TechTäglich: Formula 1 – Race on Sunday evening for the first time live on Twitch

Formula 1: Race on Sunday evening for the first time live on Twitch

F1 Mexico
The fastest spray from Mexico. The Formula 1 race on Sunday runs for the first time at Twitch (Photo:

The Formula 1 race in Mexico starts on Sunday evening for the best primetime at 20.10 clock German time. And that uses rights holder Liberty Media to a media coup. Because the Mexico Grand Prix can be seen not only on free TV on RTL and pay TV on Sky – but for the first time also live and free on Amazon’s video streaming service Twitch. According to the official F1 press release, Twitch users in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Sweden will benefit from this first-time test.

With the transmission on the channel, which is specialized in the streaming of video games, the formula 1 wants to attract a new, younger audience. Accordingly, the transmission will look like: The “Formula Twitch” mixes the race with game elements, live betting and other interactive gags. Spectators can predict every ten minutes how the race will continue. In Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, the apparently prominent game steamer PietSmiet on Twitch are co-hosting the race.

Apple TV – now also on the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Apple TV
Apple TV is now available without Apple TV (Photo: Amazon)

If you say A, you can also say A: Apple TV is now also running on the Amazon Fire TV. Sounds complicated, but it’s easy. Apple has now released an app that brings movies and TV shows bought on iTunes to Amazon’s television hardware. This feature will be really exciting from next Friday (November 1st), when the streaming service Apple TV + starts. Because even its contents are then – for a monthly subscription of 4.99 € – on the Fire TV to see.

This works according to Amazon blog in Germany initially with the Fire TV Stick the second generation and the Fire TV Stick 4K. Other devices like the current Fire TV and the Fire TV Cube are to follow. The cheapest Amazon hardware, on which Apple TV and Apple TV + run, is thus the Fire TV Stick for 40 euros – while Apple requires for its own TV box between 159 and 219 euros. The purchase of a “real” Apple TV can still be worthwhile. Because only on the Apple hardware run apps, games and the user’s own photo, video and music streams.

New: vinyl plates for self-pressing

Phonocut Kickstarter
New old technology from Austria – records for self-pressing (Photo: Phonocut)

Record music cassettes yourself, burn CDs yourself – all old hats and long-forgotten technology. In contrast, the self-pressing of vinyl records is really hip. The Phonocut, a new device from Vienna that is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, makes this possible. The machine, which looks like a slightly larger turntable, presses music on special 10-inch vinyls – which are slightly larger than a classic single (7 inches), and slightly smaller than a 12-inch LP. Depending on the sound quality, 10 to 15 minutes of music can be played on each page. The 10-inch size is inspired by the historic shellac format. Any device with a headphone jack, including smartphones, can serve as an audio source.

The finished plates then run on each turntable. Inventor of the Phonocut is the retro-tinkerer Florian “Doc” Kaps, who already saved Polaroid films from extinction in 2008 with his “Impossible Project”. He wants to bring out the production of vinyl LPs “behind the walls of the last major press shops”. As a target group, for example, he sees musicians who want to provide their fans with short-lived vinyls – or lovers who want to give away cool mix vinyls instead of old mixtapes. The Phonocut, which has now surpassed its funding target of 199,999 euros now twice, costs at Kickstarter currently from 1,499 euros, later in the trade, it should be 1,999 euros. Ten empty vinyls cost 55 euros, here Kaps plans a final piece price of ten euros.

Edeka: Off for cheap Windows

Edeka Windows
There is no Windows left between cabbage and turnips at Edeka (Photo: Lizengo)

In recent weeks, Edeka has caused a stir with spectacularly affordable Microsoft software. On gift cards, for example, Windows 10 Home cost only 35.99 euros instead of the official 145 euros. And the Pro variant of Windows 10 was available for 39.99 euros instead of Microsoft’s 259 euros. The licenses came from the Cologne wholesaler Lizengo, and experts considered the offer to be legal. Nevertheless, the cheap software has now disappeared from the Edeka shelves, the action is over. According to Heise, Lizengo himself pulled the plug.

Statement by CEO Tobias Zielke: “The market customers have received our products very positively, but for Lizengo as a pure e-commerce shop, the optimization on a daily basis is more targeted.” An announced lawsuit by Microsoft against the offer, which could be based on volume licenses from China and Bulgaria, is still not available, according to Lizengo. However, the online retailer could have been too cumbersome and inflexible with the sales on gift card cards. Or did Edeka finally find the offer too doubtful? In the online shop of the dealer, the cheap software remains available.

Twitter celebrities now see more advertising

Twitter advertising
Change of course: All Twitter users now see the same amount of advertising (Photo:

Twitter has acknowledged that users with many followers have previously seen less advertising than usual to improve their “user experience”. That should help them to use Twitter more often and longer. “Otto Normaltwitterer”, however, was bothered with significantly more ads. But it should be over with this unequal treatment. Even Twitter celebrities get missed by app and in the browser now the normal dose of advertising – if they are not smart enough to use ad-free clients like Tweetbot.

“In the past, users with high followers have seen fewer ads,” a Twitter spokesperson now told The Verge. “Recently, we’ve changed our approach to really targeting advertisers who use Twitter, and as a result, some users will see an increase in the number of ads.” In recent weeks, several prominent Twitterers have complained about the conspicuous increase in advertising. Mocking The Verge: “Now the celebrities are finally seeing what the life of the common Twitter user feels like.”

The end of LEAD: US nuclear weapons no longer need floppy disks

Atom floppies
Only 50 years after its invention retired – the floppy disks of the US military (Photo: New York Times)

Spectacular progress in US defense policy! The US nuclear weapons arsenal is no longer based on a system that uses eight-inch floppy disks as data storage. The antique technique with a storage volume of a maximum of 1 MB was evidently retired last summer, the change was, according to New York Times but only now known. Instead, SSD memory is now used.

Pentagon spokesman David Faggard is thrilled that the eight-inch floppy has been replaced exactly 50 years after it was invented: “The Air Force remains determined to modernize its equipment for the future.” Disadvantage of the possibly hastily introduced innovation: The protection of floppy disks against new-fangled hackers was considered exemplary.

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).

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