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On Tuesday and Thursday, the two semi-finals of the Wettsingens take place, on Saturday then the grand finale. Germany is one of the five major participating countries already qualified for the Saturday. The duo “S! Sters” with the – almost – song of the same name “Sister” only has outsider chances. And the biggest star of the finals will certainly not win the ESC 2019: Madonna, the “Queen Mum of Pop”, appears as an attraction in the supporting program – allegedly for a salary of 1.15 million euros.

The official ESC website

Bilal Hassani
Long live the king! Frenchman Bilal Hassani is one of the favorites of the ESC 2019 with his song “Roi” (Photo: Eurovision)

At fans will find everything they need to know about this year’s ESC: videos, photos, portraits, news, pictures of the rehearsals and much more. The organizers are also good on Twitter and Instagram. At the same time, there is an official German website at for the former “Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson”, with a focus on the German duo.

ARD library

Peter Urban
“Mr. ESC” Peter Urban sits again at the microphone for three evenings (Photo: NDR)

The ARD is Germany’s ESC station and transmits all three evenings from 21 clock live. The semi-finals will be on Tuesday and Thursday in the digital channel ONE, the final then in the first. As usual comments song contest veteran Peter Urban, the man with the voice. All three shows can also be seen in the live stream in the ARD-Mediathek. ONE also shows reviews, videos and much more in the ESC week. And in contrast to the first, the digital channel fades in the Twitter comments of the German audience at the final on Saturday.

The ESC 2019 in 15 minutes

This fast run is only available on YouTube: All 41 participants with excerpts from their official videos in 15 minutes and 8 seconds. Here, hardcore fans can also get to know the 15 acts that the two semi-finals will not survive.

Sisters: Sister (Germany)

After the legendary victory of Lena in 2010 with “Satellite” it went downhill steeply with ESC Germany. Only Michael Schulte took fourth place last year for a new high – and to this day nobody can explain why the Ed Sheeran clone landed so far forward. This year will be more difficult, the German “sisters” Laura Kästel and Carlotta Truman are currently among the bookmakers from 41 countries only at number 26. The official video is here, and on Twitter and Instagram fans can watch the ESC week of Laura and Carlotta follow. With 416 (!) Twitter followers and 9,300 Instagram subscribers, the hype has been limited.

Duncan Laurence: Arcade (Netherlands)

Will the ESC 2020 take place in The Hague or Amsterdam? Anyway, singer-songwriter Duncan Laurence with his piano ballad “Arcade” so far the big favorite of bookmakers. The 25-year-old compares it with plenty of pathos love with a slot machine: “Lovin ‘you is a losing game.” For the Dutch it would be the first victory since 1975, when “Teach-in” with “Ding-a-dong” in Stockholm followed the succession of ABBA. On Instagram, Duncan Laurence is showing his photo album from Tel Aviv to 55,300 followers.

Bilal Hassani: Roi (France)

The flamboyant Frenchman is currently the number three bookmaker – and in his homeland unfortunately the target of homophobic attacks and even death threats. This shows just how important the statement of his LGBTQ anthem “Roi” is, in which the only 19-year-old holds a plea for diversity, acceptance and peaceful coexistence: “If I dream, I’m a king.” If it works with the accession of the throne, Bilal fans can follow on Instagram. He already has 516,000 subscribers.

Luca Hänni: She got me (Switzerland)

Well, we know that Ricky Martin of the mountains! Exactly: Luca Hänni was allowed to sing for Dieter Bohlen in 2012 and did not become a superstar as the winner of the DSDS. Now he is 24 – and wants to enter as a sweltering auxiliary Latino with lines like “She got me dirty dancing” and “Gettin ‘rowdy, rowdy” a good result for Switzerland. This does not seem too credible. But the betting shops see Hänni among the top 10 and 184,000 Instagram subscribers keep their fingers crossed.

The ESC app

Esc App
The ESC on the smartphone – with the official app (Photo: Eurovision)

The whole song contest on the phone – that works with the official ESC app for iOS and Android. In addition to videos, song lyrics, results and all news from Tel Aviv, there is a voting function: At the two semis and in the grand finale, viewers can also vote via app. In addition to a game and a result prediction is a selfie function on board: fans can photograph themselves with ESC motifs, and upload the pictures on Instagram & Co.

Tulia: Fire of Love (Poland)

Old ESC motto: The shriller, the dearer! And in this respect, Poland can not be surpassed this year. The four ladies of Tulia sound like kindergarten teachers on speed. Their, well, interesting way of singing is officially called “white song” or “screaming”. The body’s resonance chambers, such as cranial bones or air sockets, are used for singing in the skull and throat area. In the Eastern European folklore the “White Singing” is very popular, at the ESC so far rather not. That could change in 2019: “Fire of Love” is entertaining and unusual Pop, with which Tulia has collected at least 13,600 Instagram followers.

Mahmood: Soldi (Italy)

As so often, the Italians bring a fabulous song to the ESC. Mahmood, a 26-year-old Milanese with an Egyptian father, calls his mix of rap, Italian pop and Arabic influences “Morocco pop”. “Soldi” is about a father who has left his family: “Tell me, if it was all about the money!” For bookmakers, fans and critics Mahmood is far ahead. Italy’s rights, on the other hand, froth because of the Arabic passages in the text. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini scolded on Twitter: “And that’s the best Italian Song? “That alone is reason enough to vote for Mahmood and follow him on Instagram, with 626,000 followers being Instagram’s number two in Tel Aviv – far behind the 3.7 million (!) Of Russian Sergey Lazarev.

#Mahmood …………… mah …………
La canzone italiana più bella?!?
Io avrei scelto #Ultimo, voi che dite ?? # Sanremo2019

– Matteo Salvini (@matteosalvinimi) February 10, 2019

The ESC on YouTube

The official clips of all 41 songs, videos from the rehearsals and from the backstage area – that and much more offers the official YouTube channel of the ESC. In addition, there are plenty of Eurovision classics to see, from Lena to Conchita to Israel’s previous year’s winner Netta, who brought the song contest to Tel Aviv. 2.6 million subscribers are watching.

Serhat: Say Na Na Na (San Marino)

Since 2013 Turkey is no longer participating in the ESC – because head of state Erdogan’s song contest is too rainbow-colored. The no longer youthful singer Serhat (54) from Istanbul does not care. He will be singing for San Marino for the second time this year after 2016. Three years ago, the end came in the semifinals, this time it could be enough for the final. Because his “Say Na Na Na” is a trashy earwig, which anchors deep in the ear canal the first time. The song is reminiscent of the dreaded Eurodisco of Dr. Ing. Alban. No wonder: Serhat is also a dentist. Whether President Erdogan orders a re-election of the ESC result if his renegade compatriot lands far ahead? 16,800 Instagram followers keep their fingers crossed for Serhat.

ESC expert Jan Feddersen

Jan Feddersen
ESC insider and blogger: NDR journalist Jan Feddersen (Photo: NDR)

Jan Feddersen is – next to Peter Urban – Germany’s “Mister ESC”. The NDR journalist has been accompanying the Song Contest since 2005, and is also blogging this year from Tel Aviv. His opinion does not always have to be shared, but his views behind the scenes are worth reading and interesting. He has good news about the rehearsals in S & sters: “In the fourth round, they have the turn very clean out: The flowing, suggestive-seeming song becomes their concern.At the press center, there is applause for one as insider tip for the Top 10 traded ESC number. ” The current status of the bets Feddersen comments here.

Kobi Marimi: Home (Israel)

Because the alignment of the ESC is enormously expensive, last year’s winners are often suspected of deliberately sending a rather obscure post next year – to prevent a second win in a row. If this is the plan of host Israel, the project worked perfectly. For singer, actor and bartender Kobi Marimi performs with a dubious mix of opera and Queens “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Even the official video reminds of the Queen classic with five sobbing Kobis. Amusing – find 74.300 Insta followers. Freddie Mercury should still rotate.

John Lundvik: Too late for Love (Sweden)

The Swedes dominate the ESC with their songwriting mercenaries who are sought after and well paid throughout Europe. John Lundvik is one of them. He’s starting twice in Tel Aviv. For the British he has written the – usually moderate – “Bigger than us” by Michael Rice. And for his own country he delivers with “Too late for Love” contemporary sing-along radio pop: Boygroup sound, only alone, so Boy instead of Group. 60,400 Instagram subscribers like it.

Podcast “ESC Schnack”

Esc Schnack
Worth to hear – the podcast “ESC Schnack” from Kiel (Photo: ESC Schnack)

The ESC to listen to in the car or on the train is in the best German song contest podcast “ESC Schnack”. The word “Schnack” already shows where the podcast comes from – from the far north, from Kiel. The ESC fans Daniela Sonders and Christoph Krenz talk about the most important participants and the German chances with a lot of expertise, heart and humor.

Chingiz: Truth (Azerbaijan)

In 2012, the ESC had already been held in Baku – a year after the victory of Ell & Nikki with “Running Scared”. And again in 2020? Singer Chingiz is in the betting shops with his cool modern electropop song “Truth” in any case in the top 5. Thus, the last participant of the second semifinal also on Saturday has good chances. Can Chingiz win? As a native of Moscow, he wished him a lot of points from Russia and the surrounding countries. 126,000 Instagram subscribers keep their fingers crossed for the 28-year-old.

Leonora: Love is Forever (Denmark)

The Danish contribution is so sweet and cute – you can only love it. Or hate. Leonora, 20 years old and former figure skater, sings in English, French, Danish and German a song of praise to love, reminiscent of the Swabian pop classic “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden. Here Leonora sits on a huge chair like the XXX Lutz and swings along with four other comrades (in the preliminary decision there were two) with his legs. A harmless earwig, but somehow nice. So far, however, only 6,600 Instagram followers have fallen in love with Leonora.

Paenda: Limits (Austria)

In Austria, the ESC contribution was a political issue this year. Artists like the writer and cabaret artist Stefanie Sargnagel had campaigned for a singer with the beautiful stage name Hyaen Fischer, who showed the middle finger with Eva Braun optics and the hit electro pop “In the intoxication of time” of the right-wing government in Vienna. The ORF, however, opted for the Styrian electropop musician Gabriela Horn aka Paenda, whose blue hair is more striking than her song “Limits”. A final participation should therefore be the limit for Austria. A meager 7,632 Instagram subscribers are convinced so far, Stefanie Sargnagel less. She cursed the ORF for its decision: “Austria, you stupid Huankind, I kill you.”

All songs of the ESC 2019 in the stream

All 41 ESC songs to pre-listen – this works for all major streaming services. The playlist of all contributions is available at Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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