That’s the new super brain

eHe is a sensitive soul. Even the magnetic field of the earth can disturb him. In the icy, airless room he stands, the quantum computer. No ray of light may disturb the bulbous miracle machine. A lot of fuss about a bit of calculator?

By no means: the EU is the princess on the pea worth a billion euros research budget. Also Google, IBM, Intel, NASA, the NSA and numerous industrial enterprises research in the area of ​​quantum computings.

What can the supercomputer actually do?

First of all, even physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists can not even explain out of the box how it works. But that’s not the point. It is important that in him true superhero powers stuck. Quantum computers are incredibly fast and therefore powerful enough to crack all online passwords in the world.

Simply because they work on a different principle than our PCs today. The detect bits – these are the measures of data – in two states: zero and one. Although the normalos work reliably, they reach their limits when it comes to complex tasks and speed. There are qubits in quantum computers. They can be either zero, one, or both at the same time. And they can interlock.


Like a frozen pizza that’s frozen and crunchy fresh at the same moment. Thus, a quantum computer does nothing less than whip up the physical laws that make our world work.

He’s fast, strong and cracking passwords in an instant

The exciting thing about the strange behavior of the qubits, however, is that thanks to them, the computers can work in parallel on several solution paths and thus solve much more complex tasks than normal computers. Already 34 qubits suffice to simultaneously represent more than 17 billion values.

Extrapolated, a model with 50 qubits works faster than anything we have now. An invoice for which a normal computer would take millions or even billions of years could solve a quantum computer in a few minutes.

For example, these capabilities enable the supercomputer to crack all of the online encryption we do from banking, e-mail, the Amazon account, to the blockchain.

Because unlike our computers today, it dissects large numbers extremely fast into prime factors. According to whistleblower Edward Snowden, the NSA is also working on a project called “Quantum”, with which the intelligence service intends to intercept data. So much for his villainous potential. But actually he should do good things.

Sorting and evaluating the imbalance of exploding data masses, and thus developing artificial intelligence, for example. That’s why technology giants such as IBM and Google or industrial companies like Volkswagen or Bosch are experimenting in the field. 2018 is the year in which they compete for the top spot in research. Long had IBM ahead, made a test at the end of 2017 with 50 qubits and had already prepared a cloud-based model with 20 qubits for experimenting.

Intel now sends 49 qubits into the race with Tangle Lake. Google has also followed suit and introduced its model in March. Bristlecone, his name is said, is to overshadow all others with his 72 qubits. Quantum computers can process huge amounts of data, the basis for the development of AI, as well as for infrastructure, vehicle construction or medicine. Practically, the calculators are still very error prone.

“Quantum computing is today, as it was the classic computing in the 70s. At that time the scientists did not even think about mobile apps or VR glasses. The same is true of quantum computing: we are just starting to realize just how big its potential really is, “says Walter Riess, European lead for IBM Q. In the IBM Q Network, the company is working with JP Morgan Case on trading strategies or to optimize risk analyzes.

“The current development phase of quantum computing marks a turnaround: computer technology is completely rethought”
Walter Riess, IBM

He calculates in real time traffic jams in megacities

Volkswagen, for example, uses quantum computing to solve the congestion problems in megacities. In an example with 1000 taxis in Beijing, the car manufacturer has tested what the supercomputer does. He should distribute the vehicles so that there is no traffic jam. It takes a while to calculate: Assuming that there are three alternative routes available for each of 500 vehicles, this results in three high 500 possible routes. Yes, even normal computers filter out the optimal solution. Sometime.

However, VW needs it within a maximum of five seconds, because in this span, the cars send their position data. The quantum computer keeps this deadline and creates traffic optimization almost in real time. Also in the future, a team of VW and Google employees with the Google quantum computer to further research applications; Materials for e-vehicles or new methods of machine learning for artificial intelligence are on their list.

Quantum computing is still at the beginning. Given the financial resources, brains and innovative companies involved in research, the current quirks may soon be a thing of the past.


  • A quantum computer can be “2-high
    Try the number of qubits “solutions at the same time
  • Google’s quantum computer Bristlecone is to work with 72 qubits. He could then 4722366482869645213696, so 4 trillion 722 trillion 366 quadrillion 482 trillion 869 billion 645 million 213 thousand 696 solution paths simultaneously
  • A normal computer can only work on one solution

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