In Xs: These are the latest news from Apple

iPhone Xr

iPhone XR
Who wants a colorful iPhone? The XR is available in six colors, including the four shown (Photo: Apple)

Apple has responded to the criticism of the enormously high prices of the iPhone X, and sold with the Xr from 19 October, a slightly cheaper entry-level model from 849 euros. For this price, however, there are only a meager 64 GB of memory. More sensible 128 GB cost 909 euros, here Apple has slightly reduced its surcharges for more storage space. This model is clearly the best choice for the Xr, in Apple’s new Villa Kunterbunt, which comes in six colors.

The Xr features a very large 6.1-inch screen with simpler LCD technology. And thanks to the borderless display, the case is still smaller than the previous 8 Plus with its 5.5 inches. Visually, the Xr reminiscent of the Home button, which Apple has finally abolished in current models, the iPhone X. Face recognition Face ID and the gesture control work the same as the X and the new Xs. The technique of “saving iPhone” is just a little simpler, for example, with a single camera on the back. Thanks to “Neural Engine” and improved software algorithms, she still manages portrait photos with a blurred background. With the brand new A12 Bionic chip, which is also built into the more expensive Xs, the Xr works nevertheless very fast – and is interesting for Apple fans who do not want to spend 1,000 euros and more.


iPhone Xs

iPhone Xs
What will the iPhone XS look like in 2020? (Photo: Apple)

In the successor to the iPhone X, Apple has packed all the new technology, which is currently available. Among them is a new double camera, in which the background blurring can be subsequently changed. One of the new features of the two 12-megapixel cameras is “Smart HDR”, which is designed to capture photos with even finer brightness and shadow details. The sample pictures that Apple showed at the Cupertino presentation were actually brilliant. The air for classic digital cameras, which offer more space for the optics, but which can no longer keep up in terms of software and artificial intelligence, actually gets thinner and thinner.

The Xs, like its predecessor with 5.8 inches – and in addition as a 6.5-inch giant called Xs Max. The screens of both models offer 60 percent more color dynamics, and apps start 30 percent faster. Also on the protection against dust and water, Apple has worked. The new iPhones withstand 30 minutes immersion at a depth of two meters. And that works not only with water, as marketing director Phil Schiller revealed, but also with “salt water, orange juice, tea and beer”. Everything tested! Other new features on the Xs: Dual SIM for two phone numbers thanks to built-in eSIM chip, wider stereo sound, up to 90 minutes more battery life than with the X, and gold as the third color option. The prices for the iPhone Xs remain salted: It starts at 1,149 euros for the 64-GB variant. The Max model is 100 euros more expensive – and breaks with the new 512-GB option for 1,649 euros the record for Germany’s most expensive smartphone. The pre-order will start on Friday (14th September) and will be delivered one week later.

iPhone 7 and 8

iPhone 8
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 remain as cheap options continue to trade. (Photo: Apple)

As usual, Apple keeps some predecessors at reduced prices on offer. The cheapest is the iPhone 7, which is in the small version with 4.7 inches in the future from 519 euros. The iPhone 8 remains from 679 euros also in the trade. Here, online retailers are likely to offer even cheaper prices, comparisons worthwhile.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4
The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a larger display and creates an ECG for the first time. (Photo: Apple)

For the first time, Apple has fundamentally reworked the design of its best-selling watch in the world. The screen now extends to the edge. He is 30 percent larger than its predecessors, without the clock has grown in total. The crown now has haptic feedback, and should feel like a classic mechanical watch. Important for many fans: The old bracelets still fit, nothing has changed here. Central novelty: Thanks to new sensors, the Apple Watch 4 creates a medically sound ECG for the first time within 30 seconds. And she is able to warn against irregular heart rhythm. For reasons of admission, however, these functions will only come to Germany in 2019. Also exciting: the motion sensor detects falls – and initiates automatically after one minute without reaction of the user an emergency call. Without LTE, the new Apple Watch is available from 429 euros, with mobile from 529 euros. The order will start like the iPhone Xs on September 14, will be delivered a week later. Spartip: The predecessor Series 3 remains at prices from 299 euros in the trade.

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