TechDaily: iPhone – so Apple wants to prevent foreign batteries

iPhone: Apple wants to prevent foreign batteries

I Phone Battery
How fit is the battery still? This will no longer be experienced by every iPhone owner (Photo: 9to5Mac)

Apple makes apparently serious – and wants to prevent replacement batteries from third-party manufacturers in iPhones in the future as much as possible. IFixit’s repair experts and the YouTube channel TheArtofRepair have discovered how Apple wants to get users to switch their batteries to official Apple dealers and partners. In addition, after a (unauthorized) battery replacement on the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max since the latest iOS 12 update, a warning appears in the iPhone settings. In addition, the detailed display of the battery status is deactivated. The warning message says: “Important Battery Notice It can not be guaranteed that this iPhone has an original Apple battery built in. Battery status information is not available for this battery.”

According to iFixit, this overlay can basically be seen when the battery has been replaced – even when installing an original Apple battery by the user or through a smartphone repair shop. Only Apple authorized resellers and partners appear to have the ability to disable the message based on a battery-to-motherboard connection. That the innovation in iOS 12 and in the upcoming iOS 13 has not yet been discovered, probably has to do with the fact that it is currently active only in the latest iPhones in which hardly any batteries were swapped. iFixit criticizes Apple for displaying the warning even with perfectly working (and safe) replacement batteries – and that many iPhone users spend more money than they need on expensive original Apple batteries.

Podcast Length: Ideal are 13 minutes

Podcasts D
Be brief! Oversized XXL podcasts are rather unpopular (photo:

In Germany too, interest in podcasts continues to grow. According to a recent survey by the technical association Bitkom, 26 percent of Germans listen to the digital radio shows. In the previous year it was still 22 percent. Among younger people between the ages of 16 and 29, more than one in three (35 percent) now consider themselves podcast listeners. Particularly popular among the podcast fans are the news and politics (45 percent) and film and TV (41 percent). Similarly many are interested in sports and leisure as well as comedy (each 38 percent).

Important note for producers over two-hour podcasts: The shorter, the better! Half (49 percent) say a podcast ideally should be between five and ten minutes long – perfect for traveling on the subway or bus. Five percent like even shorter podcasts. One quarter (24 percent) prefers broadcasts with a length of between ten and fifteen minutes. And only seven percent enjoy podcasts that take more than an hour. The average “favorite length” is 13 minutes. And when the podcast gets too long, the audience goes down: only 38 percent listen to podcasts until the very end. Bitkom interviewed 1,003 people in Germany over the age of 16 by telephone.

Google Maps launches AR navigation

As practical as navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps for pedestrians in the city are – orientation is often difficult. Because GPS can not detect in which direction the user is currently watching. As an aid, the compass of the smartphone is usually used – which works but especially in Android phones often very unreliable. Google now wants to ensure that pedestrians find their way better. For the already announced in May 2018 AR feature called “Live View” in Google Maps has now appeared.

It displays arrows and navigation instructions directly in the camera image – and should thus clearly indicate where to go. Google speaks of “VPS”, the “Visual Positioning System” that works with camera and sensors. For pixel smartphones, AR navigation has been available for a quarter of a year. Now it is gradually releasing Google for other Android smartphones as well as for iPhones that support augmented reality. According to ArsTechnica, it is officially a beta version, which Google wants to continue to improve in the coming months. Maybe then the pedestrian returns as a “guide”, showing the user exactly the way. He is still missing, at least in the current beta.

Samsung: headphone jack gone – Apple diss also

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10 offers a lot of sophisticated technology – but no headphone jack more. Because the Koreans have now abolished the fan favorite at the note. And an adapter for headphones with cable costs ten dollars extra. Amusingly, Samsung had mocked Apple in late 2017 in promotional videos when the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 was deleted.

“Growing Up” was one of the clips that showed how cumbersome an iPhone user with his headphone adapter juggle, while at Samsung thanks to the good old jack everything works very simply and relaxed. Just two years later, Samsung has also arrived in the adapter world. According to AppleInsider, the Koreans have now remembered their Apple Diss for the start of the Note 10 – and deleted the clips secretly, quietly, quietly and shamelessly from most of their YouTube accounts. On some accounts, however, “Growing Up” is still visible – now for the thieving delight of Apple aficionados.

Sonos: Now comes the networked headphones?

Sonos headphones
What could a Sonos headphone look like? First ideas are already ghosting through the net (Photo: Bob Jenney)

Sonos has news in store. Only shortly after the publication of its worldwide acclaimed Ikea speakers, the US specialist for networked home audio invites you to a novelty show. It will take place on the 26th and 27th of August in New York. And The Verge is already speculating on what Sonos might show. The most obvious candidate is a successor to the most powerful Sonos loudspeaker Play: 5, which has not been updated since 2015. It does not support voice control from Amazon and Google, unlike the popular, small Sonos One. That could change with a new and sonically improved “Sonos Five”.

There are also two novelties that have been calling for many Sonos fans for some time now. Candidate One is the first Sonos headphone that brings the ease of use and easy networking of Sonos speakers right to your ears. And Candidate Two is speculating about Sonos’ first waterproof outdoor speaker, sonicizing the garden party by battery even without a power outlet, and possibly even using Bluetooth on the lake.

The end of LEAD: Birthday Jam on Abbey Road

Happy Birthday, World’s Most Famous Crosswalk Photo! Yesterday, the iconic cover of the Beatles album “Abbey Road” celebrated its 50th anniversary. The picture with the “28 IF” beetle and the barefoot Paul McCartney was taken on August 8, 1969. For the anniversary, fans from all over the world congratulated with hashtags like # AbbeyRoad50 with their own crosswalk photos, artwork and animations. Most beautiful find from Abbey Road Studios’ official Twitter account: A diary note in which Beatles assistant describes and records Mal Evans what the image should look like. “Ringo first at 10:15 with the others arriving just after eleven,” Evans grumbles about the sleep-deprived John, Paul, and George.

“Up at 8:30 am, arriving at 9:45 am. Anno’s 1969 diary, describing the day of the ‘Abbey Road’ photoshoot. # AbbeyRoad / Z39T7b6B6x

– Abbey Road Studios (@AbbeyRoad) August 8, 2019

,,, twice!
THE DALTONS – # AbbeyRoad # AbbeyRoad50 h: ttps: //

– Harrock & Roll (@HarrocknRoll) August 9, 2019

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