How Instagram influencers earn five-digit sums with their own photo presets

“Make your photos as enviably beautiful as mine”: that’s the implicit promise that some influencers and Instagram-active photographers make to their followers when they offer them their photo presets for purchase, priced between $ 10 and $ 500 For some of them, this seems like a lucrative byproduct, and OMR is deeply immersed in the presets business and has been collecting numbers.

One of the biggest levers of growth in Instagram’s early days may have been the filters available in the app. The prospect of being able to make your photos look better without image editing skills has probably moved many users to install the app.

Influencers want to remain distinguishable with their images

But if you want to stand out on the platform with your own photos today, in the eighth year of Instagram’s existence, it would be difficult to achieve using the standard filters. Many influencers, for whom the development of reach and, ideally, their own identity is crucial, therefore work on their images with external software.

One of the most popular and widely used tools might be Adobe Lightroom in this context. Among other things, the image processing software makes it possible to create your own presets – basically self-defined image batches. With the presets, the Lightroom users can automate their images automatically and quickly according to their own specifications. This is how many influencers build their own filters. The presets can not only help Instagrammers to paint the pictures, but also to establish their own unique look within their picture feed in order to be recognizable across images – through similar picture temperatures, colors, etc.


“Custom Presets” awake the business sense of the influencers

Lightroom’s custom preset feature has clearly gained popularity since the summer of last year. Since then, it is possible to use the Lightroom app on your smartphone to create your own presets and save them. In addition, since then, the presets of users (the software is operated via the cloud in a subscription model) are synchronized across devices. For influencers and Instagrammer, for which the smartphone is likely to be one of the most important or perhaps even the most important work tool, the software should have become even more useful.

But not only that: Apparently the easier use of Lightroom Presets has also stimulated the creative business sense of some influencers. Since then, more and more Instagrammer have been offering their custom presets to their followers for purchase. The US magazine The Atlantic reported this development for the first time last November. The customers of the respective Instagrammer receive from them usually by mail a link to download a dng file. You can easily add them to Lightroom (on your smartphone with some detours).

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Presets instead of Product Placements

Meanwhile, some Instagrammer have apparently built their career mainly on the basis of their presets. For Jessica Turnquist (currently 27,500 followers on Instagram), the development of presets has become a job, writes The Atlantic. Alina Dinh has put her life as an influencer on hold in order to better focus on her preset. As “Dreamy Presets” she currently has 17,100 followers on Instagram.

One of the presumably first German influencers to sell their own presets is Janine Jahnke, who calls herself “Jolie Janine” (currently 256,000 subscribers) on Instagram. Jahnke launched its own preset packages in February 2018. Currently she offers different sets at prices between 40 and 139 euros.

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(Image: screenshot /

Two former girlfriends compete for preset buyers

The German influencers, whose presets have so far generated the most visibility, may be Ana Johnson (581,000 followers) and Carmen Kroll (“Carmushka”, 428,000 followers). Both were friends in the past and had taken part in the RTL2 daily soap “Daily Cologne” together. After that, they founded the fashion label “Oh April” together, but apparently went their separate ways shortly thereafter.

Ana Johnson was the first of the ex-business partners to release her own preset pack just four months ago (here her Instagram story highlight). Currently she offers in her shop seven individual presets for the price of just under ten euros. Her shopper encourages her to tag her photos on Instagram with the hashtag #anajohnsonpreset. Instagram currently has an impressive 37,000 posts for this hashtag.

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Nearly 50,000 posts with the hashtag to the preset

Carmen Kroll added last October with its own preset package, which is currently available for just under 30 euros. Like Johnson, she shows in an Instagram story highlight examples of pre-post photos edited with the presets sent to her followers. The hashtag #carmushkapreset even records almost 48,000 contributions.

Omr Instagram
(Picture: screenshot)

Even if not all of the marked posts come from paid users (after all, Kroll often uses the hashtag himself and apparently also befriended influencers like Farina Opoku alias Nova Lana Love has promoted their presets), and many users have repeatedly posted photos with the hashtag Given this number of contributions, it is quite conceivable that Kroll has so far implemented a sum in the low five-digit euro range with its package.

Own shop or sale via a marketplace?

In addition to Kroll and Johnson, other influencers with an even higher number of followers also offer their own presets – Deborah Flügge, for example, whose Instagram account “Debiflue” is followed by one million users. The prices for their packages range between 62 and 490 euros (for a package of 110 presets in three different variants). The preset hashtag #presetsbydebifluekeeevsch currently has 1,800 posts; a separate preset account 24,300 followers. Also active on the market are the former Köln-50667 actress Yvonne Pferrer (892,000 Instagram followers), travel blogger Simone Stelkes (331,000 Instagram followers) and fashion blogger Luisa Lion (309,000 followers).

Anyone who wants to sell their own presets as an instagrammer must first get down to work and develop their own online shop with features such as payment, invoicing and automated mailing with a download link. Or fall back on the US marketplace Filtergrade: Through this Instagrammer can not only sell presets without their own shop, but may also reach potential buyers who have otherwise not become aware of their presets.

The presets of German photographers are popular

“Filtergrade has around 258,000 visitors per month and recorded between 600,000 and 700,000 pageviews,” said Filtergrade founder Mike Moloney in writing to OMR.The platform has fewer typical influencers and more photographers represented, including many German: Fabian Hübner, for example, which links to His Instagram account (124,000 followers) and his preset package at the price of $ 34 at Filtergrade.According to public viewable click statistics of the link shortener Bitly, the Hübner used here, the link is within about a month and a half just under 1,000 Once clicked.

Sorting the preset packages by filtergrade by popularity, the marketplace lists two more German photographers on the first results page: Marvin Kuhr (216,000 followers on Instagram) and Jannik Obenhoff (771,000 followers on Instagram). “Some time ago, the fastest selling and most popular presets came from German photographer Max Münch. They sold more than 1,400 times before Max decided to stop selling, “reveals Moloney.

More than half a million dollars in sales with presets

The price of Münch’s presets can no longer be determined today. But in this case, too, a clear five-digit turnover is assumed. “Our top sellers have so far earned $ 50,000 and more on filter degrees. Since our inception, we have paid more than $ 500,000 to our sales partner, “said Moloney. For the seller, the use is not free; They give 30 percent commission to the platform operator.

“The most common search terms on filter degrees in 2018 were ‘moody’, ‘portrait’ and ‘wedding’,” says Moloney. In addition to atmospheric photos and portraits, many Preset buyers are looking specifically for a way to beautify wedding photos. When it comes to the “most beautiful day in a person’s life,” the willingness to beautify photos is more likely to be spent than in a simple vacation photo.

“I’m ready to pay for my wedding”

Another circumstance points to this: one of the follower-strongest preset accounts on Instagram is “dirtybootspresets” with 152,000 subscribers; For the hashtag #dirtybootspresets, Instagram posts 26,000 posts. Behind it is “Dirty Boots and Messy Hair” (the main Instagram account has 859,000 followers), a community of photographers and married couples who love wedding in unusual places.

Curiously, both Carmen Kroll and Ana Johnson got married last year – Johnson in July (before the release of their presets) and Kroll in October, after the presets were released. Although Kroll has not promoted the presets in connection with their wedding. Maybe the temporal connection with the marketing helped a little bit anyway. Thus, both she and Johnen may have built an audience that is at an age similar to herself, and for which a wedding may accordingly also be an issue.

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