TechDaily: Face ID now also for dogs

Face ID now also for dogs

Pussycat Pixabay Com
Dogs now have the edge on Face ID (Photo:

So far, only people could benefit from facial recognition on smartphones and tablets. But now comes Face ID for dogs. The technology was developed by the Chinese startup Megvii, reports TheVerge.

Decisive for the animals is their nose. It is scanned because 95% of all dogs can be clearly identified by the olfactory organ. In conjunction with an app, the nose is scanned from various perspectives.

The startup claims that with the new technology already 15,000 dogs have been recovered. Authorities are also taking advantage of the technology. If a free-roaming dog is identified in the park without a leash, the authorities use the technology to locate and punish an owner.

Telekom StreamOn: Off in the current form

Stream On Social Flat
Just now Telekom has also integrated a social flat in StreamOn (Photo: Telekom)

StreamOut instead StreamOn: The Telekom has suffered in court a new and this time unassailable defeat. The Higher Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia came in an urgent decision to the view that StreamOn in the current form may not be offered for the time being.

The judges are of the opinion that StreamOn infringes the principle of net neutrality, which is rooted in European law, as well as European roaming regulations. The continuation was prohibited by the court in the current form.

The Telekom must take the offer now from the market (which nobody believes) or modify accordingly. Even Vodafone should have taken note of the judgment exactly. With Vodafone Pass, there is a comparable offer with StreamOn for the free streaming of Internet services without burdening the data volume.

Airmail: Popular mail app upsets loyal customers

Air Mail I Os App
Airmail is one of the most popular mail clients developed by third-party vendors (Photo: Airmail)

The Airmail iOS and macOS mail client, which has been a popular alternative to Apple’s in-house mail app for years, falls for its loyal customers: Airmail introduces a subscription model with the latest update. In order to be able to continue using push messages and other functions, 2.99 euros per month or 9.99 euros per year are due.

The problem: Even loyal existing customers who have paid € 5.49 for Airmail on iOS, have to switch to the subscription, if they want to continue to use the full range of functions. You are granted only a 4-month grace period, then it goes to the money. What upset many regulars: Airmail has received massive 1-star ratings in the App Store in the last few hours, as long-term users feel perverted.

Wirt defends himself in court against Google Maps

Braustueberl Tegernsee On Google Maps
The Braustüberl on Google Maps (Screenshot: Gronau)

In Tegernsee it’s usually cozy at the Bauerntheater. But now the word “theater” in the community takes on a new dimension: a landlord goes to court against Google Maps, because the Internet giant in his card application showed long waiting times in the “ducal brewing” of the host. There were still enough table free.

The landlord regards the data of Google maps as business-damaging. He does not seek a dispute, explains Hubert to Spiegel Online. But he demands an omission and correction, because the information in Google Maps would deter his customers.

The trial before the district court Munich I is to take place in the coming month. Meanwhile, Google said as a precaution, they wanted to investigate the case and Google Maps continue to improve. Companies would have the option to give feedback as to whether the information was correct. Only: Which host always has time to keep track of Google Maps while working?

Spotify, er Potify & Co. designed as analog gadgets

This is how the designer Spotify imagines as hardware (Photo: Sheng Lam)

What do modern digital products like Spotify, Instagram, YouTube or SoundCloud actually look like as analog gadgets? This curious, but also exciting question has asked the designer Sheng Lam.

SoundCloud is called SoundKloud. And YouTube YooTube. Spotify is called Potify. But that has purely legal reasons. Everything else looks conclusive in the analog world as well. For example, Twitter, aka Tweeter, becomes a sort of telegraph for Sheng Sam, with whom messages would be sent via Morse code. SoundKloud mutates to tape recorder. Also Netflex and Phasebook are eye-catchers. The whole gallery can be found here on the website of the designer. There can also be ordered prints of the analog era.

The end of the LEAD: Poopsie Sparkly Critters – the puking toy for children

Poopsy Critters
Kids, Kids – How Slimy: The Poopsy Sparkly Critters (Screenshot: YouTube)

Finally, it is a bit disgusting: you are still looking for a new educationally valuable toy for your children? One that pukes and puke? Irony over. There’s no such thing as the Poopsy Sparkly Critters, a tin of ugly figurine and powder that is processed into slime, which the Critters break out again … rated with five stars and for only sensationally cheap 24.80 euros!

I wish you a slippery Tuesday.

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