TechDaily: Vodafone launches 5G for its first customers

Vodafone launches 5G for first customers

5 G Vodafone
Vodafone Goes Offensive at 5G Earlier Than Expected (Photo: Vodafone)

Starting shot: As of today, Vodafone will be making its 5G network available to private and business customers in the first 20 major cities and municipalities. It starts, for example, in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Dortmund and Munich. In August, among other things follow 5G stations in Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Darmstadt, Leipzig, Mülheim an der Ruhr and Frankfurt / Main.

While the telecom will only get started at the end of the year, 5G can now be booked at Vodafone for 5 euros per month at all current rates. The “Young S” fare costs just under 15 euros per month with 5G.

But the 5G network brings nothing known to users, if you do not have a 5G-enabled smartphone. With the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G Vodafone offers a first 5G device to start. Shortly, the first Samsung 5G smartphone will be distributed nationwide.

The Vodafone network card and all available rates can be found on this Vodafone special page.

First German IKEA branch with self-checkout via app

Ikea Pixabay Com
Furniture giant IKEA has screwed on the first self-checkout via app (Photo:

Where Billy is is also a way. Unfortunately, the IKEA always leads in a long queue in front of the cash register. In the IKEA house on Zürcher Strasse in Frankfurt / Main, it should now be possible to pay faster. The branch is the first in Germany, where a self-checkout per app is possible.

As the portal LocationInsider reports, IKEA is collaborating with Snabble (“The app for shopping without checkout lines”) for the project.

The app scans the IKEA products you want to buy. Then you will see a code in the app, which is scanned quickly and without staff at the IKEA Express checkout – the purchase is done! And Billy just has to be assembled together, as long as all the screws are in the package …

Hackers attack Freenet subsidiary Vitrado

Data theft security Pixabay Com
Cybercriminals have targeted a Freenet subsidiary (Photo:

Customer data from 67,000 affiliate partners of the Freenet subsidiary Vitrado have become the target of hackers. Opposite the portal, a freenet spokeswoman said that “data has been stolen from 67,000 affiliate partners”. The attacker or attackers were apparently able to invade an SQL database.

Those affected have already received a letter from Vitrado. Credit card information, passwords and PINs are not meant to be affected, but the bank account should be “regularly checked for unknown or suspicious activity”.

Vitrado is also active as a marketer for Gravis, Mobilcom-Debitel or Klarmobil. The company filed a criminal complaint and informed the state data protection officer of Hamburg in parallel.

Twitter: New web design will be rolled out

Twitter New Webversion
View into the settings of the new Twitter web version (screenshot: Gronau)

In the last few hours Twitter has started the rollout of the new web design. The tests had been running since the beginning of 2019.

Twitter wants to score with improved navigation via the sidebar. Some functions, which were hitherto only hidden in sub-points, are now visible immediately when the page is called up.

Previously, a bar at the top of the screen navigated the web. These and other optimizations should ensure a uniform user experience across all platforms. Users will not be able to switch over to the old version in the future.

To simplify conversations, the inbox has also been modified. With a new button in the stream the sorting of tweets can be changed according to taste, from the “best tweets first” to a chronology of all tweets. Also new is the option to change the font size. What is still missing: once sent tweets can not edit again later.

Stranger Things is NOT the most popular Netflix series ever

Stranger Things 3
Recently the third season of the cult series “Stranger Things” has started (Photo: Netflix)

Who would have thought that? The cult series “Stranger Things”, with Season 3 at the start, ended up in second place in a major HarrisX survey of the most popular Netflix series, according to US industry portal Variety. 1st place went to “Orange is the new black”. Both the naming of Netflix originals and licensed content was possible.

The other places in the top 10 go to:

3. Movies in general

4. Ozark

5. Grace and Frankie

6. Black Mirror

7. Lucifer

8. The Crown

9. The Office

10. Friends

The end of the LEAD: iPod 1 from 2001 is still working like a 1

iPods Flash: In 2001, Steve Jobs presented the very first iPod. Can the device still be used today? The YouTuber 91 Tech tested it (successfully). He could even connect the music player with iTunes – before, however, he had to install a new battery in the iPod and order an additional cable. In the end, 91Tech could even feed iPod 1 with new songs. After all, he had 5 GB of memory available.

Around 12 minutes, which are worthwhile – and I wish you a waste-free Wednesday.

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).

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