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For a long time there has been a lot of speculation about how Google Jobs will change the application process in Germany. Since March 2019, the new offer of the search engine in this country is in the test phase. Against this background, softgarden, all-round solution for recruiting, has taken a decisive factor closer: the search behavior of the applicants. The focus was on the question of what role Google currently plays from the point of view of applicants in recruiting.

How do applicants start their job search today? The answer to this question provides direct instructions to recruiting managers in companies. According to softgarden, the fact is that those who do not pick candidates at crucial points of contact lose the competition for the best minds and hands.

The question “Where am I looking for?” is not easy for candidates to answer. There are over 1,000 online job boards in Germany, plus Google is by far the largest search engine by far. With Google Jobs, the picture gets moving: Some say that everything stays the same for now, others prophesy a shift in market power from the job boards to the search engine.

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Entry into the job search

Applicants are currently using parallel large online job boards (51.0 percent), career pages and job offers on the websites of the target employers (20.8 percent) and Google (16.8 percent) to enter the job search. Other channels such as printed newspapers (1.1 percent) and social media such as Facebook and Instagram (0.7 percent) play virtually no role in this phase. After the first hits, however, a large majority of applicants continue to research 86.4 percent to find out more about the jobs on offer and the advertizing employers or to identify further offers.

Further research

At this stage, search engines become relevant to the majority of applicants in addition to the employers’ large job boards and career pages. A very large majority here use Google (78.4 percent), general job boards (81.5 percent), and career pages and job offers on employers’ websites (82.6 percent). In any case, employers must expect these three factors, especially as they do not play a role for well under 10 percent of respondents.

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Work content is trumps

What arguments and content are the most likely to result in a job shortlisting and applying for a job? This shows that attractiveness of work contents and methods is the decisive factor for the vast majority. 61.9 percent of respondents prioritize the factor with 1 or 2 on a 6-point scale. For comparison: “Good offers for home office, part-time etc.” reach 17.2 percent.

Find Job Opportunities: Candidates’ Recommendations

“What should employers do to make their job offers as good as possible?” More than 1,000 respondents shared their recommendations with employers in a personalized commentary, covering a wide range of factors: “Keep job offers up to date on their own website, which is often not the case,” one candidate writes, “another one calls for” an individual and very upfront precise job description “.

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Search on all important job portals?

Given the widespread job board usage, an applicant recommends publishing “job ads on all major job portals”. Another advises on search engine optimization: “Jobs should come on the first page on Google, if you look for the appropriate terms.”

Softgarden CEO Mathias Heese says both things are right: “The current Candidate Journey is complex among actively seeking candidates and offers employers a variety of points of contact, not just dancing at all, but necessarily at several weddings – including Google. In addition, with Google employer reviews in the decision-making horizon of candidates.

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