TechTäglich: Sparkasse before start – Apple Pay becomes a mass market

Sparkasse before start: Apple Pay becomes a mass market

Final breakthrough for Apple Pay in Germany, mobile payment is becoming a mass market: The savings bank has announced that Apple Pay will be launched in 2019. Only at Apple Pay the support for customers of the ING was unlocked. The norisbank also wants to start soon with the integration of the payment service.

In a tweet, the Savings Banks Association has declared that Mastercard and VISA can still be used in 2019. The girocard should be supported but only from 2020. A precise start day for the introduction called the Sparkasse not yet. However, we expect it shortly, and finally the year is coming to an end.

True Animal Love: Snapchat AR now in the zoo

Snapchat 2123517 1920
Snapchat is now collaborating with the Cologne Zoo to sensitize visitors more for endangered species (Image: Pixabay)

The Cologne Zoo, in cooperation with Snapchat, is working on augmented reality (AR) until October 28th. In order to sensitize visitors for species extinction, animals are made visible in empty enclosures. Zoo visitors scan a symbol on the board in front of the empty enclosure. The Snapchat Lenses then bring the threatened animals to life. Visitors experience virtually on their smartphone how an elephant, a tiger or a crocodile is moving through the landscape. Behind the project is, among others, the Technical University of Cologne, which has taken the hype about Pokémon as a model.

With the zoo project, especially young people want to address Snapchat: “It can create an additional incentive to deal more deeply with a topic.” Who feels addressed, donate on the website of the Cologne zoo also for endangered species , The Cologne project will be launched in other zoos, according to Snapchat in the future.

Alexa can now also whisper

Pssssst! Amazon’s language assistant Alexa has learned the whisper (Photo:

Please speak loud and clear: That was the maxim for the language assistant Alexa of Amazon. Psssst, these times are over now: Alexa can now also whisper when she is questioned in a whisper. This can be an advantage if, for example, the children should not be awakened by an Alexa saying. The setup works in such a way that the voice assistant has to be whispered to “activate Alexa, whispering mode”. The Whisper option can also be added manually. To do this you change in the Alexa app in Settings -> Alexa Account -> Alexa Voice Responses -> Whisper Mode. This is where the whisper tone option can be disabled.

Instead of a real employee, a robot operates: Here comes Alex

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The robot Alex takes over the customer service in the electronics store Conrad (Photo: SZ / dpa)

A novelty in Berlin: At the electronics retailer Conrad, robot Alex now takes on the duties of a real employee. The sales robot serves customers 24/7. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the robot can find batteries, adapters or disposable cameras in the range of 36 products and hand them over to the buyer. Payment is cash or by card.

Alex controls twelve different facial expressions, the company explains. The artificial employee is a test. Whether he will continue to serve around the clock in other stores is still open.

Uprising against WhatsApp tax successful

Whatsapp Getty Images 936215702
Taxes on WhatsApp? The citizens of Lebanon do not play with … (Image: Getty Images)

With massive demonstrations, Lebanese WhatsApp users have prevented a tax on calls via the popular messenger. Observers speak of the biggest demonstrations of the year in Lebanon. The government wanted to charge $ 0.20 for each VoIP call. As a result, thousands took to the streets. It came out loud German wave in the demo even to clashes between demonstrations and police including injured. The demonstrators also demanded more jobs and more education. The country’s Telecommunications Minister, Mohamed Choucair, said that Prime Minister Saad Hariri had withdrawn the tax. Actually, the Lebanese state, which has declared the economic emergency, had earmarked $ 250 million in revenue from the Call Tax.

The end of the LEAD: No dead pants at the telecom

Telekom has sold a smart underpants “Love Magenta Connected Underwear” with Bluetooth connectivity. Designed for couples, the underwear was also sold in pairs. Each box included a pair of underwear and 2 “LoveChips.” Thanks to beacons, the app reminds you to take a digital break and take care of the togetherness.The gadget was limited to 1,000 pieces and cost 25 euros plus shipping costs – just hours after the start was the magenta-red

he panties sold out. No tote pants at the telecom!

And with that, I wish you a lively start to the week. See you tomorrow at TechTäglich!

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