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In theory, the thing is simple: A good smartphone is nowadays usually a good video camera. At least as far as the hardware is concerned. A layman hardly sees the difference between a mobile video and a shot with a professional camera. As far as the software is concerned, it usually looks quite different. The included apps are – no matter which manufacturer – for professional work hardly suitable.

Instead, they are conceivably intended for laymen: Press record button, the rest does the machine. So neat that you can live halfway with the result. And so moderate that you quickly reach the limits, for example, if the environment and conditions on site deviate from standards.

You can change that quickly with good software. At least theoretically. The offer of really good apps is manageable. No wonder that you have come across FilmicPro again and again when looking for a professional tool for quite some time.

What is the difference to a “normal” app?

This is quickly explained: In a standard app, the technology makes almost everything, the layman does not have to worry about anything except his motive. With Filmic Pro, he can control all settings manually. Sure, you have to want that and above all: you can.


If you assume a few basic skills, then the app opens up quite intuitively. The operation is designed so that the smartphone is held in the horizontal and controlled with one thumb on the left and right edge.

You can set almost anything that you can imagine. The app comes so close to the possibilities of a professional camera.

Who is Filmic Pro suitable for?

Seldom is it possible to identify a target group so clearly: FilmicPro is intended for people who have professional demands when filming and therefore want to have everything in their own hands. Conversely, laymen and semi-professionals are unhappy with the app and also spend unnecessary money. If you can adjust a lot manually, you can do a lot wrong.

What does this cost?

With € 16.99 (iOS) or € 12.99 (Android), the app is one of the more expensive offers (in-app purchases are possible). On the other hand: Who wants to film professionally, usually has a high-end smartphone. And at prices beyond the 1,000 euros for a cell phone, the few euros for an app are no longer significant. In any case, it would be misunderstood economy if one were deterred by the price.

Use FilmicPro with Gimbal

A rather smart move from both sides is the collaboration between FilmicPro and the gimbal maker Zhiyiun. For most gimbals, you have to use the apps provided by the respective manufacturer. Other apps do not handle most of the functions of a gimbal, which is why you would need to access the display comparatively often when using them. This is not fun and can cost in case of doubt, also valuable time in which, instead of taking good pictures, somewhere on the phone wanders around.

FilmicPro and the manufacturer Zhiyun have therefore teamed up. With the result that with the Filmic app you can also control all the functionalities of the gimbal. This makes the work more enjoyable and gives both of them a unique selling proposition. Strategically, this is understandable. Finally, one may assume that among the users of FilmicPro is a comparatively high proportion of people who also use a gimbal.

In addition, Filmic also works with the gimbals of DJI Osmo and Movi. (I only tried it with the Zhiyun).

Complement with Filmic Remote

For some time now, Filmic has been offering the app “Remote”. As the name implies: It is a remote control, with a second smartphone, the images of the actual recording device can be controlled. (10,99 Euro).

Two restrictions: The app is only available for iOS, so both mobile phones would logically have to be iPhones. Second: In the iTunes Store “Remote” has poor ratings, but very few. For me, the app works fine.

Jakubetz recommends

The website belonging to FilmicPro is not just product advertising. Instead, it has a number of good tutorials that will help you get to know the intricacies of the app. If you take the time, you can get really good results later.

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