Daily: Amal and George Clooney – with Microsoft for Human Rights

Amal and George Clooney: With Microsoft for Human Rights

Amal Clooney
Amal Clooney fights with a new app for more transparency in courtrooms (photo: Wikipedia)

Renowned attorney Amal Clooney and her husband George, an actor, have teamed with Microsoft to provide better human rights in criminal cases. The result of the cooperation is the app “TrialWatch”, with which supporters around the world can record and evaluate the course of often dubious legal proceedings. “Courts are increasingly becoming tools of oppression, and prosecutors and judges are being used in many countries to arrest government critics and minorities,” said a statement by the Clooney Foundation for Justice. The app, which appears for iOS, Android and Windows, should help to provide more transparency.

It provides trained volunteers with the ability to gather information about trials against minorities, activists, journalists or LGBTQ community members. With the collected texts, images and videos, the Clooney Foundation not only wants to help those affected but also to analyze global trends in human rights violations. It uses cloud technology from Microsoft, speech recognition and artificial intelligence. Built-in translation tools to make the information available worldwide. The goal, according to Microsoft chief lawyer Brad Smith: “The world should be a witness and see what happens in courtrooms.”

Galaxy Fold: Samsung stops autopsy of the Sorgentelefons

Galaxy Fold I Fixit
The basic problem of the Galaxy Fold: The more difficult foreign objects enter – the more difficult they come out again (Photo: The Verge)

“The situation gets even crazier almost every day” – that’s how The Verge describes the news around Galaxy Fold. Yesterday, the iFixit repair specialists posted their “autopsy” on Samsung’s helpline – describing the Falt-Phone as “alarmingly vulnerable”. Today, the post has disappeared from the net again. At the instigation of Samsung, iFixit has taken its analysis of the Galaxy Fold, which should come into the market today, offline. The site states, “We received our Galaxy Fold from a trusted partner, and we are not forced to delete our contribution for any legal or other reasons, but we do so out of respect for this partner whom we associate with We can only speculate on why Samsung is doing this better. “

Naturally, the Koreans are not interested in the fact that Fold’s massive technical problems are too prominent in the grid. Many experts now assume that there is no quick comeback. “The fragile screen is not easy to fix,” predicts Wired. Because the openings in the device, in the foreign body can penetrate to the size of a guitar plugs, are apparently required for the flexibility of the folding construction. And the screen is so enormously sensitive because it’s made of plastic – not glass, just like normal smartphones. These problems can probably only be solved when folding phones can be built with glass screens. Gadget designer Nick Cronan has no good news for Samsung: “There just is not the necessary technology.”

Nintendo: Switch now more successful than the N64

Switch N64
Nintendo 64 and Switch – the new console has now overtaken the classic car (Photo: GameRanx)

That was fast: Just over two years after their launch Nintendo’s switch console is already more successful than the N64, the successor of the Super Nintendo from the 90s. According to new official numbers from Nintendo, 16.95 million switches were sold last year. So far, that makes a total of 34.7 million devices – more than the 32.9 million of the N64, which had more than twice as much time from 1996 to 2001.

According to TechCrunch, Nintendo wants to sell 18 million more switches this year, thanks to a lower-priced mini version. More Nintendo News: From May 22 to June 4, the beta test for the highly anticipated “Mario Kart Tour” app is running – initially only for Android, and only for users in the US and Japan. The game will officially appear in summer, then for iOS and in Germany.

WHO warns about smartphone babies

Smartphone Baby
Not smart: small children, smartphones and tablets are not a good combination (Photo: 123rf.de)

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns parents not to expose small children to the screens of smartphones, tablets or televisions too early. In its latest recommendations, the WHO advocates the strict restriction of screen times. Therefore, children under the age of two should not use such devices at all, and children between two and five years old should not use them for more than one hour a day. According to the experts, these are important prerequisites for keeping the offspring active and getting enough sleep. “Improving physical activity, shortening sitting time and ensuring high-quality sleep in infants strengthens their physical and mental health and helps to prevent obesity and related illnesses in childhood and later life”, WHO project leader Fiona Bull.

The CIA on Instagram

Psssst, top secret! But we are among us. So: According to director Gina Haspel, the US foreign intelligence service CIA prepares its own Instagram appearance. The goal is obviously above all the recruitment of new employees. So far, the CIA is only represented on Twitter, now comes Facebooks Fototochter. Speaking at Auburn University in Alabama, according to Mashable, Haspel admitted that some CIA employees are “not too enthusiastic” about the Instagram Glasnost. But, the director said: “We try to be as open as possible while protecting our secrets.” The Insta account of the organization is already unlocked, but so far shows only a very cryptic picture (including camouflage wig!) From the headquarters in Langley.

The end of the LEAD: the dream of the Apple Watch

Cool new dials, sleep tracking and even more detailed activity rings – that’s how designer Jake Sworski introduces watchOS 6 and the future of the Apple Watch. His video is so brilliant that CultofMac raves: “If Apple packs only half of these features into watchOS 6, that would blow us away.” If so, Apple reveals at the WWDC on 3 June.

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