TechTäglich: Tweets edit – this is how it works

Edit Tweets – this is how it works

Spelling mistakes or substantive nonsense discovered in a tweet, but only after sending – that’s stupid. Because even 13 years after its invention, Twitter offers no editing function. Only cumbersome way to correct a tweet: Copy the faulty text, then delete the tweet and corrected post new. No wonder that editing is high on the wish list of many Twitterers. And soon, so 9to5Mac, it could actually be so far: In a ellenlangen interview with podcaster Joe Rogan explains Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, among other things, how the correction could work. Thus, users could edit their tweets later. But the original version would also remain available – for historical truth reasons. Users have between 5 and 30 seconds to review their text after submitting. Within this window, the tweet for other users would not be visible yet. “Exactly this concept we are currently looking at,” says Dorsey.

“And the marmot greets every day” as a VR game

The cult film “And Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray from 1993 gets a successor – but not in the cinema, but as a VR video game. Sony Pictures has just released the game “Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son” for the PlayStation VR glasses and the Oculus Rift and Vive glasses. The hero of the game is Phil Connors Jr., the son of Bill Murray. Like his father, he is stuck in a time warp that he can only leave when he “recognizes the true value of friendship and family.” Of course, according to Engadget, the game does not immediately appear on “Groundhog Day” – but sometime during the course of the year 2019.

Password owner dead – crypto exchange loses $ 190 million

Bitcoin password
Not all gold that glitters: Bitcoins are useless without a password (Photo:

The most unusual tech news of the day: QuadrigaCX, the Canadian crypto exchange, can no longer pay its customers $ 190 million in bitcoins and other cyber currencies – because its founder Gerald Cotten died unexpectedly in India in December. And the 30-year-old, according to Coindesk, was the only one who knew the password to release the funds. The company now has to file for bankruptcy. Cotten was traveling in India to open an orphanage for refugee children. He died there just before Christmas on the bowel disease Crohn’s disease. Although his widow Jennifer Robertson is said to be in possession of Cottens laptop – but apparently so well secured that even savvy hackers could not gain access.

Battery manufacturer brings 26 smartphone models

Energizer smartphones
Look almost like huge batteries – the Energizer smartphones with pop-up camera (Photo: Energizer)

Unusual is also this message in the run-up to the mobile radio fair MWC, which starts on 25 February in Barcelona. Battery manufacturer Energizer wants to make big inroads into the smartphone business – and in Barcelona it will show 26 (!) New models created with the help of the French manufacturer Avenir. Energizer promises simple phones and smartphones in all price ranges, including top-of-the-range models with retractable cameras, folding screens and a massive 18,000 mAh battery. According to The Verge, however, this is about three different phones go, the US company does not pack all these features in a smartphone.

Apple: Siri loses her boss

Siri boss
Assistant without boss: Apple’s Siri (Photo: Apple)

“Hey Siri, where is your boss?” “No idea.” Apple’s not always highly intelligent language assistant has lost her boss. Bill Stasior, who led the Siri development since 2012, is no longer in that position, according to TechCrunch, but apparently stays with Apple. Whether his transfer has to do with the fact that Siri has fallen behind in terms of speech understanding and features in recent years behind Amazon Alexa and also behind the Google Assistant, is not yet known.

The end of the LEAD: The best commercials from the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots have (unfortunately) won the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams in a disturbingly boring endgame. More exciting and spectacular were the commercials during the breaks, which traditionally caused a lot of attention at the Super Bowl. From Serena Williams (for the dating network Bumble) to the Backstreet Boys (for the Nacho maker Doritos) were a lot of superstars to see. And here’s the collection of the best commercials from the Super Bowl.

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