TechTäglich: Google in the cash duel for the first time before Apple

Google in the cash duel for the first time before Apple

Google vs Apple
Zaster Caves: Google now with more cash than Apple (Photo:

Which company in the tech industry has the fattest money storage? For years, Apple was ahead with its legendary and billions of cash reserves. However, the latest figures from Apple and Google’s parent company Alphabet now show that there has been a change in leadership. Accordingly, Alphabet now has 15 billion dollars more for the first time on the (very) high edge than Apple. In numbers: $ 117 billion for Alphabet, $ 102 billion for Apple. Apple is well below its high of $ 163 billion at the end of 2017. Alphabet has accumulated $ 20 billion over the last two years.

However, Apple’s lower account balance is not due to bad deals, but to stock repurchases and dividend payments that Apple has spent $ 122 billion over the last year and a half. The latest acquisition, Intel’s fashion division with 2,200 employees, plays a role of barely a dollar with a price of one billion dollars. CultofMac expects that Apple will still have enough reserves for potential spectacular acquisitions, such as Netflix or Tesla, at $ 102 billion.

Fortnite Season X: From today noon online

Fortnite fans around the world have been looking forward to today’s 1st of August. Because at ten o’clock in the morning German time manufacturer Epic Games has taken its servers off the net and ended season 9 of “Fortnite Battle Royale”. After a few hours of maintenance with the message “Internal Server Error” starts at noon Season 10 – or “Season X”, as Epic calls the anniversary season. After several trailers, which the game manufacturer has released in advance, it becomes clear what “Fortnite X” is all about.

The new season, so GameSpot, apparently starts with a massive explosion at Loot Lake, which once again transforms parts of the island. Several nostalgic elements from previous seasons in the trailers indicate that Epic wants to celebrate its anniversary with a kind of “Best of” Fortnite history since 2017. As a new element comes apparently a ‘Mech-suit that gives players special powers – and the advance of the Fortnite gamblers is highly controversial. After the normal ten-week rhythm, the new season would have had to start in mid-July. Epic had postponed the premiere but because of the first Fortnite World Cup last weekend in New York.

iPad Pro: New monitor – and competition from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Korea tabs as an alternative to the iPad Pro: Galaxy Tab S6 (Photo: Samsung)

Apple and LG have unveiled a new version of their jointly developed 5K UltraFine screen, which first appeared in 2016 for use on the MacBook Pro. The excellent display and the not too exciting design remain unchanged, the most important innovation is in the detail. Because the 1.399 euro expensive screen supports not only Apple’s Thunderbolt connection, but also the display port via USB-C. And that means that now the iPad Pro with USB-C socket can be connected. Apple fans, who had hoped for the first 5K monitor for the professional iPad, but are disappointed. Because according to Apple support site supports the LG UltraFine iPad only 4K resolution with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Other news in terms of iPad Pro: Samsung has now introduced the Galaxy Tab S6, the hitherto toughest competitor for the Apple tablet. Just like the iPad Pro, the 10.5-inch Tab S6 can also be operated with a stylus called Samsung S Pen. A specialty of the Koreans is a feature called S Pen Air. With it, users can operate the tablet with pen gestures up to ten meters away – or even take photos. A fingerprint sensor sits under the screen. The cameras should deliver smartphone quality and be more complex than usual with tablets. To have the new Samsung tablet from 30 August for 749 euros (128 GB) or 899 euros (256 GB). The memory can be expanded by microSD card.

Twitter with new fun advertising campaign

Twitter – was not that the short message service with the bullying, the overwhelmed moderators, and the pouting US president? A new advertising campaign, which Twitter has now launched in San Francisco and New York, is to show how much fun the service (actually) can do. It shows the contrast between how people supposedly portray themselves on Twitter – and how uncool and strained on Instagram or Facebook.

The motifs come from Twitter users who have posted their ideas under the motto “Me on Twitter”. The stories go something like this: “Me on Instagram: I cook and serve beautiful, healthy food.” On Twitter, I’m sitting naked on my bed, feeding eight pieces of fried chicken. ” As Creative Bloq The official Twitter account for this campaign has all of its previously followed accounts (including CEO Jack Dorsey) – and follows only the 28 users who have the motives, and all have given their consent to the release.

My sophisticated literary works are finally getting the attention they deserve.

– Micah Martello (@SmartassChef) July 30, 2019

Three centimeters: The smallest gaming PC in the world

The computer hobbyist Paul Klinger has released the smallest gaming PC in the world. The mini-gadget is barely three inches wide. Nevertheless, classics such as Snake, Lunar Lander or Tetris run on his OLED screen. The controller works with a small nubble that IBM and Lenovo have been using for decades in their ThinkPads. A release of the Mini-ThinkPad – which could bring him legal trouble with Lenovo – does not plan Paul Klinger. For interested the developer but has the complete code, the data for 3D printing and an extensive documentation of the “TinyPC” on GitHub ready.

The end of the LEAD: MacBook recommends Surface Laptop

Microsoft has indulged in a promotional video that only their own company can laugh about. In the clip, a gentleman named Mackenzie Book recommends buying a Surface Laptop 2 from Microsoft. The killer gimmick: Mackenzie Book cuts itself off as a kind of “MacBook”. Ergo: MacBook advises Surface. Hehe. (Crying off …)

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