The Best Gadgets of the Week – Part 10

Jamstik 7

Jamstik 7
With the Jamstik even beginners can easily learn to play the guitar (Photo: Jamstik)

While my guitar gently weeps – when the Beatles released one of their best songs on the legendary “White Album” in November 1968, not only did the guitar cry softly. Many would-be guitarists would have liked to play the song, but they just had no idea about the instrument. Today it would look very different. Smart technology makes it possible:

With the Jamstik 7, a new and smart Bluetooth guitar with real guitar strings and seven frets, even beginners can easily learn how to play – and even professionals will enjoy the gadget with the Jamstik 7 as MIDI controller.

Connected to the iOS app JamTutor not only the guitar playing is taught, but also the production of music is possible. It supports software such as GarageBand, Ableton Live or Logic Pro X. When playing JamTutor recognizes the finger position on the fingerboard of the Jamstik 7 realtime. The connection is made via Bluetooth or via micro-USB cable.

The manufacturer adds a strap, four picks and a manual to the smart guitar. Access to the learning portal is free when using the Google Chrome browser.

Price: 249 euros

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The hiding place

Actually, the “hiding place” (really means so) does not need to hide. But the name makes sense: Behind a smart light switch is hidden when pushed up a socket. A novelty that will appeal to smart home users.

The “hiding place” works according to the motto: Only visible when in use. And it is suitable for Philips Hue users and flush-mounted boxes. For example, once four keys for “Friends of Hue” occupy, on the other hand there is the switch for “Hue Tap”.

A retrofit is possible in each case, if it is old sockets. The “Friends of Hue” solution was equipped with a child safety device, the tap switch is based on the Zigbee protocol.

The system has been patented, it is “Made in Germany”. Behind it lies the German company TCS AG, which is based in Genthin (Saxony-Anhalt).

Price: 79.90 euros

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Joko Winterscheidt with CEO Andreas Weinzierl tastes her new sushi idea (Photo: Sushi Bikes)

Joko without Claas against the rest of the e-bike world: So probably the TV show would be called to this new gadget.

Behind the new e-bike “Sushi” is u.a. Joachim “Joko” Winterscheidt, who is also an investor, e.g. for socks. “Sushi” will not knock professional e-bikers out of their socks, but the wider masses of e-bike enthusiasts may already be happy. The motto is: “Sushi Bikes – The first affordable and stylish e-bike under 15 kg”.

Winterscheidt and “Sushi” CEO Andreas Weinzierl want to offer an affordable e-bike purchase solution that looks good even on the road. Usually e-bikes cost more than double. From September, the “sushi” goes for 899 euros on the bike sales ramp.

The Specs: Material aluminum, range about 30 to 60 kilometers, the battery is also a USB power bank for charging the smartphone, in addition come 28-inch tires, hub motor and disc brakes, but no gearshift. What is missing in the basic package? The appropriate lighting and fenders must be purchased. Later this year, the first “Sushi” bikes will be delivered to pre-orders.

Oh, and why is this bike called “Sushi”? Because bicycles roll and there are also rolls in sushi! Have we again learned useless knowledge …

Price: 899 euros plus acquisitions

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LG UltraFine 5K display

LG 2019 Ultra Fine 5K Display
New in the Apple Store in collaboration with LG: the UltraFine 5K Display (Photo: Apple Online Store)

Before the Specs first the price: 1399 Euro. No doubt, that’s an announcement for a 5K display!

Phew, take a deep breath, continue in the text.

Apple and LG have been working on a follow-up monitor for the old 5K display. The result is this new model, available this week in the Apple Online Store. Where 5K monitors from other manufacturers sometimes well below 1000 €, you pay well over 1000 €.

The equivalent? A resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels. Just like its predecessor. The UltraFine offers 14.7 million pixels and 500 nits of brightness.

Apple praises the compatibility with many devices from Cupertino. In addition to Macs with Thunderbolt 3 (MacBook Pro and MacBook Air), you can also connect USB-C devices like the latest iPad Pro. Disadvantage here, however: Who joins the iPad Pro 2018, is pushed down to 4K resolution. In conjunction with the iPad Pro 2018, a 5K resolution is not provided.

If you want 5K, you need a MacBook Pro (2016 or newer), a MacBook Air (2018 or later), an iMac (2017 or later), an iMac Pro or a Mac mini 2018.

Price: 1399 euros

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LEAD shortlist

Other interesting gadgets, mentioned briefly.

Leazy: Without hooks and eyes, so to speak. The Leazy (s) are just right for Lazy Days. The self-tying shoelaces are elastic so you can easily slip into any shoe. Even in this summer heat.

Price: 9,95 Euro

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IKEA Symfonisk: In cooperation with Sonos, the furniture store is now selling two smart speakers in the “Symfonisk” series: a table lamp with WiFi speaker (179 euros) and a bookshelf speaker (99 euros).

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Studio Proper Charging Dock: You do not want to charge your second-generation AirPods nastily on a dodgy plastic wireless charger for $ 3.99 from Aldi? Running! With this noble loading dock Studio Proper will take you almost 70 Euro plus shipping costs out of your purse. But it also looks classy thanks to anodized aluminum.

Price: 68.95 Euro plus shipping

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Have you discovered an exciting gadget or are you producing interesting accessories yourself? Then let us know to our author [email protected]

Studio Proper Air Pods Dock Photo 2
Looks Proper: The AirPods Dock by Studio Proper (Photo: Manufacturer)

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