Gamescom 2018: The second part of the game highlights

30 million Germans are enthusiastic about games. And more and more are ready to spend money on digital games. In 2015 there were 15 percent, in 2018 there are already 57 percent, determined the industry association Bitkom. Four out of ten Germans admit that they like to gamble, whether on a smartphone, tablet, console or PC.

Casual games (68 percent) are particularly popular, followed by strategy and building games (56 percent) and action games (55 percent).

With the new releases, which are presented at Gamescom, there is finally supply for the gamer community.

LEAD introduces the best new Gamescom games in the second part – the first part can be found here.

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing Photo 2
The blue hedgehog returns. (Image: SEGA)

Publisher: SEGA

gameplay: The legend is alive. The blue hedgehog returns with a fun racer on the last day of the year.15 Characters will be on board in this arcade game, with up to 12 gamers playing in co-op mode. The split screen is designed for many players.


Teamwork is rewarded with power-ups and other boosts. Alternatively, you can play the adventure mode online and offline. Of course also against the time is driven.

platform: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

start date: December 31

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Photo 1
Metro Exodus will be released in February 2019. (Image: 4A Games / Deep Silver)

Publisher: 4A Games / Deep Silver

gameplay: The post-apocalyptic story, set in Moscow in 2036, is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s hit book. Only a few Muscovites have survived the nuclear disaster in the tunnels of the Metro.

For the successor of the successful games “Metro 2033” and “Metro Last Light” the creators of 4A Games and Deep Silver promise a shooter with draft. He should appear in 2019 in three special editions.

platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

start date: February 22, 2019

Rage 2

Rage 2 Photo 1
Rage 2 should not be so gloomy. (Image: ZeniMax / Bethesda)

Publisher: ZeniMax / Bethesda

gameplay: Only later in the year will the first-person shooter Rage 2 come onto the market. After an asteroid has wiped out 80 percent of the population and has desolated the country, which is just getting greener again, lonely hero Walker is fighting against the corrupt and violent system.

In addition to powerful vehicles Walker sets in the struggle for control of the wasteland on a huge arsenal to evacuate monsters and mutants out of the way. Rage 2 should not be as gloomy as its predecessor.

platform: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Start date: 2019

PES 2019

Pes 2019 Photo 1
The game will be released in August. (Image: Konami)

Publisher: Konami

gameplaySome swear by football simulations at FIFA 19 (previously featured in the Gamescom highlights at LEAD), while others are looking forward to the new PES release coming out this month – for nostalgics, by the way a David Beckham edition.

The ambassador is Philippe Coutinho from FC Barcelona. Konami promises even better graphics and a new MyClub co-op mode with its own PES league.

platform: PS4 and Xbox One

start date: 30th of August

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Photo 1
What would a gamescom be without Lara? (Image: Square Enix)

Publisher: Square Enix

gameplay: What would a gamescom be without Lara? Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the last part of the new Lara Croft trilogy, offers stealth action and combat scenes in addition to the typical climbing games. In the jungle Lara is looking for those responsible for the death of her father, who have joined forces in the secret organization Trinity.

In the jungle with its cave systems the finding of a Mayan relic changes everything. Because it’s not just about revenge, it’s about saving humanity. For fans Square Enix has two extra collections at the start: the Croft and the Deluxe Edition.

platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

start date: September 14th

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo 1
Included are well-known Pixar and Disney characters. (Photo: Koch)

Publisher: Cook

gameplay: The mix of well-known Pixar and Disney characters should ensure family-friendly entertainment. The main character Sora, a somewhat naive boy, is lucky that he has the best friends in Donald Duck, Goofy & Co., in order to survive all the adventures and to stop the “heartless”. The Deluxe Edition includes an artbook.

platform: Xbox One, PS4

start date: January 29, 2019

The Last Of Us 2

The Last Of Us 2 Photo 1
Ellie is the main character in The Last Of Us 2 (Image: Sony / Naughty Dog)

Publisher: Sony / Naughty Dog

gameplay: The action-adventure is longed for by many gamers for months and returns with multiplayer mode and the young Ellie as the main character. Whether there are more details especially at Gamescom remains unclear, but gamers hope for that.

Even the first trailer, which was released in October 2017, made a lot of desire for Part 2, in the Ellie, according to a report by Buzzfeed also gets a companion to the side. In the first part, Ellie was the character on the side of main character Joel.

The new motive: hate – instead of love as in the predecessor. Either way, the makers of “The Last Of Us” are always good for surprises. Game experts remember: even in the first part, there was a mishap of a special kind: A visible in a background graphic phone number belongs to a real existing telephone sex hotline. Back then, the makers fixed the fail with a patch.

platform: PS4

start date: no exact date

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