TechDaily: Facebook now with news for the deceased

Facebook now with news for the deceased

Facebook Memorial
Zuckerberg’s virtual condolence book. Facebook wants to help mourning (Photo: Facebook)

We at LEAD face the carnival Tuesday happiness with determination – and start with a virtual condolence book that introduces Facebook. In the Accounts of the Deceased, which Facebook calls “Memorialized Accounts”, survivors and friends can now leave their last greetings and thoughts in their own area. So to speak: “Messages to Sam” instead of “Messages from Sam”. These “tributes” are separate from the actual timeline and should serve as a counterpart to a real condolence book. According to TechCrunch, Facebook has already informed the first users about the news – with the somewhat bizarre salutation: “If your Facebook account is a reminder account …” Let’s hope that the message has reached the addressees alive and in good health.

Play, Set and Bend: The screen glass for the foldable iPhone

Bending glass
Will it bend? Here comes the glass for the foldable iPhone (Photo: Corning)

If Apple ever builds a foldable iPhone – then the technology should be much more convincing and mature than in the “very nice” first attempts by Samsung and Huawei. Apple supplier Corning, with its “Gorilla Glass” pioneer in smartphone screens, wants to make its contribution. The Americans have now introduced a flexible glass that could be perfect for a kinky iPhone in the future. The glass is 0.075 millimeters thin and can be bent about 200,000 times in a radius of 5 millimeters. Even with 50 openings a day, that would be enough for around eleven years. According to CultofMac, the bending glass would be superior to the plastic solutions from Samsung and Huawei in all respects. All too soon, however, a bending iPhone with the Corning glass is unlikely to hit the market. Because there is still a big catch: The miracle glass is so far extremely sensitive to falls.

Why “ji32k7au4a83” is such a popular password

China keyboard
Semi-bland passwords are also created on Chinese keyboards (Photo: Amazon)

The website “Have I Been Pwned” (HIBP) lists millions of cracked passwords from all over the world. While browsing through the data expert Robert Ou noticed that the quite complex password “ji32k7au4a83” is unusually common. Ou found the enigmatic password in 141 places and asked his Twitter followers for a possible explanation. And that came promptly: In the so-called Zhuyin-Fuhao system, which translates the Chinese national language Mandarin into Western characters, “ji32k7au4a83” simply stands for the English “My Password”. Thus, the supposed number-letter salad is not too clever password. And we learn: The Chinese are no smarter than us.

LOL IT’S “我 的 密码”.

Literally “My Password”.

– Peter Barfuss (@ bofh453) March 1, 2019

Speed ​​limit: Volvo is at 180

No more lawn! This driver looks grumpy because Volvo introduces a speed limit of 180 for safety (Photo: Volvo)

If the federal government is unable to do so despite all the good arguments, then Volvo sets itself and its customers an own speed limit. New vehicles from the Swedish carmaker will be sealed off at 180 km / h in the future – they will not drive faster anymore. The measure is part of Volvo’s “Vision 2020”, according to which, from next year, no new people will die or be seriously injured in new Swedish models. In any case, the security measure is relevant only to Burundi, Somalia, Afghanistan, Nepal, North Korea and Germany – the only countries that have not yet introduced a speed limit worldwide. Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson told Reuters: “In order to achieve our goal, we also have to take care of the drivers’ behavior.” His hope for the tempting German market: “We can not please everyone, but I think we are also attracting new buyers, and I also believe that Volvo customers in Germany appreciate that we care about safety . “

The best ideas for the next Apple Watch

Watch Os 6
The time is always on display – one of the ideas for Apple’s next Watch software (Photo: Matt Birchler)

At the moment countless half-baked concepts for folding iPhones and folding iPads are haunting the net. The ideas for watchOS 6, presented by designer Matt Birchler, are much more realistic and sophisticated. Apple shows the next operating system for its watch, although only at the WWDC in the summer. But if at least some of Bircher’s ideas are implemented, Apple could attract many new watch buyers. Among them are a new purple fitness ring for good sleep and well-being, dials as third-party apps and a mode that displays the time and key info “Always On” on the screen. That would cost battery life, but should not be too dramatic thanks to the OLED display and dark background. The optional duration display would accommodate watch users who always want to read the time, as on a regular clock.

The end of LEAD: The Women’s World Women’s Day

Twitter laughs about it on Shrove Tuesday: According to the Tweet, the board of the Hamburg-based real estate group Engel & Völkers is talking about the World Women’s Day “about female role models”. And in the picture are five dull white uniform tie men – no trace of women or even female role models. For the women-free World Women’s Day, it is right to put a lot of Twitter ridicule. For example: “Part 2 of the series: Executive Board for the Development of Diesel Engines Explains the Benefits of # Electric Mobility” Part 3: Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Victims Report on the Benefits of Atomic Energy. # Can not Think “

#Weltfrauentag @engelvoelkershq – the board talks about female role models. # 8M

– Engel & Völkers (@EVSHNord) March 4, 2019

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