Why content marketing, digital nomads and New Work work so well together

Recently I met a young woman and a young man from Germany in the coworking space Hubud on Bali. When Smalltalk at the coffee maker, one then asks, of course, what makes the other digital nomad so. The answer of the two: Content Marketing.

I myself mumbled something in my gray-white beard and listened quietly, as the two young people tried to pitch each other with their jobs – and I thought again how much this word “content marketing” has become established.

Content marketing is just part of it

Content marketing, it seems to me, has taken the world of media freelancers by storm, is a frequently heard word in the coworking spaces of this world, whether in Berlin, Munich, Mallorca or Bali. Content marketing sounds much nicer than “I’m writing for a company blog” or “I’m shooting YouTube videos for business”.

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But that alone is not why so many digital nomads are doing content marketing. In fact, I think there are four reasons why content marketing, new work, and digital nomadism are a perfect team:

1. The huge demand for (cheap) content

Somewhere the content marketing content has to be created. And because the robot journalism is not quite so far, you buy the lyrics of freelancenden digital nomads or home freelancers cheap.

Living costs of about 15 euros a day in Bali is not even exploitation, in Munich, however, often already. Incidentally, the content pieces are getting really expensive when they go through the notorious voting cycles of a corporation.

2. The great demand for strategy and advice

Content marketing used to be corporate publishing – and, once spoken by journalists, just as simple as well-paid. The times are over. Content Marketing has little to do with original corporate publishing. It is digital and highly complex. But still well paid if you are not quite at the bottom of the food chain (see point 1).

In addition to the pure content creators, strategy and advice are in particular demand. After all, it’s about understanding what content marketing can do for one’s own marketing goals – and developing the appropriate strategies to deliver measurable results. Interestingly, it is often freelancers who provide strategic support in content marketing and advise on various projects.

3. The various teams for digital content marketing

The mentioned complexity of digital content marketing means that you need a lot of specialists especially for larger projects – for strategy, concept, technology, social media, SEO, project management and and and …

The required competencies are not always found in one place. Even agencies offering a complete package regularly get support from digital freelancers, who often sit at the other end of the world.

4. The changed mindset

When I worked several months in Portugal for several months, it was not a problem because of the good internet connection. Still, I had a hard time communicating this fact to my clients – I simply did not have the confidence that they were ready. This has changed dramatically in the meantime.

The way of life and work of “digital nomad” or “remote worker” has become established in the minds, has become even chic and completely self-evident. Hardly a team meeting in which two or three colleagues are not connected via Skype, Zoom or Goto Meeting from other time zones.

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All in all, content marketing with its digital tools and the often fresh and young image is just right for New Work. Old structures are rarely broken up in classic 9-to-5 office jobs. Or?

About Karsten Lohmeyer: Anyone who deals with digital content marketing and digital transformation can hardly ignore Karsten Lohmeyer. The 46-year-old worked as a journalist for many years, founded the well-known media blog LousyPennies.de and, among other things, built up a content marketing subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. Today, as a consultant for corporations and agencies, he develops and implements complex content marketing strategies, conducts workshops and trainings and deals with his favorite hobby, growth hacking. He lives and works in Munich and Bali.

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