That may be the next version of Android Q

The new version of the most-used smartphone operating system is based on the mobile innovations of 2019 – with new technologies from 5G to edge-to-edge displays and folding screens. That announced Google in a blog entry for the launch of the first beta version of Android Q.

Android wants to help smartphone users to take advantage of the latest innovations. At the same time, the security and privacy of users should always have the highest priority. In addition to Google Play Protect and runtime permissions on Android Q, there are a number of additional privacy and security features for users, as well as extensions for foldable smartphones, new camera features, NNAPI extensions, faster startup and more.

Android is committed to more privacy

Android already has many features to protect users’ privacy, such as: file-based encryption, OS controls that require permission from apps before accessing sensitive resources, camera and microphone wallpaper lock, lockdown mode, encrypted backups Google Play Protect (Over 50 billion apps are scanned daily to identify and remove potentially harmful apps).


Android Q has made further privacy enhancements, which Google summarizes in its project Project Strobe.

Smartphone users will have more control over apps with Android Q in the future. The new version controls access to shared files. Users can control app access to the photos and videos or audio collections through new runtime permissions. The user can decide for himself which download files the individual apps can access.

Many people have complained to Google that now and then apps unexpectedly come to the fore. To help prevent these issues, Android Q prevents apps from starting an activity in the background. If an app is in the background, but requires a quick user response for incoming calls or alerts, for example, you can now set “High Priority Alerts.”

Control the location better

In the future, as with Apple’s iPhone, users will be able to specify that an app can only access their location while it’s in use.

Screen Shot 2019 03 13 At 10 42 10 Am
(Image: Google)

In addition, apps will still be able to retrieve the location only if users previously grant permission.

An example: An app needs the location for the delivery of food. We would like to allow this as a smartphone user possibly. But since the app does not need a location outside of the current location, we do not want to grant this access at best.

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Functions for foldable screens

Google has announced that it will support foldable smartphones with various features to better manage the display of apps on both foldable and large screens.

Android basically has to support two fundamentally different concepts of Auffalt smartphones: Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has two screens: one can be folded up like a book to tablet size and is not visible when folded, while another small display on the outside takes over the smartphone functions. When Huawei’s competition model Mate X, the screen remains on the outside when folding and can be used alternately from both sides at half the size

A small sneak peak as it should look on Android Q:

(Image: Google)

Sharing files now faster

If you want to share a file like a photo or a video with someone in an app, the process should run as fast as possible. With Android Q, Google promises to develop features that allow you to jump directly to another app to share the content you want. This is what it looks like:

(Image: Google)

Dynamic depth format for photos

Many cameras on mobile devices can simulate a shallow depth of field by blurring the foreground or background of the subject. Android Q features a dynamic depth format for photos and special blur and bokeh options, as well as 3D image creation capabilities.

  • Image2
  • image3
  • image8

More details on Android Q are expected at the Google I / O developer conference in May, before the software will be rolled out later this year.

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