Google CEO Sundar Pichai: The truth between the lines

Ever since Google deleted the phrase “Do not be evil” from the company’s manifesto, the critical projects of the tech giant have become increasingly clear. In August, it was announced that Google is working on a censored search engine for China.

On 1 November, the 90 million compensation for Andy Rubin drove despite sexual harassment around 20,000 employees worldwide on the street. And the data hack on Google+ released in October was now followed by a significantly bigger one, which was also made public late this Monday.

Pichai as an SEO explanator

Already in September, the US Judiciary Committee invited to the hearing. The CEOs of Facebook and Twitter followed her, Google refused. Before the control of the House in the wake of the recent elections to the Democrats wanders, the majority in the Republican MPs finally cited the Google CEO Sundar Pichai in the US Congress. You suspect that Google influences the search results for the benefit of the Democrats.

Majority leader Kevin McCarthy and chairman Bob Goodlatte in particular are skeptical. Goodlatte said in an announcement, “The technology behind such online services as social media and search engines can be used to suppress certain perspectives and manipulate public opinion.”


Google CEO Pichai responded, “I lead this company without political bias and work to ensure our products continue to function. Anything else would violate our basic principles and our economic interests. “Similar to the hearing of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Google boss spent some time explaining how SEO and the Google algorithm work. The fact that this provides unprejudiced results has been tested by an independent study.

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After a detailed explanation of why the search term for the idiot contains images of Donald Trump, Democrat MEP Zoe Lofgren admits: “It’s obvious that bias against conservative votes is not one of Google’s problems.” Democrat Ted Lieu It becomes even clearer: “If MEPs want to see more positive results, they have to do more positive things.”

Employee protests against sexual assault and China plans

Google CEO Pichai emphasized that his company’s freedom of expression applies: “We are a company that offers platforms for diverse perspectives and opinions – and we have no shortage among our own employees.”

The strength of opinion of his staff gets Pichai felt more and more clearly. 20,000 employees worldwide protested on November 1 against the 90 million compensation of Android inventor Andy Rubin, who had to leave because he forced a co-worker to oral sex. For years, the company tolerated affairs in the workplace, usually with the consequence that the female participants had to give up their posts.

Since the protests, Google has promised to introduce better feedback processes so that women feel confident about talking about sexual assault. That diversity and thus fair treatment did not penetrate to all levels of hierarchy, also shows the Google’s own diversity report. At the congressional hearing, MEP Pramila Jayapal questioned the CEO about discrimination of employees. Pichai vaguely said that “we will definitely keep it busy”.

The fact that Google in the meantime also dealt with a censored search engine for China, admitted Pichai, but he claimed that currently no longer work. “Project Dragonfly” is the not too secret code name for the China search engine. Who uses them will find no results on the topics of human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protest. Google denied in 2010 first rumors about cooperation with the communist regime.

Now details have been revealed suggesting that the Chinese government may have access to citizens’ searches. At the hearing on Tuesday, Pichai claimed again that Google has “no plans to launch in China.” Google internal protests against the project could have been effective. If there are plans for a Chinese search engine, the company will consult with politicians, Pichai claimed.

How evil Google really is stands between the lines

Even in other countries, the data that Google collects, not quite sure. One of the reasons for stomping the Google+ social platform was the announcement of a hack involving 500,000 accounts. This Monday, Pichai admitted that there was an additional data snatch at 52.5 million accounts.

At the Senate hearing, Pichai said Google was responsible for notifying users of such bugs within 72 hours. However, the company admitted the first Google+ bug only after seven months, the latest after three weeks.

Overall, the hearing strongly recalled Angela Merkel’s statement this week that the Internet is still “a sphere in which we are not so well versed.” So it seems to go to some US MEPs. Too easy for the Google CEO to find vague excuses and let pass the time as an SEO explanatory. How evil Google really is stands between the lines.

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