TechTäglich: Facebook is becoming increasingly unattractive for young people

Facebook is becoming increasingly unattractive for young people

Facebook Dislike
Off to Instagram and YouTube: Especially young users leave Facebook more and more often (Photo:

With 2.38 billion active users per month, Mark Zuckerberg does not have to worry about the future of Facebook. But a new US study of Business Insider shows: The service is losing more and more young users.

The question: Which service they have used before, are they avoiding? 1884 US citizens between 13 and 21 years were questioned. 30 percent of those surveyed said they would refrain from using Facebook. Skype (24.6 percent) and Twitter (21 percent) were clearly behind it.

Conversely, 65.4 percent of respondents said they would check Instagram every day. Second place went to YouTube (62.4 percent), third place to Snapchat (51.3 percent).

Wireless mice and keyboards from Logitech unsafe

Logitech Wireless Keyboard
Logitech’s Wireless Keyboards Vulnerable to Hackers (Photo: Amazon)

The popular accessories provider Logitech has received a bad testimony from security researcher Marcus Mengs: Wireless mice and keyboards of the provider are a “security risk,” writes c’t, Hackers can infect computers with pollutant software and over-listen keystrokes via radio. So passwords could be spied.

Bad for business users: Even wireless presenters of the company are affected, as well as Lightspeed gaming accessories.

Since 2009, Logitech relies on Unifying wireless technology, which, according to Mengs, is vulnerable to attack. Logitech vowed to c’t recovery. One wants to inform in the future better about security gaps and update options on its homepage. Council of Experts: Wired mice and keyboards are safe. Wherever possible, users should avoid using wireless input devices.

New WhatsApp chain letter in circulation

Whatsapp Kursi floor 1010023302 Web
WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger platform in the world, but chain letters always cause a sensation. (Photo: iStockphoto)

Again, a chain letter on WhatsApp makes the rounds. It states that Facebook is the sender of the message. The threat: If you do not forward the message to ten contacts, you have to pay up to 25 euros a month to use WhatsApp.

Apart from spelling and form mistakes, you should not take this message seriously, do not even open it and certainly not forward it. Apparently, the chain letter has been composed of several older chain letters, found the portal Mimikama out. The content that could confuse users is simply lying and nonsense.

Calculated: When the new iPhones could come

Tim Cook Keynote Event
Good morning, good morning, thank you for coming – that’s how Tim Cook greets event guests again in autumn (Photo: Apple)

Apple is traditionally hosting its iPhone event with new models this fall. In addition to internal optimizations, the flagships will receive a new 3x lens for even better photos. The shape factor changes little. And yet the event is eagerly awaited. When finally is the time?

The US portal 9to5Mac has now sought his math skills and re-calculated when the new iPhones could come, based on the dates of the iPhone events 2015 to 2018:

  • 2015: 9th of September (Wednesday)
  • 2016: September 7th (Wednesday)
  • 2017: September 12th (Tuesday)
  • 2018: 12th September (Wednesday)

The conclusion: This year, the event can actually take place only on 10 September. September 11th would be canceled because of 9/11. Apple has never hosted an event on this sad date.

If the calculations are correct, the sales start will be on Friday, 20 September. Until then save the best yet: Because cheaper than last year, to about 1649 euros for XS Max, it should not be in September. You do not need math skills for that.

IBM plans smart tablet watch

Ibm Tablet Watch Nl Letsgodigital Org
This is what the Tablet Watch from IBM might look like (Photo:

A tablet on the arm? Most tech freaks would surely find that poor. IBM sees this obviously different: Only now was from LetsGoDigital discovered a patent filed by IBM in 2016. The image is a rendering, based on the patent application. It shows a foldable Smartwach with up to eight different display modules.

The idea behind it: Depending on the situation, the user decides whether his smart watch will become a smartphone or a larger tablet. If four of the eight modules were unfolded, the clock is the size of a smartphone. If all eight modules are unfolded, the watch becomes a tablet. Rather gaga than practical: If the device comes on the market one day, it could be in the sales figures for IBM arm-ageddon …

The end of LEAD: Car snoring instead of car sharing

What do you rent a car for? To drive? Aha, then you are not Japanese. The new car-sharing trend in the Far East: The Japanese rent a car, but do not drive a meter. Instead, they eat in the car (is frowned upon in public in Japan) or they keep naps (because that’s not possible in the office). Consequence: Asian car-sharing companies like Times24 and Orix are redesigned and are renting cars in special car parks now for around 3 euros per half hour.

As Asian newspaper Asahi Shinbun reports, short-term car snoring is so well received that there are already 12,000 rental cars available for lunch or a nap. Sleep better than racing, too. And so I wish you a rested Tuesday – see you tomorrow at TechTäglich!

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).

Sleeping in the car
No sleep till Brooklyn? Even in the car you can take a nap … (Photo: pixabay)

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