TechTäglich: Fortnite – the volcanic eruption has begun

Fortnite: The volcanic eruption has begun

Fortnite volcano
All you need is Lava: Virtual Vesuvius in Fortnite has broken out (Photo: Epic Games)

It crashes, it hisses, it smokes – and probably it stinks too. But you do not smell that. Because on the island of “Fortnite Battle Royale” has now begun the long-awaited volcanic eruption. Since the start of Season 8 in February, the virtual Vesuvius can be seen, but only now he spits fire and lava. Players can intensify the breakout by throwing weapons and ammunition into the crater. But Fortnite would not be Fortnite unless other gamers were going to upset the Zündler at this sacrifice ceremony. If the eruption is only in full swing, it is likely to change the island massively. The eruption is heralding Season 9 of “Fortnite Battle Royale,” which will launch next Thursday, according to The Verge.

Google: dates soon with expiration date

Google car demo
Users can soon set when their Google data will delete itself (Photo: Google)

Google wants to provide its collected data with an expiration date. In the future, users will be able to set in the browser or via the app when information such as browsing history, location data or app activity will automatically be deleted. Customers can choose between three months, 18 months and unlimited storage. As Google announced in its blog, “We’re working to keep your information private and secure, and we’ve understood your feedback that we need to provide easier ways to manage or delete it.”

The new feature should start in the next few weeks. Although Google already offers tools for deleting user data – which are complicated and must be operated manually by the customer. With the measure, Google is responding to the increasing pressure from politics and the public on the major US companies in terms of data protection. Whether “unlimited storage” – as is to be feared – will be the default for the users, is still unclear.

Huawei: The 5G TV is coming

Huawei 5G Tv
Getting started: Huawei brings the first 5G TV (Photo:

The Chinese technology giant Huawei wants Samsung and Apple increasingly make competition as a manufacturer of premium electronics. Huawei also wants to get into business with TV sets – with a bang. According to Nikkei, the Chinese are working on the world’s first 5G TV. The device with 8K image resolution is to get its data from the new 5G mobile network, making satellite, cable or classic Internet TV superfluous. In addition, the TV would serve as a 5G router for other networked devices in the home, which can then also wirelessly access the new and extremely fast megabit network. The market for 8K televisions is expected to boom in the run up to the Olympia 2020 in Tokyo. IHS Markit analysts expect global sales to increase from less than 20,000 devices in 2018 to 430,000 this year and then to two million in 2020.

Danish Prime Minister with Counter-Strike offensive

Nobody knows if German Chancellor Angela Merkel may secretly play “Fortnite Battle Royale” at night. Your Danish counterpart Lars Løkke Rasmussen certainly has no reservations when it comes to computer games. He is regarded as an enthusiastic “counter-strike” gambler and has now met with the globally successful Danish e-sports team Astralis for a round of “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. Rasmussen is a committed supporter of e-sports. Together with the Danish Ministry of Culture, he has now launched a funding program to promote the development of games and the growth of the entire industry. At the same time cheating and illegal downloads are to be fought.

According to the motherboard, the Prime Minister gave a passionate plea for electronic sports: “I think 96 percent of guys in Denmark play at least twice a week, so they sit in their room or in the basement, and their parents wonder what to do These parents can see on the Astralis team that playing is about meeting real people in real life, it’s about decent sleeping habits, healthy eating and physical activity. “

PC specialist Razer is building a toaster

It glows green, and it looks almost like the legendary tuning PCs of the Californian computer and accessory manufacturer Razer. But the two toast breads that jump out of the device show: This is not a new high-end gaming PC. Because Razer brings a toaster on the market. The novelty came through a joke: Several years ago, Razer fans CEO Min-Liang Tan asked for their own, cool toaster. Tan went into the fun – when on a Facebook page come together a million likes. This milestone, says ExtremeTech, has now been achieved. From a fun video from 2016 (see below) it becomes reality. With a dozen fans tattooing Razer toasters, Min-Liang Tan said, “I’m bringing my team of designers and engineers together now, it will take a few years, but we’ll keep you updated on the progress.”

The end of the LEAD: the selfie gulls from London

Twitter has a bird that was known. But there are even two – the seagulls Graeme and Steve. They regularly sit in front of the surveillance camera of the Blackwall Tunnel in northern London for selfies from a bird’s eye view in scene, and are clicked a thousand times on Twitter and geliked. Transport for London is regularly reporting the latest news from Graeme and Steve, and tweets: “Due to high demand, here’s an update from our reporter north of the Blackwall Tunnel.”

Due to popular demand, our reporter just north of the Blackwall Tunnel …..

– TfL Traffic News (@TfLTrafficNews) April 30, 2019

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