Oh my godness! The funniest tweets on Friday the 13th

Doomsday mood or happy faces? Friday, the 13th triggers mixed feelings. While some people regard it as their absolute lucky day, most of the others have their hair on their backs. Many even go as far as to barricade themselves and not to leave the house at all. There is even a technical term that describes the fear of the “demonic” Friday: Paraskavedekatriaphobie.

And although the superstition is great and the 13 has always been regarded as a bad luck number, there are no more accidents, according to an analysis of the accident statistics from 2005 to 2013 of the ADAC on Friday, the 13th, yet not. It’s even less than on other Fridays. On Fridays, on average, there were on average 1001 accidents involving personal injury, but only 999 of those who fell to a 13th. But whether the day brings luck or bad luck, there are still people who humorously take him: we’ve collected the funniest tweets of the day for you!

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Friday the 13th or not – main thing Friday! Also finds this user:

So the weekend lover is not alone:

I do not care about Friday the 13th. Still the weekend # FridayThe13th pic.twitter.com/hgYgptgqXj

– Allo, I’m a dog. (@H_mbrgers) September 13, 2019

Good morning☀️
Friday the 13th. ?! Egaaaaal main thing Friday and almost weekend✌ Hurraaaa🎊🎉
Get through the day😘 pic.twitter.com/86ag4yk6dQ

– Loupi 🌹لبنى (@Rose_orientale) September 13, 2019

Honestly, Monday, the 13th, would not be worse than Friday? At least this user thinks:

It is Friday the 13th.


Imagine, it would be Monday the 13th …


Good Morning!

– Dave van Yesterday (@VanGestern) September 13, 2019

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Completely unimpressed also shows this Twitter user:

Friday the 13th.
If this continues, tomorrow is Saturday the 14th.

– Ed (@Ed_vom_Knopf) September 13, 2019

That it does not matter at all to the day, also shows this user clearly:

Friday the 13th does not itch because my whole life is a disaster

– jara ◡̈ (@salzundtequila) September 13, 2019

Well prepared for the evening is this fan from Friday, the 13th:

Friday the 13th. ? Okay! Evening program is available: pic.twitter.com/MPpXRZogbw

– FLO (@ Conker1985_GT) September 13, 2019

There are still worse things than a black cat that could get in your way:

Even more bad luck than Friday 13th brings only a black e-scooter, which runs from right to left on the way. # FridayThe13th

– footage magazine (@footagemagazine) September 13, 2019

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This user can not spoil the day either:

Friday the 13th.

Exactly the right day to go to # IT2 this evening. pic.twitter.com/PQjg4dGFju

– __1893Seahawk__ (@blackXXseven) September 13, 2019

But there are also Twitter users who are not really fond of Friday the 13th:

If I do not report tomorrow, I probably started my last holiday in this lonely train.

Friday, the 13th full moon. AND Holland. You know about it. pic.twitter.com/9fm1omemHc

– Nathalia Traxel (@apanathi) September 12, 2019

And sometimes you just experience things that just have to be on Friday the 13th:

Friday the 13th and since tonight no more warm water. Exactly my humor.- # # FridayThe13th

– Bembelbee (@ Bembelbee2) September 13, 2019

And then there are those users who do things on a thirtieth day that others would never do:

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th
I will travel a lot by car, climb ladders, go through them, stroke black cats and what else to do on a normal Friday! 🙄😂🤦♀️

– Nadine Herberger (@HerbergerNadine) September 12, 2019

Last but not least, this user puts it in a nutshell: It must be because of the coffee, not on Friday, the 13th:

Forget to pour coffee before. Coffee tasted horrible.

Friday, the 13th

– Nordland (@EikeUkena) September 13, 2019

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