Samsung wants to set new smartphone trend with flip display

When folded, it is as big as one
ordinary smartphone. But is it opened like a book,
opens inside a 7.3 inches (18.5 cm) in size
Screen on which up to three apps can run simultaneously. The
flexible display is “the basis for the smartphone for tomorrow”,
Samsung manager Justin Denison raves in San Francisco.

A Samsung phone that has a second foldable screen in it
The size of a small tablet could be hidden next year
come on the market. The production of the corresponding “Infinity
In any case, Flex Displays “should start in the next few months.

“The next big thing” should come from Samsung

“The next big thing” in the smartphone market is not Apple,
but come from Samsung from South Korea. 2007 had the iPhone with
revolutionized the mobile phone market with its large touch display and that
End of the keyboard phones initiated. Now Samsung wants the
go to next step with a folding display.

Google is on board: The Android operating system will be the
Completely back up screen, assures Glen Murphy of
Internet company at the Samsung Developer Conference.


Many details remained at the presentation of the prototype in San
Francisco, however, literally in the dark: the light on stage
was turned down so that you could almost see only the lights. So
it remained unclear how thick the folded device is, whether the frame
around the conventional screen on the outside is as wide as
he worked – and how Samsung designed the folding mechanism.

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Samsung wants to invest $ 22 billion in the development of AI

Samsung’s concept also includes a new user interface called “One UI” and intelligent voice control. This role is meant for
Samsung Bixby, a digital assistant, the Amazon Alexa and
Apple’s Siri challenges.

Samsung wants $ 22 billion in the
Invest in artificial intelligence and invest in seven
KI Centers over 1000 developers set.

The German-speaking
Version of Bixby should be introduced in a few months, it was said
in San Francisco. This will then also in Germany so far
useless “Bixby button” on newer Samsung smartphones makes sense
to get. In the US, however, Bixby has so far received little
flattering reviews.

DJ Koh, head of Samsung’s mobile division, has two days to go
the approximately 5000 software developers and partner companies of
to convince his future vision. Because he faces a problem.
Unlike Apple, he does not control the operating system
his smartphone.

Samsung relies on Android and is on Google
Instructed support. Samsung’s own operating system “Tizen” has
never made the breakthrough in the smartphone market. Koh has to do that
Pull developers to his side.

Customize your applications and
If apps do not work, the Fold Phone will remain a shell without content.
Samsung will now be a folding screen simulator
provide developers with the ability to test their products.

The number of large smartphones will soon exceed those of ordinary models

Koh also promises full access to external developers
on Bixby. In its own software environment, the “Bixby Developer
Studio “, they should easily and quickly create Bixby projects
can. They are supported by the artificial intelligence,
will automatically write the parts of the software code.

Samsung, Koh claims, sells 500 million devices every year, from
Rice cooker via smart speakers to the smartphone or TV.
By 2020, all current devices should be networked and more and more
from them will get Bixby.

This huge base, Samsung hopes
will provide enough interest. Already 2021, so the
Samsung market researchers, the number of large smartphones will be the
exceed ordinary models. With the folding phone that still works
fits into any suit pocket, then Samsung would have an attractive

Because the smartphone Primus can not assume the new market
to have for yourself. Meanwhile, smartphones are using foldable
Screens among others also from Chinese manufacturers
Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo are expecting. And the South Korean
Samsung competitor LG already showed the prototype of a large one
TV screen that can be rolled up.

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