Every day: iPhone 7 and 8 – we’re off!

iPhone 7 and 8: We’re off!

I phone stop
iPhones are getting thin. Only XR and XS are currently on offer (Photo: Apple)

Even thinner than a Heidi Klum top model – that’s how the selection of iPhones on the Apple website has been presented since yesterday. Only the current models XR and XS are available. The cheaper predecessor iPhone 7 and 8, however, are (for the time being) disappeared from the offer. Background is the patent dispute with chip manufacturer Qualcomm, which won in December before the district court Munich I a procedure against Apple, in which it went to power saving measures of Smartphone processors. Against deposit of a security of 1.34 billion euros Qualcomm got the right to stop the sale of the iPhone models 7 and 8 and the already set X in Germany.

According to heise.de, Qualcomm has now deposited this sum in the form of securities. Thus, the ban on sales in the 15 German Apple stores and on Apple’s website came into force. For third-party iPhones remain available, here is a legal clarification is still pending. Apple has announced that it will appeal the verdict. If the iPhone manufacturer legally prevails, Qualcomm threatened high claims for damages – for which now the billion-dollar collateral had to be deposited.

The first view of the hole Galaxy S10

Here comes the most important smartphone hole of the year. The well-connected technology leaker Evan Blass shows a first look at the new Samsung Galaxy S10, which will be released in spring. As expected, Samsung has further reduced the size of the frame around the screen. Front camera and sensors hide behind a small hole in the top right of the screen. This punch hole (“hole punch”), which hardly bothers when using the smartphone, is considered one of the most important mobile phone trends in 2019. This time there will be three models of the S10 – of which the two pricier for the first time a fingerprint sensor under have hidden the screen.

Netflix warns about Bird Box Challenge

Netflix warns of the latest social media nonsense called “Bird Box Challenge”. Based on the Netflix horror movie “Bird Box”, which deals with this subject, YouTube creators, Twitterers and other bored city dwellers wear a blindfold as long as possible. With that they run against walls and in front of cars or stumble over escalators. YouTuber Morgan Adams already has the first 24-hour challenge behind her. “Please do not hurt yourself with this board box challenge,” tweets Netflix. “We do not know how it started, and we’re excited about your enthusiasm, but Boy and Girl have only one wish for 2019: Do not land in the hospital for memes!” Boy and Girl are the two children who are blindfolded in “Bird Box”. Ruthless commentary on Twitter on the hit-the-wall racers: “Stupidity never dies, Genpool selection at its best.”

Can not believe this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE. We do not know how to start, and we just love it, but we just have one wish for 2019.

– Netflix US (@netflix) January 2, 2019

Gene pool thinning at its best … Tide pods, cinnamon challenge, bird box … pic.twitter.com/hX3oYg9vrU

– ChubbyBunny (@ moonchild62) January 3, 2019

Xiaomi brings double folding smartphone

At the technology fair CES from Tuesday in Las Vegas LG and Samsung are likely to see the first folding smartphones. But if it goes after the currently very diligent Leaker Evan Blass, the CES news could quickly be outdated again. Because he has rummaged the first double-folding smartphone, which apparently comes from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, and consists of three screen areas. If and when the triple-smart phone could hit the market – here are even the informants of Evan Blass at the end of their wisdom.

Can not speak to the authenticity of this video or device, but it’s all made by Xiaomi, I’m told. Hot new phone, or gadget porn deepfake? pic.twitter.com/qwFogWiE2F

– Evan Blass (@evleaks) January 3, 2019

B & O earplugs charge wirelessly

Beoplay E8 Wireless
Cufflinks and jewelry box? Nope, these are the new wireless earphones from Bang & Olufsen (Photo: B & O)

The AirPods earplugs are considered the most successful accessory Apple has ever brought onto the market, with the second generation expected in 2019. It should then also offer a wireless charging box. However, noble manufacturer Bang & Olufsen Apple is now one step ahead. The Danes have now introduced the second generation of their very stylish Beoplay E8 Wireless Earphones that come with just such a wireless charging box. The previous E8 are highly praised for their sound, but at € 299 are also dramatically more expensive than the AirPods (€ 179). The new E8 will be released on February 14 for $ 349 – and then probably for 349 euros. Owners of the predecessors can buy the new charging box separately for $ 200.

The end of the LEAD: the DFB, Leroy Sané and the embarrassing tweet

In 2018, the DFB has no fat and no embarrassment left out. And the new year starts similarly promising. After international Leroy Sané fired Manchester City’s 2-1 winner against Kloppos FC Liverpool yesterday, the DFB tweeted: “Never write off the champions”. Numerous Twitterers allowed themselves to point out that the only one who wrote off Leroy Sané was the DFB – when, for some mysterious reason, Jogi Löw did not nominate the striker for the World Cup in Russia. Shitstorm, hard-earned, well-deserved.

Never write off the champions @ LeroySane19 #The team pic.twitter.com/0iO7d0gCWV

– Germany (@DFB_Team_EN) January 3, 2019

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