here, together with our subsidiary kununu, we offer very effective solutions for companies to position themselves as attractive employers. With XING, the largest professional network in the DACH region with more than 15 million members, and kununu, currently the largest employer rating platform in Europe with over 2.6 million reviews to more than 650,000 companies, we generate a very high reach and have a significant impact on the reputation as an employer.

Is not it enough to have a good image as an employer in general – something that has come about through popular marketing measures?

More and more companies understand that employer reviews are a central part of job search. Companies that handle this professionally and transparently have a clear advantage. On XING, job seekers can immediately see the company’s integrated reviews on kununu in the job market.

They also get an insight into how the company is doing and other information provided by the HR department, giving them a sense of the corporate culture. We strongly advise you to make even greater use of the opportunities offered by employer profiles. Companies that believe that the image of the employer brand can be controlled solely on their own career page, run the risk of disappearing from the candidates’ radar.

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