JobTeaser: Recruiting for Generation Z

Nicolas Lombard and Adrien Ledoux are two successful founders who never really wanted to become one. One of them dreamed (and secretly still does) to become a gardener and to dig in the bed, the other saw himself as a pilot in the cockpit. Nonetheless, the young French came up with the idea for JobTeaser – today the leading recruitment platform for students and graduates in Europe, which landed in 2019 on the list of 40 high-performance start-ups published by La French Tech and Bpifrance ,

“Our mission is to empower the new generation to find the right place in society,” explains Adrien Ledoux in an interview with LEAD about the overall idea of ​​his company. The goal of JobTeaser is “to prepare the new generation to reach their full potential, to realize themselves and leave their mark on the world.” Clearly, placements like the Next40Index with such a high goal are an important signal for all employees to be on the right track with the business idea and way of working.

Young people in Europe are positive about the future

Their own visions of the future were not always so clear to the two founders: In 2008, Adrien Ledoux and Nicolas Lombard got to know each other in a consulting firm – in jobs that looked good on their CV, but did not fulfill both. Among other things, this experience led them to found JobTeaser: they wanted to enlighten young people, so that they are better prepared for their career start and can find out more exactly what they want.


Eleven years later, the world of work has changed radically: according to some studies, 85 percent of the jobs that will become available in 2030 do not exist today. Young people in Europe are positive about the future of work: “What they are optimistic about is new technologies, new management methods and corporate values,” says Ledoux, who drew this insight from a WISE study published by JobTeaser with Ipsos.

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Founding photo
The two founders Nicolas Lombard and Adrien Ledoux (Image: JobTeaser)

The salary remains the most important criterion

Whatever the future may bring, in some ways the goals of Gen Z are different from those ten, twenty, or thirty years ago – when their future bosses just took their first steps in working life: “Contrary to what one commonly thinks about this generation According to our study, the salary in each country remains the most important criterion – followed by a personal work-life balance, “says Adrien Ledoux. “This is followed by the career perspective for the young generation, which shares third place with the meaningfulness of working life.”

Today, JobTeaser is used by around 2.5 million young professionals in 19 countries. For students and graduates, the cloud-based platform offers the opportunity to get to know suitable employers based on opportunities, values ​​or future ambitions. In addition, they can prepare with interview and career experts and are encouraged to get in touch with companies.

The graduates are not lacking in flexibility: “Most young people are willing to work in a city other than their own, and the French and Spaniards are currently the most mobile: every second would be willing to work outside their own country and even outside the EU Englishmen and Germans are more restrained here. “

What is more lacking for the graduates is experience – for example, to correctly assess the requirements of a job and to decide whether the position could be the right one in the long term: “One in two young people does not feel ready to enter the job market after graduation “says Ledoux. And even more: “88 percent want better support in their career choice, work experience is the key to helping students enter the labor market, and 97 percent of students consider it important to prepare them for the future of work.”

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It’s a Match: 70,000 companies are represented on the platform

More than 600 partner universities now work with JobTeaser’s free Career Center platform, which is integrated with the intranet to maximize student engagement. On the other side there are 70,000 companies, among them Deutsche Bahn, Zalando, BASF, Lufthansa or L’Oréal, who are represented on their JobTeaser profile with their multi-job vacancies.

By bringing together data from young professionals such as location, study program, interests, etc., they can use live messenger and video to exchange information with candidates and thus receive applications that suit them. Quite a sort of Tinder for finding a job, which according to Ledoux can provide for matches in many areas: “We recruit for all positions, from IT to customer relations, marketing to research and innovation, and we receive many applications from talented people from all areas who themselves had orientation difficulties, and often the job was decided upon after a meeting or an internship. “

There are currently 250 employees working for JobTeaser

Ledoux and his colleagues at JobTeaser want to further advance and scale the topic of orientation for choosing a career – and not confine themselves locally:

“Generally speaking, we build European teams that match our ambitions.” Of course, that aspiration ties up resources: “Today we have 250 employees, 50 of whom work outside France, and we plan to have a team of 400 by the end of 2020, and to triple the size of our team outside France.”

How difficult is it to stick to a common basic idea with such a company size, spread throughout Europe? “Two things are very important to us: we have a mission to help young talent find their career, a focused team, and strong values ​​that we share in our teams, both of which are deeply embedded in our DNA,” says Ledoux , “At JobTeaser, we’ve developed a value acronym: HEAT, which stands for Humility, Engagement, Agility, and EnThusiasm. Ensuring that our team embodies these values ​​and can pass them on to our offices overseas is a key success factor.”

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How are the fresh 50 million invested?

JobTeaser recently received funding of 50 million euros from the investment fund Highland Europe in order to further establish itself in career consulting and recruiting young talents in Germany.

This investment should contribute to further milestones: “Firstly, to continue to democratize internships and employment opportunities by strengthening our ecosystem in Europe: more colleges to reach as many students and young graduates as possible, more companies to give them even more opportunities in recruiting. “

Second, the team led by Lombard and Ledoux seeks to reinvent career guidance for young talents and help them make better decisions: “This starts with helping young people get to know each other better and define their professional goals and goals,” explains Ledoux.

“This is important because the work you do is a big part of what you are, you work eight hours a day and that’s the first question you ask someone you’ve just met However, decisions are often standard or even blind, and too many young people start their first job in autopilot mode without thinking about what they really love and what they are best at. “

Research and development for security in the orientation phase

The third milestone is investing in research and development to use innovative tools to help young people become better acquainted with themselves and the world of work. One of these tools is already in use: The Marco tool identifies the values, interests and drivers of career motivation and is currently in beta testing.

Within one month, the Ledoux platform reported that there were more than 10,000 participants without any advertising, of which 92 percent completed the questionnaire and accessed their full report. Ledoux is proud of this development: “For us, this shows the need to provide as many people as possible with free tools to get to know each other better and make better decisions for their own future career.”

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