TechDaily: Sony reveals first details about the new PlayStation 5

Sony reveals first details about the new PlayStation 5

Play Station Controller Ps
Christmas 2020 may be gambled on the new PS5 – with revised controller (Photo:

Now it is official. The new PlayStation will be called “PS5”, Sony has officially confirmed that. Shortly before Christmas 2020 there should be the release. Among other things, the Japanese promise a better controller feel. Users should feel the tension in the wrist when they are in a game, e.g. pull back a bow of the bow. Anyone who races virtually in a car over rough terrain should be able to feel the underground. Microsoft should also plan something similar for the Xbox One.

The new controller should look like the DualShock 4 PS4. He will in future rely on a USB-C port. The new PS should also have improved speakers. All games are installed on an extremely fast internal SSD.

Sony also revealed that the user interface of the new console is completely redesigned. Social media should play a big role on the home screen. 8K games are supported, and PS4 backward compatibility is assured.

SEGA Mini Drive already on the market

Sega Megadrive Mini
Nostalgic gambling for a small price: SEGA Megamini Drive is here (Photo:

While we have to wait for the PS5, SEGA was already faster. From now on, the SEGA Megadrive Mini is on the market in Germany.

The revival of the retro console pleased nostalgic. Many heroes and classics from your teens back here: Mickey Mouse, Earthworm Jim, Streets of Rage 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Mega Man The Wily Wars or Golden Ax awaken memories of past generations of gamers.

On board are for 73 euros 40 Megadrive classics and two bonus games. Two 3-button gamepads are included in the package.

Vodafone brings Internet of Things to the cowshed now

Vodafone Ceo Hannes Ametsreiter With The Linked Milk Jug 1024X683
Full milk can: Vodafone CEO Hannes Ametsreiter demonstrating the Internet of Things in the stable of farmer Ellerbrock (Photo: Vodafone)

Vodafone brings the Internet of Things to the farm and directly to the cows. Together with the startup smaXtec, the vital tracker for the cows is in use on the digital farm of farmer Philipp Ellerbrock. And this is how it works:

“The sensor is swallowed by the cow, then lies in the rumen and transmits all movement and vital data to the owner – in the Internet of Things.”

Muh-tig, that Ellerbrock has abolished the traditional barn monitoring: “My smartphone is my office. I always know exactly how my cows are doing. Whether they are healthy. When is the perfect time for insemination. And when they calve. “This is made possible by the machine network Narrowband IoT launched by Vodafone. This makes the company a pioneer in Germany.

MooCall acts as a mobile phone for the cow. The sensor attached to the tail analyzes the tail movements and can report immediately when calving begins. The farmer then receives a message via SMS.

Still cool: There is already a first prototype of the networked milk can. The sensor detects can location, level and milk temperature.

iPhone boom: Apple soon again in 2nd place worldwide

I Phone 11 Pro
More and more popular with teenagers: The iPhone 11 Pro Max has three camera lenses (Photo: Apple)

The new iPhone models are apparently selling better than expected (even from Apple). After the production has already been increased by 10 percent, Apple is now back in second place in the ranking of the global smartphone seller. Currently, the group from Cupertino is still in third place behind Samsung and Huawei. But for the current fourth quarter of 2019, there are signs that this is changing.

The portal DigiTimes, well-connected in the supply industry, reports that Apple will soon displace Huawei from second place. The reason is not only the very good sales figures of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max specify. Apple also benefits from the ongoing import ban on Huawei products in the US. The forecast for the Christmas quarter: Huawei sells only 60 million of its smartphones, Apple 70 million.

Fittingly, another message comes from the US: More and more US teenagers own or opt for an iPhone. This should also contribute to the adolescents extremely popular Apple Watch. As the analysts of Piper Jaffray found out, only 10 percent of US teenagers want to next smartphone one with Android and only 2 percent use a gear wearable from Samsung.

E-sports star locked because of sympathy statement for Hong Kong protesters

Hearthstone is an online trading card game, available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android (Photo: Blizzard)

Hearthstone eSport pro Chung Ng Wai has been suspended by game publisher Blizzard for a year. “Blitzchung” had put on a gas mask and goggles in an interview and called “Free Hong Kong, the revolution of our time”, Spiegel Online reports.

Blizzard responded not only with the one penalty, but locked the e-sports star even the payment of his prize money, which so far amounted to 14,500 euros in the current season. His status in the top 48 of e-sports was also denied him. Blizzard also locked the two interviewers and quit their job. Reason: Grand Masters are not likely to harm “Hearthstone’s reputation” with “public statements.” By the way: The Chinese (state) Group Tencent is a 5 percent shareholder in Blizzard.

This did not impress “Blitzchung”: “I feel it my duty to comment on the matter.”

The end of the LEAD: It takes two for the impeachment

In Donald Trump’s Ukraine affair, a second whistleblower has now appeared. This is what US-late-night-talker Stephen Colbert uses as a reason for a slightly different duet of the classic “It takes two” from the Motown era. Excerpt: “It takes two, baby. This is not a coup, baby. They’re gonna impeach you … “Originally from 1965, sung by Kim Weston and the great Marvin Gaye. But here in the version of “The Whistleblowers” …

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