iOS 13 and more: That should bring the WWDC from Apple

Take this fast. Before the WWDC! Last Tuesday, Apple surprised with the idea of ​​a new iPod touch. Yes, that’s it. The new model got for the first time donated 256 GB of memory and is now equipped with an A10 chip, which was already installed in the iPhone 7.

The iPod touch had no one on the (Apple) account, the WWDC but already. Every year, Apple invites developers and students to California to showcase the latest major version of the operating systems. It is the world’s largest developer conference.

Also in 2019, she will cross the stage of the McEnery Convention Center in San José, almost around the corner from Apple Park in Cupertino. On Monday, June 3, CEO Tim Cook opens the WWDC with the traditional keynote. Here is the very first look at iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13.

App Store
The design of iOS 13 for the iPhone is still under lock and key in the Apple vaults (photo:

iOS 13 with system-wide Dark Mode?

The best sales figures are still achieved by Apple on the iPhone and iPad. So the most exciting question: What will iOS 13 bring to users?

Official information for iOS 13 – and all other major new versions of the operating systems – Apple traditionally holds until Monday, 19 clock German time (10 clock local time Pacific), still secret. Only the closest management and the software engineers involved know exactly what’s coming. But as always a lot of leaks in the Apple Park has leaked out in advance:


For example, iOS 13 is to receive a system-wide Dark Mode for the first time. The US portal 9to5mac has already shown the first screenshots of the dark mode these days. It was according to own data not to renderings, but to real screenshots, which the portal from internal Apple circles got leaked.

The recordings also show a completely renovated reminder app – on iOS 13 and on macOS 10.15. Apple apparently has more sorting options for the entries.

The new big version is also likely to receive a revised “find my friends” app. Urgently in need of renovation would be under iOS 13 also the in-house Apple Mail App. While third-party clients have long been offering functions such as “read later” and also allow the linking of the mail accounts with other apps, the in-house Apple Mail App is very rudimentary.

It is also clear that under the hood there will be a lot of small improvements – and iPad owners may well look forward to new functionality. In general, however, it is becoming apparent that iOS 13 will not disturb users compared to iOS 12. Good performance and fixing bugs also seem to be in the foreground this fall.

Ios 13 screenshot Dark Fashion
The first real screenshot of Dark Mode on iOS 13 (Photo:

What does macOS 10.15 look like?

Mac owners may still puzzled something: About macOS 10.15 is still very little known. Apple’s secrecy tactics stand has now worked.

However, it is clear that the merger of iOS and macOS (“Project Marzipan”) will continue. Mac-specific interfaces will probably also support the Mac menu bar and the touch bar of the MacBook Pro Touch.

Also expected is a combined macOS app from the Apple apps “Find my friends” and “Find my iPhone” – the logical offshoot of the iOS 13 variant.

Likewise on the rumor note: new effects for iMessage and the porting of the iOS screen time to the Mac. This digital wellbeing feature shows how much time you spend in front of your device. Also, the family sharing is to be improved: Apple apparently plans in the macOS system settings a new login window in which family members can log in and assign their login to the Mac.

It will also be time for shortcuts on the Mac. With the program can be on iOS using its own app shortcuts to create automation (“Hey Siri, play SWR 3 on my Mac”).

The question remains, what name Apple missed the version 10.15. In the lottery drum: Mammoth, Monterey, Rincon or Skyline. The name secret will probably be aired next Monday.

watchOS 6 for the Apple Watch with its own watch app store?

Apple Watch 4 Photo 3
watchOS 6 brings new “complications” to the clock. (Photo: Apple)

The Apple Watch is the clear market leader among smart watches with a share of around 60 percent. While Apple put a lot of emphasis on marketing the Apple Watch in the luxury segment (eg with pop-up stores in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris), the developers are now clearly focusing on application scenarios in the fitness and health sector. Sector.

To make it easier to find such applications, Apple plans its own App Store for the watch, which is integrated directly on the clock, according to the respected US blogger Mark Gurman. Gurman’s theory:

“Apple is adding the App Store directly to the Apple Watch so that users can download apps while they’re on the move to make the device more independent, and users are installing new apps on their iPhone through the watch companion application.”

In addition, Apple should plan detailed fitness scores and its own book app for the clock, but not to read whole books, but to start audiobooks directly from the clock. A voice-memo-app, own animojis, new watchfaces and “complications”, in Germany a bit confusing called “complications”.

tvOS 13 will probably not make big leaps

The new TV app from Apple has already introduced the company in the spring. Therefore, on June 3rd, tvOS 13 will be treated only marginally. The operating system for Apple’s TV ambitions may bring its own game controller. Keyboards can support games on the Apple TV in the future. Rather unrealistic appears a TV app for Android.

One more thing?

When Tim Cook enters the Keynote Stage on June 3rd, one or the other surprise is not excluded. However, the “one more thing” introduced by Steve Jobs in Keynotes has not existed for some time.

But who knows? Maybe a visitor from Germany will also take the stage. The 23-year-old math student Viet Duc Nguyen has received a scholarship from Apple and is the first time at a WWDC. Last summer he completed his first bachelor’s degree at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He already demonstrated his skills in various hackathons. Now he focuses on working with Apple’s own programming language Swift.

Curious: Apple invited Nguyen to WWDC, although he has not yet brought their own app in the store. He is working on an application … like so many developers worldwide, who hope for a breakthrough from their participation in the WWDC. The dream is alive. From 3 to 6 June in San José anyway.

Tim Cook Event
Tim Cook enters the stage on June 3 at 7 pm CET (Photo: Apple)

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