The Best Gadgets of the Week, Part 15

Drink water, taste cyclists – the magic bottle from Munich

Air Up
Is water, but does not taste like water – the Air Up makes it possible (Photo: Air Up)

“We are (again) sold out!”. The Munich drinking revolutionaries and inventors of the scented water bottle Air Up have a problem. But it’s a relatively nice problem: they do not lag behind after being launched in August. At Amazon and in their own shop, the Air Up is sold out again. The concept “think new, drink new” seems to be magnificent. And according to the latest press release, the first million in sales is already within reach. The concept of the fragrant bottle sounds crazy, but works well (also in the LEAD test): drink water, but taste lime.

In the bottle is actually pure water from the pipe or mineral water. A so-called fragrance pod on the mouthpiece then ensures that the smell of lime, apple, peach, orange-passion fruit or other varieties is mixed in with the drink. Astonishing effect: you drink pure, healthy water without any additives – but the brain mixes together, for example, the taste of lemon balm. Experts speak of “retronasal smelling”. The taste is not too intense, it is more reminiscent of flavored mineral water. But whoever tastes of pure water will certainly drink a lot more of the air-up scented water. And because the startup is from Munich, there’s even Radler taste, here called lemon hops. The starter set with bottle and five pods for each five liters of water costs (theoretically, because sold out) 29.99 euros, on Ebay desperate interested buyers already pay 70 euros for it. Tip from LEAD, among friends: At Real and Rewe there should still be copies.

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Good for the heart: the first analog clock with ECG

Wi Things Ekg
The smart watch that does not look like Smartwatch: Withings Move ECG (Photo: Withings)

Since the end of 2018, the Apple Watch Series 4 creates an ECG of its users within a few seconds. As a result, she is said to have saved lives several times, because the owners were first aware of their previously unrecognized heart problems through the watch. However, the Watch 4 is very expensive (from 429 euros). And not everyone wants to carry a small computer around on their wrist. The solution to both problems now comes from France.

Fitness specialist Withings, who in between belonged to Nokia and is now self-employed, has now brought the first analog clock with ECG measurement on the market. It recognizes the dangerous atrial fibrillation, the most common form of cardiac arrhythmia. The Withings Move ECG is as chic as a classic watch, with a real dial and real hands, and costs only 129.95 euros. Nevertheless, fitness features and clinically approved ECG measurement are on board, and their data is then transferred to the “Withings Health Mate” app for iOS and Android.

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Flip off! The new old folding phone from Nokia

Nokia 2720 Flip
Flip? Lahm? If you do not like old Nokia, you will not be happy with the new 2720 (Photo: Nokia)

Smartphones are fun, smartphones are stressful. If you are fed up with the constant news fire, think about the return to a classic mobile phone. Just phone and text – that used to be enough. But how does life work today without social media, without WhatsApp? Nokia is now making this balancing act possible with its latest retro mobile phone, the reissue of the 2009 flip-flop phone from the year 2009, when the iPhone was on its way to conquering the world and plunging Nokia into a deep crisis.

The new 2720 Flip, which now celebrated its premiere at the IFA in Berlin, comes again in a practical and handy folding format with the right keys, but has been technically upgraded. The color screen is now usable 2.8 inches tall, the data connection works with 4G, and Facebook and WhatsApp are also on board. A small App Store for the operating system KaiOS brings more apps to the 2720th The flood of information that provides a current smartphone, and can the new old Nokia and its owners but not suspend. A small display on the outside shows, as before, who is calling. And every smartphone owner dreams of a standby time of 27 hours. The 2720 Flip starts in September for a handy 89 euros.

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Meow! Cat tracker even better

Cat Tracker
What do I have on my neck? If Miez knew how she is being shamelessly watched! (Photo: Tractive)

Is the cat back to the mouse? Or is she dancing on the table? If you want to know exactly where Miez is at the moment, you will find out with the GPS Tracker Cat from Austria. It transfers the location data in real time to a smartphone app for iOS and Android. The company from Linz in Upper Austria, the world’s leading specialist in pet tracking, has just presented the second generation of its cat tracker at the IFA in Berlin.

Following the feedback from several 10,000 customers, the device has been significantly revised compared to its predecessor. The collar is now more flexible and adaptable. And weighing less than 30 grams, the new water and weatherproof Tractive Cat is suitable for all cats over 4 kilos. The battery with two to five days running time is persistent enough for longer mouse hunts. Regardless of the app, Tractive users can also locate their pet on the free GPS web application on The tracker for the rascal is available from 49.99 euros, the monthly subscription required for use starts at 3.75 euros.



Other interesting gadgets, mentioned briefly.

Ooni Karu – the mobile pizza oven: When it comes to wood, fire and hot temperatures, the Finns are in their element as sauna champions. There are also the roots of Ooni Karu, the world’s first wood-burning pizza oven, which Kickstarter is looking for – or has been looking for – for financing. Because the desired 45,000 euros are currently far exceeded with currently 325,000 euros. Kickstarter supporters are from $ 259 here. Order

New from Sony – the Walkman 2019: Walkman – with this name, music fans are still ringing their ears. Exactly 40 years after the original Walkman TPS-L2 from 1979 Sony now shows that there is still life in the brand. The new Walkman NW-ZX507 is a music player that plays all conceivable formats from MP3 to high-resolution audio. WiFi for connecting streaming services is also on board. And the special gag for the Walkman birthday: The user interface of the 829 euro expensive player reminds of a music cassette. Order

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Walkman 2019
In 1979, 90 minutes of music fit in a Walkman, today it is 64 GB plus SD card (Photo: Sony)

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