Google Stadia: Let the games restart

The traditional game console is dead. Anyway, if it’s Google. The company announced during its keynote address at the Games Developer Conference (GDC) that it is entering into gaming excessively, more specifically into cloud gaming. Google’s cloud gaming platform is called Stadia.

But what sounds like a revolutionary experience has been on the market for some time. Vortex Cloud Gaming, Nvidia Cloud Gaming – not new, but so far more or less failed especially at the network infrastructure. This is partly because the display and the bandwidth of the line set the quality of such game streaming.

No boxes, no downloads, no limits

Or take the platform Shadow, which is currently very popular: there is an alternative to Google, a complete Windows machine in the cloud. Shadow offers good performance especially for gaming: 12 GB RAM, 8 core CPU, Nvidia Quadro P1500. At the same time, software can be installed in the cloud, for example for writing texts.

All this is “Google Gaming” with stadia push aside. Nothing less than a revolution was promised at the event this Tuesday: “No boxes, no downloads, no limits”. Let the games restart …


“Capture Button” allows sharing of game content directly on YouTube

The cloud-based service is “just a click away”. Means: Stadia is not a standalone console, but the project lives inside the Chrome browser. Virtually all types of screens are supported: smartphone, tablet, TV, PCs, desktops, laptops. But of course everything depends on the respective Internet performance: The higher the resolution and frame rate, the faster the line has to be. And we know how it is ordered to network expansion in Germany – well.

“Project stream reloaded”

The player’s equipment includes the Google produced Stadia controller. It connects to the WiFi network and thus with a game of your choice. He is optional though. Because every existing controller can be combined with Stadia. With the “Capture Button” game content can be shared directly on YouTube, which is also a Google company. New buttons allow more interaction or voice assistance. Among other things, the controller offers a Google Assistant button.

Stadia is the bottom line the further development of the 2018 launched “Project Stream”. Even then, beta testers could play games like the mighty Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in the Chrome rider.

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“Resolutions up to 8K possible”

A 4K game with 60 frames per second with HDR should be at Stadia standard, promises the company. But Google wants to go one step further: Resolutions of up to 8K should be possible while gambling in the cloud. Google’s global computing centers are ready, they say. Stadia’s datacenters are powered by a 10.7 teraflops GPU, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) technology.

For comparison: Currently, the Xbox One X is considered the console with the most power. She only achieves half of Stadia’s performance. Google says it’s possible that up to a thousand gamers will play Battle Royal games at Stadia – cross-platform. The core gamers, so much is clear, you have in your sights. So all those gamblers who simply do not want to buy a gaming PC or even a console.

Google’s own gaming studio

Google itself wants to set new standards in game development with its own game studio, which manages Jade Raymond, who has been responsible for many well-known games of major companies such as EA or Ubisoft.

Where are the pitfalls?

Currently, it’s completely unclear what Google will ask for a Stadia membership per month. You may be offered a flat rate or gamers can buy one game at a time. Everything open. As well as the question of which games will be there for the start.

Will Stadia also come to Germany?

Google promised at today’s event that Stadia will launch in 2019 “in the US, Canada, UK and Europe”. An exact date remained Google still guilty. Whether Europe also means Germany is to be hoped for, but even that was not confirmed.

And what does the competition do?

In recent days, mysterious rumors came up again, competitor Nintendo is planning after the great success of his mobile games Pokémon and Super Mario own gaming smartphone. So far, these are just nervous speculation in the gaming market. Nervous, but understandable: Stadia is the go-ahead from Google into a new gaming future.

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