Tech Daily: Harry Potter Go – Pokémon at Hogwarts

Harry Potter Go: Pokémon at Hogwarts

Great fun for smartphone muggels! Niantic Labs, creator of “Pokémon Go”, which held the world in suspense for a few weeks in 2016, introduced the successor. “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” is again an augmented reality game designed to get Potter fans off the couch into the great outdoors. There they find friendly sorcerers, warring witches, artifacts from Hogwarts, Death Eaters and Dementors – and can practice “Expecto Patronum” outside in the park with their cell phones in their hands. A first demo, according to Forbes, showed Niantic now in San Francisco. “Wizards Unite” will obviously be an enormously detailed, but also very complex role-playing game that will fascinate Potter fans – and leaves Otto Normalmuggel rather helpless. But maybe clever Hermione has tips on how AR magic works. The app, which offers content from all seven books and from the current “Animal Creatures” series, will be released later this year. So far, Niantic has kept the exact date as well as the price. Again, a free game with expensive in-app purchases is expected.

LG brings capsule ice maker

Lg Snow White
Ice Ice Baby: LG packs ice cream in Nespresso capsules (Photo: LG)

Capsule machines for coffee and tea have been around for years. And at the CES earlier this year, LG showcased its “Home Brew” machine, which turns capsules into beer with a real brewing process within two weeks. Now the Koreans are relenting. At the Texas SXSW Tech Festival, LG is showing off its “Snow White” capsule ice machine. The modern Snow White always needs two capsules of flavor and pasteurized milk to produce delicious ice cream – one for the taste of strawberry to cookie dough, and one for the texture of ice from cream ice cream to sorbet to frozen yogurt. Using QR codes on the capsules, Snow White always stirs the right strain. The decisive advantage over a cup of Ben & Jerry Strawberry Cheesecake from the supermarket LG has not yet revealed. But the developers still have time. Right now, according to The Verge, it’s just a prototype.

Twitter launches trial app Twttr

Speech bubbles and colors – and Twitter looks almost like WhatsApp (Photo: TechCrunch)

Twttr – that sounds like a holiday island from the vocal-skeptical Croatia. But that’s not true, because in fact Twttr is an app prototype that Twitter uses to try new features. The first iOS users to sign up for the test now have access to Twttr, according to TechCrunch. Most striking innovation of the first version are color coded answers, which should provide for more overview in longer dialogues. With the look and feel of speech bubbles, Twttr conversations are similar to chats in WhatsApp or iMessage. The display of likes or retweets is now hidden by default. This should also ensure more clarity on the screen. In the next few weeks, the trial app will receive additional new features. If and when Twttr officially becomes Twitter will not be known yet.

Heartless: Apple better protects its ECG from German users

The Apple Watch 4, which for the first time delivers a medically approved ECG, has been available in Germany since last fall. Because in this country – in contrast to the USA – but still lacks the approval, the ECG function is still blocked for German users. So far, this could be handled with a US-bought Apple Watch, which then also delivers an ECG in Germany. With the current beta version of iOS 12.2, Apple closes this loophole, so 9to5Mac. Using the SIM card, the iPhone connected to the watch now determines the location of the user and disables the ECG outside the US. So far, it is still unclear whether the lock only applies to the initial setup of the clock, or even to users who already use the ECG. There is currently no date for the EU approval of the ECG. Other recent Apple News: The keynote on March 25 is now officially announced. The title is “It’s show time” and should confirm that the focus is on the “Apple Originals” streaming service and the new news kiosk.

Oh baby! Bugatti electric racing cars for young and old children

Bugatti baby
Bugatti Baby II – the Bobbycar for the dwarf oligarchs (Photo: Bugatti)

A brand new Bugatti for 30,000 euros – that sounds tempting, but has a catch. Because the new electric racer “Baby II” of the noble VW-daughter from France comes in the 3/4-scale for small and large children. The replica of the legendary prewar race car Bugatti Type 35 with a body from the 3D printer is intended primarily for rich kids of sheikhs and oligarchs. If necessary, according to Engadget, gracefully built adults can also get behind the wheel. That’s why there are two stages for the electric motor. With the Kids Mode the E-Bugatti manages a maximum of 20 km / h, adults are allowed to travel at 45 km / h. Optionally there is – as with the big Bugattis – a “speed key”, which releases the maximum power of 13.4 hp. Bugatti shows the limited to 500 copies Baby II on the occasion of its 110th anniversary at the Geneva Motor Show.

The end of the LEAD: Trump and the “Tim Apple” -Fake News

Did we know: The latest taunts about Donald Trump, the Apple boss Tim Cook rechristened last week in “Tim Apple”, were again just “Fake News”. The busy US President wanted to save with the shortening of his guest only “time and words”. This Trump realized now in a tweet for which he found enough time and 49 words.

Tim Cook of Apple, I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim / Apple as an easy way to save time & words. The Fake News was disparagingly all over this, & it became another bad trump story!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 11, 2019

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