The Best Apps of the Week, Part 41

Coloristic 2

The name of the developer of Coloristic 2 fits quite well with the game itself: Daniel Krautwurst (not a stage name!) Is called the man. And on the playing field of Coloristic 2, the successor to Coloristic, things are sometimes mixed up like cabbage and turnips, from at least world 4 onwards. To solve all six worlds you need therefore also a lot of brain lard.

In 120 handmade levels, the gameplay focuses on a minimalist playing field, where lines are drawn according to the numbers on colored buttons. The paths are becoming ever more congested and complex, because obstacles, changes in direction and other elements that influence the seemingly logical solution route are waiting on the way.

Exactly the right puzzle game for drab autumn evenings on the sofa. Especially since only once has to be paid, then all worlds open one after another – advertising or annoying in-app purchases are not in this captivating German indie production. Conclusion: This herb (sausage) -funding is definitely worth it.

Price: 2.29 euros for iOS / 1.49 euros for Android

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Threads by Instagram

Threads Instagram view
Photo goes social: Threads is Instagram’s new Compagnion app (Photo: App Store)

The strategy that drives the parent company Facebook with his app-daughters, remains mysterious: Facebook breaks down content from the main app and brings them as a new application to the market. The other way around, the company will once again focus on a single app for everything. Now Facebook is breaking new ground with “Threads of Instagram” and is providing the main app with a new content companion.

Threads is sold as a “social camera app”. The “Camera app for close friends only” allows you to share photos and co. Only with the people you have marked as close friends on Instagram. Otherwise, content sharing is very simple and intuitive: open, record, share and finish the camera. Bonus: an auto-status feature that does not always require you to manually post your status.

The bottom line is “Threads from Instagram” nothing for fearful Instagram power users who do not want to share every selfie with every user. If you only occasionally use the network to post, you will be fine with the main app.

Price: free

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Twitch TV App

Twitch Squad Stream
Twitch is now available with the Squad Stream option: Four players go live and stream in a single window (Photo: Twitch)

Twitch? Yes, Twitch. For your Fire TV, there is the gaming and chat app for some time. Now the Apple TV version is ready for download via the TV App Store. After a fairly short beta test that did not cause any major problems, the official application for ATV has been released. At the small TV box access to all live streams of the service is now even easier. Search games, read chat, scroll through channels: All this works smoothly on the big screen. Both download and use are free. From the navigation, the ATV version is reminiscent of the iOS app.

Pro-Tip: If you do not have an ATV yet but are planning to buy, you should be patient. Coming soon, maybe later this month, another Apple event is likely to take place. Although in the first instance new iPad Pro models or new MacBook Pro devices are to be expected, but who knows: Well possible that Apple in time for the launch of its new TV streaming service Apple TV + but still a fresh version of Apple TV on brings the market.

Price: free

to download the iOS app / download the Android app / web version


University student
With the right mini-job, the study is still progressing (Photo:

Who does not know about studying? The student loan is not enough or is not paid, a small backup job would work wonders. The personnel service provider Zenjob had some time ago the idea to directly help students with their own app for flexible mini jobs. It’s about jobs for a day! Just in time for the start of the semester, the app has just been updated again.

More than 1000 companies are participating in the Zenjob job exchange for students. An algorithm filters out accurate offers in terms of location, preference, availability and experience. Practical: Anyone who has selected and was taken one of these small jobs that do not make you rich but can help you over the month of the month can sign his employment contract digitally in the application.

However, there are a few points to answer: Qualified for one of these jobs would be only full-time students. German skills at C1 level are required. Attendance requires a one-time on-site interview with Zenjob. Locations exist so far in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt / Main, Duesseldorf, Stuttgart and Bonn. Who accepts this, receives “at least 11 euros per hour”.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

LEAD shortlist

Other interesting apps, mentioned briefly.

SchicksDigital: Alternative to WeTransfer wanted? Above all, the new web app certainly wants to score points. The data transfer is DSVGO compliant, runs only via German servers and is certified.

Price: free

Surviving Mars: The exciting construction game for PC and Mac costs regularly around 30 euros. It is still available for free until 17 October. From 17.10. until 24.10. then Aspyr’s Observer and American Nightmare are free.

for download

Airline farmer: And if the daring men in their flying boxes are again late? With the new application of the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia, travelers can now enforce their claims under the EU passenger rights regulation free of charge. First users are so enthusiastic that they demand from the consumer center also a “Bahnärger” -App.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android


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