E-Scooter: smart against the traffic jam

Germany lags behind, or rolls behind. LEAD explains the current state and introduces five e-scooters – two of which are allowed in Germany thanks to clever manufacturers and the exploitation of loopholes on the bike path and road.

E-scooters are already in great demand worldwide:In the United States, three scooter rental companies, Bird, Lime and Spin, made for a veritable invasion of the streets. There is actually in terms of scooter “Hyper, Hyper”.

At Bird, which was founded by former Uber manager Travis VanderZanden, lending a scooter to so-called “nests” across the city costs one dollar. For every minute of driving time a further 15 US cents are due. In the competition, the prices are similar. E-scooters are also booming in China, India and many European cities.

In addition to Bird and Lime, the Berlin-based startup Tier Mobility, which is still waiting in its own country, has had 250 scooters on the streets in Vienna under the motto “It’s fun, it’s almost, it’s green” since September ,

Also interesting: this is how mobility in the city is being revolutionized


The downsides of the new mobility can already be seen: Under the hashtag #ScootersBehavingBadly (“scooters who behave badly”) pile up on Instagram complaints about reckless drivers of up to 25 km / h fast companion. Also from the “Scootergeddon” is the speech. In Cleveland, there has already been a first death, in which a – at their accident innocent – 21-year-old scooter driver was hit by a motorist and died.

And in Germany? For us, simple e-scooters may be sold for folding – but driving is only allowed on private grounds (which many fans have long since stopped). Although an approval is in the works, thanks to German thoroughness, it will take at least until the beginning of 2019.

The legal basis should be the so-called “small electrical vehicles regulation (eKFV)”, which then regulates the use exactly. After entry into force, electric scooters are expected to be able to drive up to 20 km / h on bike paths and, if necessary, on the road without a license plate, without a license and without a helmet.

Dangers may be from 14 years, walkways are reasonably taboo. The restriction to 20 km / h is considered controversial, because practically 25 km / h are standard practice around the world, and because the scooters could thus become an obstacle for e-bikes that are allowed to drive at 25 km / h. Already allowed, but subject to registration and insurance, are on the other hand larger electric scooters with seat, lighting system, turn signal and rear-view mirror – which are too unwieldy as a “last mile” solution.

IO Hawk Sparrow
That rocks! With up to 24 items, the IO Hawk Sparrow makes a powerful wind in the city (Photo: IO Hawk)

Anyone traveling in German cities with an unauthorized e-scooter risks a fine of up to 70 euros and a point in Flensburg. For repeat offenders, the police may confiscate the vehicle, and in the event of an accident, the scooter driver has to pay for all the damage. The use as a pure scooter without electricity is prohibited. Punishment is only the pushing on the sidewalk.

These five e-scooters are worth their money

Experts strongly advise you to let go of the cheapest scooters from the hardware store or the discounter, who can become life-threatening due to tedious handling and bad brakes – for the driver and other road users.

In the Autobild test, the 130-euro scooter Takira Electronic Star V6 breaks a weld seam after just a few meters, and the plastic brake handles are frightening even when looking at it. Conclusion of the tester: “scrap ex works.” At least around 500 euros should cost a sensible e-scooter – as the five models that presents LEAD here.

IO Hawk Sparrow

IO Hawk Sparrow
My sparrow, you’re a stunner! For € 549, the IO Hawk Sparrow is a good choice for beginners (Photo: IO Hawk)

For 549 euros one of the cheapest really recommended e-scooters that are available in Germany. The tread is at 53 centimeters more than ten inches longer than the competition usual, and more reminiscent of a longboard. This provides more space for the feet and more ride comfort. Up to 24 km / h are in it, here could provide a software update for the future limitation to 20 km / h.

The range is a maximum of 28 kilometers. Disc brakes and brake lights ensure safety on the California scooter, and the individually adjustable LED underbody lighting makes for a pretty cool appearance. With a weight of 12.5 kilograms, taking a bus or train is a good option – if only driving in Germany was not previously prohibited.

BMW X2City

BMW X2City
BMW X2City: Excellent idea, but the battle for registration is not over yet (Photo: BMW)

In cooperation with bicycle specialist Kettler, BMW Motorrad has put a very special e-scooter on the wheels. The people of Munich even speak of a “pedelec scooter”. This name, whose first half is reminiscent of an e-bike, already indicates what makes the X2City truly unique. Because the scooter has a foot button on the back of the footboard, which must be kicked every five feet, and keeps the electric motor running.

Technically, this is not necessary. But this is the BMW scooter as a counterpart to the electric bike that stops without pedaling. Through this loophole he is already eligible in Germany – hopes at least BMW, wrestling with the authorities for months for a permit. Too bad that the high-quality processed and excellently equipped X2City, which will now appear in early 2019, is extremely expensive with 2,400 euros – and with 20 kilos weight for the “last mile” also quite unwieldy.

Eneway Revoluzzer 2.0

Eneway Revoluzzer 2.0
Thicker Brummer: The Eneway Revoluzzer 2.0 is almost the Harley among the e-scooters (Photo: Eneway)

With the feather-light folding scooters for taking everywhere with you, the car test winner has nothing to do. Manufacturer Eneway from Bruchsal speaks of the “premium scooter from Germany”, and keeps his word. The 1,200-watt motor drives the Revoluzzer, which is more reminiscent of a moped, up to 45 km / h. There are also 20 km / h versions.

Thick and stable tires, disc brakes, adjustable suspension, cruise control and a whisper-quiet hub motor guarantee excellent and safe handling. The Revoluzzer 2.0 is available from 1.299 euros. He requires insurance, registration and a helmet. Anyone who collapses the 50 kilogram Brummer and takes it with him on the bus, however, puts the kindness of his fellow men to the test.

Egret Ten V3

Egret Ten V3
No, never mind! The Egret Ten V3 is a good buy, but not (yet) allowed in Germany (Photo: Egret)

Even the newest and 1,500 Euro expensive model of the Hamburg company Walberg Urban Electrics is “Designed in Germany” – but with 17 kilos much more handy than the Eneway Revolutionary. With up to 42 kilometers, the V3 comes extremely far. And with two disc brakes, the scooter, which is already selling successfully in Austria and Switzerland, is already prepared for the presumed approval regulations in Germany.

The greatest weakness of the very solid processed e-scooter is at the bottom of the data sheet: “Not allowed in the area of ​​the StVZO.” At least not yet …

Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365
The Xiaomi M365 is the scooter with the app. It guarantees mobility every day of the year except on the 29th of February (photo: Xiaomi)

The huge hype surrounding e-scooters in Asia has led to the launch of brand new companies – such as the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi. With 12.5 kilos, the China scooter is pleasantly handy and compact, it creates 25 km / h and can travel up to 30 kilometers. His roots can not and do not deny the M365.

Because manufacturer Xiaomi is very familiar with smartphones, you can set any number of functions such as brake power, maximum speed or theft protection via the app. With 560 euros in the EU version of the scooter is a lot more expensive than cheap Chinaware. But the owner is also safer and more comfortable on the road – if it were allowed in Germany …

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