TechTäglich: The all-different-iPhone-2020

The all-different-iPhone-2020

I Phone wishful dream
An iPhone like a dream castle. In 2020, today’s iPhone could look completely different (Photo: pixabay)

The iPhone supply chain is whispering again. Not about the 2019 models that appear in the autumn, but about what should happen in 2020. In 2019 there should be little updates on the iPhone. Everything will be different in 2020: according to a DigiTimes report, Apple plans only with OLED screens.

Also in the sizes of the three models should change in the coming year something from 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.5 inches should then be 5.24 inches, 6.06 inches and a mighty 6.67 inches. Bigger is better? And also more expensive? Wait. In any case, despite all the disputes with Apple, Samsung will again be the main display supplier in court.

Even in design, 2020 could do something. But now it is time to survive the slight sell-off in 2019. According to the report, Apple is targeting sales of 180 to 190 million units this year. In China, Apple has just lowered the prices for the current models.

The first smartwatch for self-design

Withings Move self-design
Optically configure your own Smartwach – that’s not the case yet (Photo: Withings / Montage: Gronau)

The Apple Watch dominates the smartphone business. Creative ideas are needed to win Cupertino market share. Withings is currently trying on the fitness watch Withings Move. Users can design the watch themselves – this applies to the case color, the dials and the materials and colors of the bracelets. Withings promises 5850 possible combinations. The design is then implemented in the Withings factory in France 1: 1. Two to three days after the order should already be delivered.

And what else can the clock do? It has two dials, one for the time of day and one for the display of the daily activity. In addition to the athletic performance, it also monitors sleep and offers a battery life of one and a half years. As a bonus, there are coaching motivation programs in the free Compagnies app. Price starts from 79.95 euros going on.

Microsoft indented

Microsoft mothet the eBook store einn (Photo: pixabay)

Microsoft says goodbye to the business of selling eBooks. There will no longer be any digital books in the Microsoft Store for Windows PC. All books previously purchased by customers will be deleted in one go in July and the purchase price will be reimbursed. Anyone who notes in his purchased books a little elaborate, gets paid $ 25 extra to compensate for the loss of notes.

As reported by The Verge, Microsoft wants to continue streamlining its store. There is no room left for books. In addition, the competition with Amazon, Apple Books and Google Play Books was probably too big.

Swatch vs. Apple: They are not ticking right

Clock tick
The Swatch watches may tick according to court order (Photo: pixabay)

Swatch won against Apple in court, Reuters reports. Since 2017, there was a dispute over a Swatch, which was advertised with the slogan “tick different”. Apple (“Think different”) was too similar to the advertising slogan. In addition, the Swiss had hurt Apple’s trademark patent.

The Swiss judges saw it differently and judged that Apple would not tick properly in this case. Swatch got right. Reason: “Think different” is not well-known in Switzerland. Therefore, there is no likelihood of confusion. In addition, Apple did not manage to provide enough evidence for the similarity.

Eggs, we need eggs

Easter eggs
Egg, egg, egg: From Monday there will be Easter surprise eggs at Amazon (Photo: pixabay)

Yes, is Christmas again? No, luckily it’s Easter. The legendary Olli Kahn saying comes true: “Eggs, we need eggs.” And already announce thick (Easter) eggs. Amazon launches an Easter special sale. Starting next Monday, the online retailer promises discounts of up to 50 percent.

If you are looking for gadgets, accessories and more, you should wait until April 8th and do not rush anything.

Reduced prices include 4K TVs from LG and Sony, Xbox and PlayStation, smartphones from Samsung, Huawei and Sony, vacuum cleaner and lawnmower robots, numerous tablets and subscriptions for the audio book service Audible and Amazon Prime Music.

The end of LEAD: chilling with glasses

Ommmm! Telekom is using World Health Day (7 April) as an opportunity to expand Magenta Virtual Reality. From now on, you can chill – with five VR meditation videos that can be downloaded for free in the app.

The 3D-movies are supposed to help you to reduce stress: Echoes in White, Breathe & Relax, Sunny Island, Green Mountains and Dolphins Dance can be viewed with or without VR glasses, but with glasses the sessions are more intense.

Hopefully the relaxation when looking at the next telecom bill then not immediately gone …

Telekom Magenta Vr
Silence with VR glasses: How meditation works with Telekom (Photo: Telekom)

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