Uber with jump-start in Berlin

Surprise in the capital: After a successful pilot phase, Berlin can now jump on electric bikes of the Uber brand Jump. At the start, there are 1000 bright red premium electric bicycles station-free in 12 Berlin districts. Berlin is the first German city where Jump starts. Jump already exists in Brussels, Paris and Lisbon.

Christian Freese, Regional General Manager of Jump, explains: “With Jump, we want to inspire and motivate even more people to ride their bicycles, and e-bike sharing will make sustainable urban transport possible.” In addition, according to Freese, the jump wheels would help “speed up the turnaround towards a livable bike city.” Jump can not only be used in traffic jams, but also to cycle home from the subway station.

The brand was founded in 2010 in San Francisco. Clogged traffic routes and the famous hilly streets of the Californian city made new mobility concepts necessary. Jump has since expanded to 40 cities worldwide with 12,000 e-bikes. In April 2018, Jump was acquired by Uber, the world’s largest mobility platform, for $ 200 million. Uber is pushing ahead with the expansion, now also in Berlin.


Jump series
1000 bicycles are ready for take-off in 12 districts (photo: Gronau)

This is how Jump works

The e-bikes are rented directly via the free Uber app (download link for iOS / download link for Android). Registration is required. For the payment a credit card must be deposited. PayPal will be available shortly.

When these first steps are done, the bicycle icon is selected in the upper navigation bar of the Uber app. There can also be a rental car (UberX), a regular taxi (via taxi) or even the Jump E-Bike driven. The application then uses red dots on the map to show the locations of the jump wheels.

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The nearest emission-free means of transportation can be unlocked directly from the app. For this purpose, the QR code, which can be seen on both the handlebar and the rear of the wheel, simply scanned with the smartphone camera. That was it. Helmet on (even if there is no helmet required for e-bikes in Germany) and off you go.

Jump indoor view
In a bright red look, the Jump E-bike is not to be missed in traffic (Photo: Gronau)
Jump handlebars
The handlebar with icons for battery level and the indication whether the bike was completed – added to the large bicycle basket (photo: Gronau)

The jump e-bikes are assembled in Portugal. Suppliers come from all over the world. From Germany, for example, the renowned Schwalbe company contributes the tires for Jump. Features include XXL battery (range up to about 50 kilometers), disc brakes, 3-speed gear, mobile phone holder, height-adjustable saddle and a large bicycle basket that can withstand up to 10 kilos of load.

Prices and availability

Jump e-bikes are available in Berlin in 12 districts and also beyond the S-Bahn ring. Start with Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte, Gesundbrunnen, Tiergarten, Neukölln, Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Tempelhof, Schöneberg, Alt-Treptow and Weißensee. Uber promises that more districts will follow, depending on demand.

While in the US $ 2 have to be paid for 30 minutes (each additional minute 7 cents), the jump wheels in Berlin cost 1 Euro for the reservation and 10 cents for each additional minute of travel. The first five-minute drive is free at the premiere ride.

If you park your bike outside the jump area, you will be asked to pay € 25. Jump cyclists are insured in case of accidents or other problems. So that the wheels are always found with a charged battery and in top condition, a 40-person service team in Berlin is on the road day and night to wait for the e-bikes.

Gronau Jump
LEAD reporter Michael Gronau is ready for the practical test (Photo: private)

Jump in the practice test

Once I took the start of Jump in Berlin as an opportunity to try out the new e-bike.

Anyone who has never sat on an electric bike: No further knowledge is required. As with the normal bike is pedaling. With 3 gears, the e-bike supports driving with a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

My journey took me from Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte to Kreuzberg to Mehringdamm.

This is a stretch of almost six kilometers, which was done relaxed in 22 minutes, comfortably past various traffic jams. While annoyed on the Leipziger road, for example, from the snail’s speed pressed the horn, I enjoyed a short stop rather the view of the Berlin Cathedral.

Jump in front of Berlin Cathedral
The Jump E-Bike against the backdrop of the Berlin Cathedral (photo: Gronau)

The equipment feels high-quality, no comparison to the traditional rental bikes of Nextbike & Co., which are also found everywhere in the Berlin cityscape. Mostly upset and in bad shape, somewhere on the roadside or even in the bushes.

Even the first ride shows: The bright red signal color is effective, the people turn around after the noiseless jump with interest.

Uber has found in studies that in the first year 63,000 users have made 625,000 trips. Amazing: More than 5000 tours were longer than 24 kilometers. Also I can imagine, in the future also for longer tours on the e-bike change and use it not only for the shopping trip.

Jump Mehringdamm
Arrival at Mehringdamm. In the background the castle-like tax office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (photo: Gronau)

Endstation Mehringdamm. I did not shed a little sweat, but after all, according to Apple Watch, I still consumed around 200 calories in the first six kilometers. Jump is also a tip for active people, not just for unsportsmanlike people who want to get from A to B comfortably.

But in addition to the athletic impact on the ride, the incredulous looks of other cyclists were the most amusing. It’s so easy to make a contribution to the environment. We all just have to start, preferably directly with ourselves.

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