Brewed: The Coolest Coffee Gadgets

85 percent of Germans drink coffee. And for most of them, the beloved hot drink is the fuel they come through the day. No wonder that there is a lot of clever technology that ensures a smooth caffeine supply – from the smart coffee mug to the coffee machine with app connection. LEAD introduces gadgets that coffee lovers and coffee uncle write on their wish list.

The smart mug

Ember Mug
Every coffee lover likes this mug – thanks to numerous clever functions (Photo: Ember)

The Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug is so clever that even in the US for some weeks it even sold Apple. With the iPhone app, the coffee temperature can be set between 49 and 63 degrees, the battery then keeps the value constant for up to two hours. If the coffee is too hot to drink, the app and the display on the mug warn of scalding.

In addition, the Travel Mug is connected to Apple’s health app “Health” and keeps a close eye on caffeine consumption. If the self-selected daily limit is reached, the app indicates the “overdose”. Conclusion: Who does not like this mug, is not a coffee fan. In Germany, he is not yet officially available, but can be ordered for around 170 euros including shipping at in the US.


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Nespresso per app

Nespresso Expert
Smart coffee à la George Clooney – with the Nespresso Expert (Photo: Nespresso)

The sinister aluminum capsules are ecologically highly controversial. But because the coffee tastes good and is easy to prepare, it’s still hugely popular. The smartest way to drink in the footsteps of George Clooney Espresso works with the Expert machines of Krups and De’Longhi from 150 euros.

Here you can set four cup sizes from Ristretto to Americano and three temperatures via Bluetooth connection and app. Users can also define personal portion sizes, save favorite recipes or change the water hardness. As with all smart coffee machines: Most functions could be called directly on the device. But on the smartphone screen, it’s a bit more comfortable – and cooler.

Smart coffee for nerds

Coffee, made in Gina: The perfect coffee is to come from the somewhat nerdy coffee machine Gina (Photo: Goat Story)

In contrast to the ex-and-Hopp coffee from Nespresso, the smart coffee machine Gina is a case for real bean nerds (which you can already see). Three brews are possible: Pour-Over, French Press and iced coffee. The clever functions should provide for your very personal favorite coffee. A Bluetooth scale measures exactly the amount of coffee filled.

The app records the brewing process including brewing time and speed in all details. The “compositions” can thus be repeated exactly and shared with other owners of the Gina. The machine works on the road, the battery lasts for eight hours. Who wants to start a brewing start to the day: The Gina costs 223.50 euros.

Coffee from the smartphone case

The Italian iCaffee actually comes straight from the phone case (Photo: Mokase)

The first mobile phone case with built-in espresso machine comes (of course) from Italy. Similar to Nespresso, the “iKaffeemaschine” Mokase from Naples relies on a system with interchangeable coffee cartridges – which also contains the necessary water. The battery of the smartphone ensures the heating, the control is via App.

Because the shell is only seven millimeters thick, this is a kind of instant coffee. Because the technology to provide the pressure and heat for real espresso, can not be realized in this size. The espresso case costs 69.90 euros – and should hopefully be available again soon.

The all-in-one machine

From the bean to the cup – the Smarter coffee machine does the complete coffee-making via app (Photo: Smarter)

The smarter SMC10EU Coffee (€ 319) with built-in grinder is the first “all-in-one machine” with internet access, which really does the whole coffee-making process via app, from bean to cup, from grind to grinder Water temperature up to the number of portions.

Because the machine gets the beans directly from the storage bin, it enables the smart home functions that nobody really needs, but which are somehow fascinating. If you want, coffee-making starts automatically with the alarm clock in the morning, or when you open the front door. The app also reports when the coffee is ready – or when the water tank is empty.

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Automatic espresso

Coffee has never been so “to go”. The Handpresso provides caffeine replenishment in a traffic jam (Photo: Handpresso)

With the espresso machine for the 12-volt cigarette lighter, the car becomes a rolling coffee bar. The Handpresso conjures up fresh espresso from cold water and ground coffee. This works with the commercial Senseo pulp pads and – less environmentally friendly – with Nespresso capsules.

Thanks to a decent 16 bar pressure, the machine, reminiscent of a somewhat large pepper mill, delivers very neat fresh Italian coffee with crema within two minutes – ideal for the annoying traffic jam in the morning. The Handpresso is available from 99 euros. A car set with bag and two unbreakable cups costs 209 euros.

Who has no car at hand, can do it all manually. The “Handpresso Pump” for 79 euros is a kind of coffee-air pump, which also generates 16 bar pressure with diligent pumping. Here, however, must be filled, for example, from the thermos, hot water.

The perfect temperature

Coffee Joulies
Beans that are worthwhile. The “Coffee Joulies” provide the ideal coffee temperature (Photo: Coffee Joulies)

The last idea works without any app or power – but it’s still a very smart solution. Because: What helps the best coffee when it is boiling hot or freezing cold? This is where the “Coffee Joulies”, which became famous at “Shark Tank”, the US version of the “Cave of the Lions”.

The Joulies are coffee beans made of stainless steel with a crafty inner life that are thrown into the drink. If the coffee is too hot, absorb the heat and quickly bring it to a drinking temperature. When it cools down, the beans release the stored heat, and the coffee should hold a temperature of 60 degrees for about two hours. Five Joulies cost in the store of the manufacturer from the US around 42 €.

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