These are the 15 funniest dating apps in 2019

Do I date: Leave dates and ratings

Do I date
(Screenshot App Store / Do I Date)

This dating app works like TripAdvisor. “Do I date” is for all who like it honest and open. You go out with someone and then forgive a rating in the five-star system. If the person does not have an account yet, you can create one – but only if you have the phone number of the date. This gets an SMS, with which one can verify or remove the account. The reviews are anonymous. Maybe you do not have to hide in the bathroom of a restaurant or sneak out after the appetizer … Unfortunately the app is only available for iOS.

Whispar: “Love is in the EAR”

Whispar animation love
(Photo: Whispar)

For all singles who are either lazy-mouthed or for whom the sound of the partner’s voice is particularly important, Whispar could be the perfect dating app. You create an audio profile – ie a voice recording – in which you introduce yourself briefly. The other users see your profile, so to speak, only if in addition to the profile picture and an audio profile was deposited. In voice recording, you introduce yourself within 30 seconds. The classic chat does not exist in Whispar either. You can only communicate by voicemail – or call the person directly from the app. Your own number is always hidden.

Refrigerdating: When love goes through the fridge

Photo: Samsung / Refrigerating

Under the motto “It’s the inside of your fridge that counts”, “Refridgerdating” brings people together – literally – with the same taste. Samsung has developed this app with the help of a relationship expert.

You shoot a photo of the contents of the fridge and upload it to the app. The search for the right partner works classically with swipes. The swipe to the left means “Not my taste”, right is “Let’s cook!”. If both like what the other has in his fridge, a chat will be unlocked. Fittingly, there is the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, which automatically uploads a photo to the app.

Dragonfruit: Dating for geeks

Dragon Fruit
(Image: Dragonfruit)

Are you crazy about comics, Marvel movies, Star Trek, etc. and would you like a partner who does the same? Dragonfruit is a dating app that addresses nerds to nerds. In the profile, you indicate which movies or comics you totally rely on. The more information, the higher the geek level and the chance for an optimal match.

Once: Every day a new match


“Quality instead of quantity”: Once a day, once you are proposed a potential match. If both users swipe to the right, as with many other dating apps, a chat window opens. Otherwise you have to wait 24 hours to get the next match. At once so-called “matchmakers” who make these suggestions work – so no algorithms as usual in dating portals.

Once has recently adopted the dating app “Pickable”:

Pickable: Women play the bachelor

(Picture: pickable)

Pickable is the name of the first dating site where women do not have to present themselves or register. So women are 100 percent in control. In other words, they can anonymously search for a man without having to divulge information and decide for themselves what they want to share with whom.

More information can be found here in the LEAD interview with pickable founder Clémentine Lalande.

Happn: “Find again whom you meet”

Happn Dating
Screenshot: happn

Did you see someone in the café or on the street, but were you too shy to talk to him or her? For the missed love at first sight Happn could be exciting. She matches people who have met somewhere before – of course, on the condition that this person happens to use the same dating app. How big the probability is, is questionable – but who knows?

Luxy: The dating app for millionaires


Now we come to a special app that only addresses a specific group of people:

If you happen to be a millionaire, so you have an annual income of over 200,000 euros, then – and only then – you can log in to Luxy. This dating app is aimed at “wealthy and successful” people. When registering you are not only about hobbies, job and family plans, but also his five favorite luxury brands.

It acts as a matchmaker for CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, supermodels, celebrities and other “elite” wealthy. Luxy describes herself as a “Tinder for the rich”. In addition, the distributors boast that they have already sorted out more than 40,000 people. Poor people have no place at Luxy. Except: you look really good. Those who are not rich but rated as particularly attractive by at least 80 percent of the Luxy community can also join without a six-figure income.

No comment.

Hater: Find someone who hates the same things as you

Hand 02
(Picture: Hater)

Hate connects – when it comes to the app Hater. “Cutting onion”, “doing nothing”, “eavesdropping”, “McDonald’s” – there are 2500 keywords that you can name as dislike. The more one indicates, the better the Hater algorithm works. If there is an overlap with another user, he will be shown as a potential flirt partner. If the people like each other, a chat window opens.

Awake Dating: For conspiracy theorists

Awake dating

Awake Dating wants to help people who have a “socially uncomfortable understanding and awareness”. In short: conspiracy theorists. In the future, Aluhut carriers will not encounter angry reactions when they talk about possible theories on 9/11, the moon landing or chemtrails.

The dating app is controversial. It may seem harmless, but could be dangerous in some cases due to the so-called “echo chamber” effect, which allows you to get further and further into your theories with a similarly ticking partner.

T (w) indog: Tinder for dogs and their owners

(Image: Twindog)

Dog fans can use Twindog as an excuse to meet other masters and mistresses. The app works in principle like Tinder for people: The users create a profile of their dog and sort by wiping the dogs, which could be rather unattractive for their own pet.

“Dogs connect people” is how Julien Muller, founder and CEO, describes the idea behind the app. “We’ve developed Twindog to bring dog lovers together easily and at any time, and the app is not just a good thing for humans, dogs also need social contacts and have their own individual preferences.”

By GPS, the app shows which companions are close by. The app is currently only available for iOS.

Hindur: Arranged relationship


Now it gets even crazier. Although Hindur is not an app, but rather an English-language dating portal – but so bizarre that it must be in this list. Hindur has people who are serious. Really serious. So serious that they are ready to marry immediately.

In this dating app you can only swipe to the right. And only once. You scroll through the photos and pick a person – then there is no turning back. It pops up a window: “Congrats, you are getting married!” This principle is based on the Hindu culture and wants to work against the rising divorce rates, by letting someone else choose the partner for themselves.

Of course, you can log out after the match, create a new account and continue to search. But then maybe you should rather resort to one of the top apps right from the start.

Skout: friendship


You could almost mistake Skout for Facebook – mainly because of the design. Here you can find not only the potential friend or the potential friend, but can also make friends first. Maybe that will be more. The special thing about Skout is that you not only find people in absolute proximity, but can network worldwide.

Tastebuds: The same taste in music

Adult 3086307 1280
(Image: Pixabay)

Singles meet people who like the same music as you do. You add singers and bands to your account – either via Facebook or directly in the Tastebuds profile. There is certainly no shortage of conversation here in the first conversation. If both like each other, you can also share your favorite music in the chat right away.

Tastebuds is available as an App for iOS and the Web.

Bristlr: Find a bearded man


Do you have a beard? Do you want to meet someone who has a beard? These are the only two questions needed to register with Bristlr. Hobbies, age, occupation? First of all unimportant. Women wiping through the men’s list at Tinder, Lovoo, OKCupid, and Co. until someone with beard growth appears here will find a preselected selection.

In Bristlr, only men who wear a beard may register. Originally Bristlr was only kidding – but then more and more people registered. Today it is over 100,000. The Datingapp shows bearded and barter seekers nearby.

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