TechTäglich: New from Audi – only green traffic lights

New from Audi: Only green traffic lights

With the green wave through the city – and never more annoying waiting at the red traffic light. Audi wants to make that possible. New models are now available with the Green Wave Optimization Wizard GLOSA (Green Light Optimized Speed ​​Advisory). He shows in the display behind the steering wheel in how many seconds the next red traffic light turns green. And he informs about the right pace to catch the green quite relaxed. Audi introduced the new technology for the first time in 2016. And meanwhile, more than 4,700 intersections, from Los Angeles to New York, are now equipped with traffic lights, especially in the US, sending traffic signals to cars using this technology. The technical term is V2I, which stands for “Vehicle to Infrastructure” communication. It becomes one of the core elements of autonomous driving. The Tempo recommendations include several factors – the traffic light phase, the location of the car via GPS and the local speed limit. Audi hopes, according to The Verge, that GLOSA will reduce the stress of driving.

Lightsaber Combat – now official sport in France

The power is with the French fencing association. The organization has recognized the lightsaber duels from “Star Wars” as the official sport. She now distributes lightsaber replicas to fencing clubs and equips the sci-fi swords with the classic weapons foil, sword and saber. The LED lightsabers look and sound like Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and asthma fencer Darth Vader. In addition, the association has set up training tips and a professional set of rules for lightsaber battles. This also means that the duels do not take place on the traditional long fencing planche, but on a circular surface. There are extra points for the typical moves from the George Lucas movies. Serge Aubailly, head of the French association, explains the background to CBS News: “The young people only do sports with their thumbs and that’s not healthy, we want to combine fencing with modern technology and get them back from the sofa. “

Fortnite with a cool driftboard

With “Fortnite Battle Royale” there is now a casual new vehicle that players have been waiting for. The driftboard is now available – a kind of snowboard that will allow you to do a lot of tricks while battling your opponents. With the driftboard, competitors can be overtaken at impressive speed – or over the pile drive. In the latest update to Fortnite 7.40, Epic Games has implemented its own “driftin ‘” mode, which allows two teams of 32 players to switch off each other while snowboarding. This could be the last big update of the wintry Season 7 before Epic calls the spring on its island with Fortnite 8.0.

The speaker that turns off the juice for Alexa

Pure Discovr
Pure Discovr – upper part down, and Alexa is deaf (Photo: Pure)

If you want to use Alexa’s service from time to time, but do not want to be constantly overheard by Amazon’s curiosity assistant – you can switch off the microphone at the Echo speakers by pressing a button. But: People like to forget that. And who knows if Alexa really does not listen anymore? Audio specialist Pure has now introduced a speaker that Alexa radically turns off the juice, and mechanically separates the microphones. To do this, users must close the Pure Discovr and push the top down. Then the microphones – clearly visible – shut down, and the Discovr serves only as a pure AirPlay-2-capable speaker with 360-degree sound for listening to music. The box with the anti-Alexa function is available from April for 250 euros. Even better protection against Amazon curiosity offer only speakers that support Alexa not at all.

Electric bikes from GM start in Germany

Gm Ariv
The “Arīv” has arrived – that’s the name of the first electric bikes from General Motors (Photo: GM)

The US car manufacturer General Motors relies on new mobility solutions – and now brings its first two electric bicycles on the market. According to GM, the Arīv Meld for 2,700 euros and the foldable Arīv Merge for 3,300 euros have a lot of auto know-how built in and are supposed to be ideal for city traffic with particularly powerful electric motors. App port and a lockable smartphone holder are also on board. Because such city bikes with electric motor in Western Europe are particularly in demand, GM will start the sale in the first half of 2019 not at home in the US, but in Germany, Belgium and France. Pre-order and more information at Bike Exchange.

The end of the LEAD: Galaxy S10 – the advertising is already here

Samsung introduces the Galaxy S10 tonight in advance of the MWC in Barcelona. So that the tension is not unbearable, Samsung has on Norwegian television (apparently by mistake) sent the first official commercial for the S10. Motto: “Møt neste generasjon Galaxy.” Although practically everything is known anyway about the new flagship of the Koreans, the clip still delivers fresh information: At the bottom of the screen, an invisible fingerprint sensor is integrated into the display. The photo app gets a kind of story mode à la Instagram. And the S10 can wirelessly charge accessories like Samsung’s Bluetooth earbuds.

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