TechDaily: Alexa – three times new for the living room

Alexa: Three times new for the living room

Fire TV Cube
The cube wants to please: Amazon brings the Fire TV Cube to Germany for the first time (Photo: Amazon)

In the run-up to the IFA in Berlin, which officially opens tomorrow (September 6), Amazon has introduced over 20 new products from its Fire TV line – so television and television accessories with Alexa voice control. The focus is on three new products that have not been available before, or at least not yet available in Germany. The Fire TV Cube for 120 euros is a mix of Amazon’s Fire TV box for TV streaming and an echo speaker. With its eight microphones, the 2-in-1 cube can replace two other devices. The second generation, with which the cube now makes it to Germany for the first time, offers, according to Amazon, a twice as fast sixfold processor. It allows 4K with a maximum of 60 frames per second, Dolby Vision sound and up to four times faster processing of Alexa commands than its predecessor.

His first Fire TV soundbar (210 euros) has Amazon developed by the Chinese manufacturer Anker. Analogous to Ankers “Nebula” telephoto loudspeakers also carries the new Amazon accessories the somewhat nebulous name Nebula Soundbar – Fire TV Edition. The gag: The US-Chinese co-production not only delivers 2.1-channel sound for the TV, but has also built Fire TV video streaming. The TV reception with 4K HDR is therefore directly in the speaker. Practically! The first Amazon TV with built-in Fire TV and Alexa voice control carries at least a legendary name in Germany: Grundig OLED – Fire TV Edition hands-free with Alexa. The Turkish Arcelic Group has long been behind the ex-Frankish traditional brand. Alexa and an excellent OLED display together in one device cost € 55 at 1300 euros and € 65 at € 2300. All novelties are now available for preorder, they will appear in October and November.

Fold love does not rust? The Galaxy Fold is back

There isses again! After the spectacular false start in the US in April, Samsung is now re-launching its Galaxy Fold folding smartphone in a revised version. The Fold v1.1 will appear tomorrow for the equivalent of about 1,800 euros in the home market of South Korea and should be, according to Samsung “in the coming weeks” in the US to have. Also at the IFA from tomorrow in Berlin critical visitors are expected to take a first look at the renovated Fold.

What exactly changed Samsung to avoid another fiasco, as in the spring, as in tests serious damage to the folding screen occurred, is not yet clear. But there were apparently changes to the protective film and the hinge of the two display halves. The precautions in South Korea are huge: An insurance called Fold Advantage + covers 70 percent of possible repair costs on the screen. And a helpline is available around the clock for questions about the folding phone. Technical surprise to restart: In contrast to the first generation, the Fold offers at least in some countries 5G support. Android 9 is still installed, not the Android 10, which is actually optimized for such devices.

Nintendo fulfills fan dreams: SNES games on the switch

Snes switch
The switch even gets its own SNES controller (Photo: Nintendo)

Almost exactly a year ago, Nintendo launched its online service for the Switch console. He does not only offer games via the Internet for € 19.99 per year, but also a constantly growing classic library with titles from Nintendo’s NES console. Since then, fans also want the games of the much more powerful and attractive successor Super Nintendo (SNES) from 1990 on the switch. Because their hardware is more than good enough for it. And now the Japanese fulfill this dream.

For the first time ever, SNES games will also be landing in the classic library of Switch Online. Legendary Nintendo hits such as Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, F-Zero, Pilot Wings and Star Fox will be there for the start. A special treat is the 3D fun racing game Stunt Race FX, which in 1994 needed an extra chip in the module to run on the SNES at all. It now appears for the first time on a different console than the Super Nintendo. The SNES library is expected to grow in the coming months. And as an accessory Nintendo offers loud The Verge for $ 30 a newly launched SNES controller, which can connect via USB-C with the switch.

Little enthusiasm for the new budget iPhone

I Phone Se 2
So, moan, it will never again. In this form, the iPhone SE does not come back (Photo: Apple)

After the iPhone is in front of the iPhone. Next Tuesday Apple introduces the three variants of the iPhone 11. But the next rumors – see the Apple ticker from LEAD – are enough until the year 2020. Next spring, Apple allegedly brings out a new edition of the hard-to-miss iPhone SE many SE. The SE 2016 was the (so far) last iPhone with a handy 4-inch screen. This perfect for small and female hands perfect format, many customers want back.

But Apple apparently does not fulfill this wish. Because the SE 2 is to come according to the Japanese business paper Nikkei with much larger 4.7-inch display and externally largely similar to the iPhone 8 from 2017. Thus, the SE 2 could serve – as the last iPhone with home button and with the processor of the current XS – as an entry-level model below the iPhone 11 in the future. Many experts and Apple fans are not convinced of the enlarged SE reissue. “This is not the SE 2 that many of us want to see,” says 9to5Mac, adding, “This is not a new iPhone SE, this is a new iPhone 8.” Typical Twitter comment: “Would I only buy if it were the size of the old SE?”

Light Phone 2: The smartphone without smartphone stress

A smartphone that spares its users the usual smartphone stress, with endless news, Instagram pictures, Facebook likes, advertising and monitoring – this was the idea behind the first Light Phone in 2015. The ascetic phone should give its owners more time for the right world, and that worked great for many buyers. Now, the successor has appeared, the Light Phone 2. The developers from New York remain absolutely true to their idea of ​​the Spar smartphones.

There will be no social media, emails or games on the tiny stress-free smartphone, which is almost exclusively intended for telephoning and texting. The electronic ink screen displays only three items: phone, alarm and settings. In the new version, however, software updates in the next few weeks will add at least a few functions that are useful, but do not bother the owner – including music playback, navigation and access to Uber and Lyft. The Indiegogo supporters, who have financed the Light Phone 2 with 3.2 million euros, are now being supplied. For everyone else, there is the anti-stress phone in the online store of the manufacturer now for $ 350. Shipping is in October, an international version for users outside the US is available.

The end of the LEAD: The best tip for Google Image Search

Google Image Search
The better Google image search – how it works (Photo: Google)

Finally, a professional tip from LEAD. In recent days, Google has screwed up on its image search. Since then, you can only use the normal search to select more images in “All Sizes”, “Large”, “Medium” or “Pictogram”. The previous options like “Greater than 2 MP” or “Greater than 4 MP” have disappeared. Who misses these choices – that can be helped. Because the “Extended Image Search” from Google still offers the possibility to search for all imaginable formats.

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